Georgia and Now Minnesota

Seeing the videos associated with these white men’s actions towards black men I trembled, then I cried. Men acting like savages hunting others down and killing them. This is not our country.

Much investigation and monies will be awarded in these incidents, however, this cannot bring these men back nor restore faith in police or government officials involved in these travesties. The damage is done.

How can we stop this hatred?

Begin individually.

Memorial Day

Arlington National Cemetery

Memorial Day, or Decoration Day, began at Arlington National Cemetery on May 30, 1868, to honor those fallen in the Civil War. It is a day when Americans gather and decorate cemeteries.

This year the Day also included the close to 100,000 victims of the corona virus with flags half mast.

I write this the day after the holiday as while the day has past we need to remember these sacrifices. Freedom comes with cost and we need to be grateful to those served and serving, especially those who gave their lives for our benefits.

Visit Over

The new boyfriend, Greg, checks out, and quite frankly I like him. After a busy 4 day visit in Saint Augustine, Florida, trying to find things to do in a partially open Pandemic Florida is over. Waving adieu at the airport exhaustion set in and I’m sure they feel the same.

The visit went well and while unsure where this will go he has my seal of approval.

Think I’ll start to shake off the mildew from that dress in the closet.

Dr. Sally Ride

Sally was the first American woman in space and the youngest at age 32. She flew two space shuttle flights. Her expertise was the robotic arm which placed satellites into space.

Born in Los Angeles in 1951, her first love was tennis and she played on the junior circuit for several years. For college she attended Stanford University obtaining a Bachelors in English, Science, and Physics. Later she completed a Masters and Ph.D. in Physics.

She was honored with a stamp.

When she applied to NASA she was one of 8000 applicants with 35 chosen and only 6 being female. After leaving NASA she taught and worked with the University of California always promoting science education for young females.

She died of pancreatic cancer at age 61 in 2012 and will always be remembered as an American woman who went where none had gone before.

“Where did he come from?”

Minnesota. This is the boy, well man as he is 31, my daughter brought home for me to meet. He has no tattoos, 4.0 in college, didn’t drink till he was 21, loves his family though admits to a challenging older sister… And in the latest text with family picture the 3 of them were smiling with the caption, “Happy Easter from our family, missing Greg.”

My daughter can’t help but see my glances as he relays stories admitting to being raised in a loving family. Once alone I grabbed her arm asking, “Did you tell him any of our history?,” She said, “Yes, and he keeps coming back.”

Guess Biden better pick Amy Klobuchar as his running mate. If this guy can take us on they must have something miraculous in those Minnesota waters.

There is Science..

and there is free will. Science will prevail.

Watching protests against social distancing and wearing masks this thought came to mind. Yesterday I wore a mask while visiting three car dealerships in St. Augustine, Florida. In the 3 visits I was the only one with a mask and social distancing. Wonder what Florida will look like in the next 10 days, and will they alter the statistics?.

Science will prevail.

Red Neck Origin

Never knew the origin of “Red Neck.” Let me enlighten you should you not know either. These folks work outside the causing their necks to redden.

Question: Does this neck condition transfer to the brain causing other problems?

That answers why so many of them voted for trump. Question answered.