Musee d’orsay Art

The Musee has so many unique collections of busts, bronzes, watercolors, religious art, and even a representation of Paris through a glass flooring. It is a Museum that is not to be missed.

The Busts and Statutes

So intricate, adored how the beads were included in this work.

What a graceful pose.

Loved the curly beard and fringe on his scarf. How intricate.

The History of Paris

In this exhibit much of Paris and its origins were viewed through painting, sculpture, and exhibits. As stated earlier look for the City represented through glass flooring if you visit, and here is a model of the Paris Opera House which I visited later in the week.

There was a vast Manet and Degas exhibit. At one point Degas and Manet feuded, yet, upon Manet’s premature death Degas did much to develop a museum collection in his honor. Degas’ work is not limited to ballerinas, of which he is famous for. Was interesting to see the diversity of his paintings.

Degas had family in the South and visited them during his lifetime. He contributed financially to his family as they lost their cotton wealth after the Civil War. The home of the Degas family is open to the public, and I have toured it. Believe it was in New Orleans, however, fact check me. Here are some of his works which were from loaned from museums throughout the world for this exhibit.

La Repasseuse, 1869 – Degas explored the working world in pastels.

And yet another 2 Degas departures from the ballet..

Madame Manet au piano, here Manet portrays his wife who was a talented musician.

And a few other notables..

Mary Cassatt – an American who found fame in France.

Jean Francois Millet

Whistler’s Mother – which I had drove hours to see in an earlier life.


And Starry, Starry, Night.. by Vincent van gogh. This 1888 view of the Arles sky with lovers in the foreground painted as Vincent was struggling with mental health issues.

What an amazing museum. So much to offer. A must see.

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