Highland Park

Highland Park was Rochester’s first Park and dates back to 1883.


As I will be in Europe visiting the Castles of the Loire Valley during the Rochester Lilac Festival decided to visit today. Only was able to take in part of the Park so will be returning later prior to my European departure. The flowers, the flowering trees, the fragrances were like none I had ever experienced. What a profoundly beautiful place and I didn’t even get to the lilacs on this visit!

Fascinating tree with white, pink, and red flowers all in one tree.


Sadly, I arrived at 4:05 pm so missed this conservatory. Will return later – look forward to it.

Lovers on a swing..

More tulips.

Part of the Park also includes Warner’s Castle which is currently not open to the public, however has a virtual tour found on the following web site.


The Castle

Behind the Castle is The Sunken Garden.

With this Park only a few miles from my location think it will become a favorite of mine. Saw many trails and other areas which need exploring.

Stay tuned..

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