June Bride

My 40 year old daughter is marrying for the first time on June 24th. While we’ve had the normal calamities since the November engagement it hasn’t been horrific. Early on I decided to give a check for a certain amount for the event and otherwise stay out of it. I have cringed at the dress, and put my foot down about the restaurant, but overall left it up to them. The other side who I have not yet met have had the same philosophy, and am grateful for that.

Initially it was to be a 10 person event at a Long Island Town Hall with a dinner at a restaurant across the street, but somehow that mushroomed into 60 people with the groom’s side, then 60 of my daughter’s friends. Once I heard that I offered a stipend and said work it out. The groom’s side decided on an after wedding event in Wisconsin on a river boat as his 60 family members live in the Chicago area, and 45 friends and family will attend a destiny wedding at a friend’s home in Amish Country, Pennsylvania.

Today my daughter, the future bride, texted me a picture of her wedding band and it hit me – she’s really doing this.

Funny, how things like that make you wake to reality.

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