Memorial Art Gallery

The lobby of this Museum is inviting and open. Architecturally the Museum is a work of art with the old and new blended.

The Rochester Finger Lakes Exhibit

The lovely sculpture which welcomes you to the exhibit is The West Wind, 1876, a marble work by Thomas Ridgeway Gould.

Next some American classics – a creamer by Paul Revere.

A Thomas Cole, Genesee Scenery, from 1846. Cole traveled extensively through New York State painting. He had a home in the Hudson Valley of New York State. Am unsure if it still open to the public, but check it out if in the vicinity, and Olana, Frederick Church’s home as well. While Cole was British born, he is considered an American artist.

And this painting by Winslow Homer, The Artist’s Studio in an Afternoon Fog, 1894.

This work brings back memories. Approximately 35 years ago my daughter and I visited the Jersey shore staying at a bed and breakfast. The lodgings were the home of this artist. His 90 year old granddaughter owned, and managed the artists former home. She gave us a tour of his studio. Priceless.

His work also appears at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Articles Hung on a Door, John Peto, circa 1890.

Statutes: Abraham Lincoln’s Life Mask and Hands, in bronze, and Harriet Tubman’s portrait sculpture for a 122nd St. park .

Some Impressionist’s Work

Maurice Prendergast, Woodland Bathers

Childe Hassam, The Bathers

A Norman Rockwell- Soldier on Leave, 1944.

And some modern works..

Venus de Milo – interesting but prefer the one at the Louvre

An Andy Warhol of a local philanthropist’s wife. Lovely.

And a work by George Condo, 2010. Mr. Condo worked for Andy Warhol.

The Museum also had a vast collection of religious works, items from South America – Mayan, African works as well as several Egyptian mummies. This was an amazing visit and if in the area make a point to stop by.

And if you are looking for a wedding venue the Museum is available. The older area of the Museum with its beautiful wooden walls, staircases, and flooring would make for a unique wedding setting.

Also down the street is Village Square with a collection of restaurants, pop up markets, and small unique shops for your retail pleasure.

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