Air France

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Was very impressed with the staff, plane, and overall operation of Air France on this 9 hour trip across the pond. Had a situation where I was to sit next to a grossly obese individual, and this was quickly handled with another seat found for me. Also, had this situation occur on my return flight from Detroit to Syracuse. I have nothing against obese people, but when they can’t fit in the seat and their body is laying on yours it triggers anyone’s PTSD. Think the airlines are going to need to make more plans for these situations as our population increases in its girth.

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All that said let’s take a look at the Air France accommodations.

First class had the usual overnight berth with plenty of room and many technologies.

Tried not to get passenger faces in these shots, but didn’t succeed. Here is the second layer of accommodations on the plane. Nice.

Still a fairly comfortable ride.

And lastly, economy. Why they say economy when the flight is $1300. , I’ll never know.

The food on Air France was tasty with dinner having two selections – pasta and chicken. Wine was divine, and served with the meal if you choose. A cart of juices, soda, and water was available the entire flight – self serve which I deemed a nice touch and snagged 2 quart bottles to maintain hydration. The entertainment selection was mainly French with subtitles, but there were some outdated English flicks, and a terrible recent Jennifer Lopez rom-com about pirates capturing a wedding party.

Let’s end with another shot inside the plane.

Never able to sleep on the flight over – if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

Maybe a little research and another blog??

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