Commercial Time #2: Firefox I miss you…

Oh, Firefox, Firefox, Where Are You?

I see the message, “Upgrade Needed,” and I shutter.  I have seen the message for the last 48 hours and contemplate what to do.  In the past when pushing this button I lost a years worth of financial data.  Thankful to know of reset mode to a prior time I investigated what to do.

Two hours of investigation later the data was recouped and spreadsheets printed. Henceforth I will be on paper the rest of my life. Should there be an audit in my future I will arrange an armored truck to deliver my cache of boxes to the audit.

Back to Firefox.   I press the button and receive a one line statement of computereeze, is that a word??, and no Firefox.  This is not a good sign. Attempts to close the screen are meritless.  Another new word??  Well, things aren’t working.

Next, control, alt, delete and the message do you want to close all appears.  No, I simply want to practice this key stroke.  I scream at the computer screen.  I press the buttons signifying a closure to computer functioning and the screen is blank.

Where do I go next?  I have loved Firefox for 18 months and now he/she is gone.  As the song laments, “Who can I turn to?,” but more importantly, “What do I do??”  Oh, Firefox, Firefox, “Where Are You?”  I try  once again to sign on receiving the same message and recall my daughter’s words, “Repetition is a sign of insanity.” Once again she is correct as I am going insane.

If I change servers I will see news each time I craft an email. I need to find another server with blocked news. I cannot go through the news cycle with each turn on. Will a magic wand help and where is that gifted 7 year old when you need one? Returning to the news cycle each time I turn on the computer makes me shutter, but alas, this may be inevitable.

I contemplate what to do. Chatter from others report that Internet Explorer does not function where I reside.  Cross that off the list.  Sad, as I liked the name and logo.  Next Google appears with it’s cheery colors and pleasant circular design.  Yes, that is the one I shall attempt to install.  In the Search for anything box at the bottom left hand corner of the screen I type in gifted 7 year old for hire then reconsider and type Google, hit the enter key and wait.

Google appears and after answering several benign questions  I am connected to the server.  The Google search bar appears pleasant and already several frequent web site “friends” have appeared under this rectangle.  They even have a Macarachi hat above the rectangle.  I select the hat and receive a song from the band.  Nice touch.  It ends, the Google screen returns.  I have been welcomed with music, not seduced, but welcomed. Perhaps I will increase my knowledge of music with this new server?…

I select yahoo from under the rectangle and it appears.  Unfortunately along with this is a listing of news events with the most horrific world occurrences appearing first.  The glow of the Macarachi music leaves.  I mourn for Firefox and contemplate how long these 5 stages of grief will last. 

I put on my big girl pants, grit my teeth, and place a paper over the news. Locating the sign on for yahoo I point my cursor, hit the enter key, and viola a screen full of emails appears.  I have succeeded.  I am grateful, but..

Firefox, oh Firefox, RIP, I will miss you. 

Kentuck Knob

As if I hadn’t had enough of Frank Lloyd Wright, (FLW), glories I found one more in western Pennsylvania. Kentuck Knob was the home of the Hagen’s, ice cream merchants from Pittsburgh, who resided at the home from 1956 to 1986. Built on 79 acres of amazing beauty FLWs organic architecture is once again honored.

Walk up the hill to the home through a sculpture garden,

and enjoy the view from your efforts..

Polymath Park

A short jaunt from Falling Waters is Polymath Park. Here an industrious group of folks have relocated 6 Frank Lloyd Wright homes from all areas of the country to a natural setting in rural Pennsylvania. I was ecstatic to come across this find and even more ecstatic to obtain tickets on short notice.

The tour began at the Treetops Restaurant. Besides the ticket office for the venue this building houses a restaurant with an exquisite dining experience. Food is tasty and the setting bewitching. The owner has crafted unique pod settings for dining enjoyment and even the bathrooms have a FLW design with falling water faucets.

The homes are open to the public and are available for overnight stays. Contact or 1-877-833-STAY for specifics. Plans are also underway for architectural students to study and probe the design features of the homes. What innovation resides here!

One of the homes viewed was the Lindholm House with its many angles.

Then the interior.

And other beauties..

What a phenomenal tour!

And this site will be featured on a CBS Sunday Morning segment in the 2021 season.

Falling Waters

This home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935 is perhaps his greatest work .

Walk to the home through the forest path as it sets the tone for the visit.

The home appears through the woods. Guests entered here.

Due to covid no entry was allowed. Pictures below were taken through windows.

