Rochester Public Market

After a 12 hour shift decided to visit this spot and see what all the chatter was about. It didn’t disappoint. While it was a cold and rainy May day, (45 degrees), there was a good selection of friendly vendors bearing the cold, and selling at phenomenal prices. Picked up a good sized bag of assorted colored cherry tomatoes, $2, yummy, as well as grape leaves – 10/$3, syrup $11 a quart, amazing pork chops – thick cut $2/each, and many other finds. The flowers and herbs were alluring but just didn’t have enough room in my bag,. Oh shucks!

Coffee shops, and other vendors line the open market.

And the butcher shop was my favorite. Haven’t been to something like this since I was a little girl.

What great cuts of meat and friendly service.

And in this cabinet things you can’t find anywhere – pigs feet, cow bones, oxtail..

Had a great breakfast sandwich on a roll at this spot, and took home their jambalaya for later feasting. I probably should have gotten the chili as well..

And will have to return when they have other events.

What a fun morning!

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