Mount Hope Cemetery

Found this Cemetery across from Highland Park. It is 192 acres of the final resting place of over 350,000, former Rochester residents. Many of prominence such as Frederick Douglass, and Susan B. Anthony are buried here.

Susan B. Anthony lies next to her sister, and Frederick Douglass between his 2 wives and daughter.

Stop at the Cemetery Office for a map to find these graves, and others of prominence from the Rochester area.

There are several sections devoted to our veterans who paid the ultimate price.

And a special section devoted to firefighters.

There are also many beautiful buildings and chapels in disrepair. Met some Friends of the Cemetery, and they give tours so will be checking this out in my future blogs. Their website is

Finally, mausoleums of interest old – and new..

Never saw a modern mausoleum, but here are two examples.. Who knew? Can you imagine the cost for these??

Stay tuned…

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