The Guest House

The Pool

One wonders if FLW ever took the time to sit poolside?.

Side views of the home

The bridge which takes tourists to

the vision.

Visiting this property was an ultimate experience. If you have the chance to visit, do it. At the Falling Waters Visitor Center all facets of the home design are explained on placards. The gift shop holds amazing selections for purchase and the restaurant menu was appealing, however, I did not partake due to time constraints.

Stroll the grounds, the area, and enjoy.

Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh: Natural History and Art

July 4th 2020 weekend in Pittsburgh will always be memorable for me. With careful planning and institutional protections the visit was enjoyable and safe. Pittsburgh is a great place for a family trip.

That said let’s travel on to the Carnegie Museum where children of all ages will love their dinosaur collection,

The Hall of Architecture,

and an interesting collection of furniture both old and new.

The Mummy collection was fascinating,

as was the Eskimo dioramas,

and the art sublime..

There also is an extensive collections of stones from round the world as well as an extensive taxidermy collection…

Oh, what treasures Carnegie bestowed on Pittsburgh!

Plan for at least 2 hours to enjoy these finds.

Phipps Conservatory

What a treat this Conservatory visit was. Enjoy the pictures.

Here are a sampling of the gardens.

Then the Dale Chihuly pieces..

And koi abounds,

as does relaxing waterfalls.

Stop at the Conservatory gift shop or restaurant to complete your tour. It has many interesting items and the restaurant lists many tasty selections.

Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Warhol Museum

Had not been to Pittsburgh in 35 years and what a surprise I found in this fetching, regentrified City.

The skyline upon entry..

Then passing through the golden bridges to the Andy Warhol Museum.

This Museum was phenomenal. It traces Warhol’s journey from childhood through his years as a medical illustrator,

to his Bonwit Teller window dress designer, and Christmas card designer era,

then transitioning to silk screen artist

to the world famous.

And who can ever forget these iconic pics..

Besides art, the Museum holds much on Warhol’s Indie film work. But to really get a feel for the man take time to watch the Museum film of Warhol’s life where his brother speaks about him.

An exceptional Museum, one of my all time favorites portraying a very complex and gifted man.

A must see when visiting Pittsburgh.

Pennsylvania Travel Center

On the way to Pittsburgh stopped at the Pennsylvania Travel Center along 79 North in Whiteley Township for info.

While not manned at the time of visit a wealth of items to enhance your visit was available.

The Center was clean, organized and worth the stop.

In my visits statewide have always found these areas worth the time to investigate.

And it gives one time to stretch legs, get a breath of fresh air, enjoy nature and take in monuments or art work indigenous to the State.

The Maryland Visit: The Casselman Inn

Driving north on 79 out of West Virginia is quite a site and taking the turn east on 68 is even more captivating with the pasturelands of Pennsylvania and Maryland.

And another view..

Then I came across The Casselman Inn of Grantsville, Maryland.

This historic Inn has been around forever. Rooms are available for a meager price in the Inn and having stayed over it is one remarkable and restful experience. They also have a motel round the corner for those enjoying a more modern overnight.

And then there is the gardens..

And of course the food, not to mention the delicious baked goods..

Eaten in a historic setting..

Across the street is a former school which is now a second hand store beyond compare. Also in the building is an amazing fabric and quilt shop.

Then follow the signs to Salisbury past the Mason Dixon line to find a beckoning cow..

which leads you to the Salisbury Cheese Shop..

And further down the road the most fascinating place of all…

Here you can find an array of all kinds of items for the buggy..

And you may even come across a wee little Amish gal who keeps looking at you wondering what you are doing there…

Then stop by and say hello to her ride..

As you drive down the road there are farmhouses selling eggs, vegetables, and even honey at great prices. The Whispering Pines Furniture Shop has Amish furniture, a tasty small restaurant, and many other delicacies. Across the street from the Whispering Pines is an Amish farm vegetable stand with authentic baked goods and a variety of soups, jellies, and relishes. Their apple dumplings are the best I’ve ever had.. YUM!

My, how I am going to miss this spot.

Lambert’s Winery

After the Asylum tour follow the signs to Lambert’s Winery. It is a place of immense beauty and tasty fruited wines. Wines run about $20 a bottle and are quite flavorful and different.

They also have weddings at this glorious spot and the owner is quite a pottery maker. Here’s another picture of this lovely venue. Makes you almost want to marry again – well, not really, but you get my drift. Maybe a family get together in non-covid times.