Solving the Middle East Conflicts and Underwire Bras

I went to the Holy Lands and it was one hot stretch.  As I looked around everyone was dressed in black and had hats or gear covering their faces.  In traveling the cities, the women wore dresses that were floor length and clung to their ankles.  Even some wore shoes which were dark and enclosed.

In observing this I began to wonder with the temperature being so sweltering why do these people wear such dark clothes?  Perhaps if they wore different garb of a lighter color and fabric they wouldn’t sweat so much and feel so downright yucky.  Think about it, now doesn’t that make sense?

Maybe if these folks didn’t feel so drained from sweating so much they would be less likely to have their tempers flare and more accommodating to their fellow human beings. I know whenever I feel hot and sticky like that I don’t feel peaceful inside – do you?

On another note.. underwire bras also make you sweaty.  It’s not natural to have metal next to your skin unless you are fighting in the crusades.  Metal next to your skin rubs, interferes with air circulation and since your pores can’t breathe they clog. Could that be a possible link to breast cancer? Something to think about the next time you don one of those vile undergarments.

That’s all for today.

Frankfurt Airport

After a good movie, tasty dinner, and nice sleep on Lufthansa Airlines I arrived in Frankfurt Airport at12:45 pm. This is a new airport clean and sleek with many windows and interesting upgrades. I always like to see what other folks are doing and found some keen stuff.

This airport had the usual expensive shops with George Clooney selling watches but also had some other fun things.

Items such as leisure rooms, automated coffee service, water machines and …

signs that told you how far to your gate.

But the best was the name of the coffee shop.

So have a perfect day, until tomorrow.

Reflections on an Early Retirement

I had to take an early retirement for health reasons.  For those who are foaming at the mouth in envy let me tell you it isn’t as good as you think.  Can I have your job and we’ll switch places?  I am 60 in an 80-year-old world.  For the last 2 of the 3 years it didn’t matter as I was trying to get well but now it matters.

Each day I force myself up with little to do so have found the ennui of life.  I attend church as much as I can as I always liked talking to God and quite frankly the priest is cute and less than sixty.  He always has something up beat to say and keeps me going for the rest of the day.

I also grocery shop, check prices on gasoline and attend library classes.  I live for library classes, in fact I’ve even taught a few.  My attendance hasn’t been the greatest but they still are letting me teach one or two every several months.  The library staff has come to be my socialization.

CVS is my most frequent caller. I think I’ve memorized their mantra as well as their number. While my favorite drug store is Walgreen’s I have am sharing the wealth as my Medicare drug coverage is from CVS.

Volunteer organizations have alluded me.  I’ve been forced out by several of those agencies run by older based testosterone based folks and millennium’s – well, what can I say?  Did we actually raise these critters?

So that’s my thoughts for the day.  I have to go as they called from CVS.  My Vitamin D is in.  Even though I live in sunny Florida I am deficient.  Can you imagine if I stayed in New Jersey? I’d probably have to buy it by the truckload.

Fess Up

For those 43 folks who follow me on an irregular basis I need to fess up! The next several months my schedule will be erratic so I have pulled blogs from 2017 to the present to entertain and amuse. Hope you’ll get a laugh.

One of my adventures during this time is the Rhine European Cruise. This is the topper of my bucket list and much anticipated.

So from now till 12/2 there will be no off kilter pictures with shadows for your viewing pleasure, only words. Tomorrow starts with the first blog which explains my life situation. Actually I was told by a psychic to do this blogging thing. It certainly has given me something to do and learn. Thanks, Laura.

See you again December 3rd in real blog time.

And one last thing… Jeanie if you are reading Happy 37th birthday. x0x0x0…

Happy Halloween from New York City

Look what I had the good fortune of seeing at the Wednesday matinee.

Great music and dancing with the play told from Otis’ perspective. He began the group and was the surviving member of the original cast which began in the 70’s. New folk are still dancing and singing the songs! If you get the chance take in the play as it’s entertainment value is 5 stars.

Currently am at JFK and boarding soon for the flight to Germany to embark on the Rhine River Cruise. Will keep you posted. Maybe I can do a daily blog as the WP AP seems to be user friendly. 😊. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

California Here I Come?

Photo by Kelsey Johnson on

Applied through the recommended on line process for a California nursing license via endorsement. After paying $350 I thought, “Wow, this was easy why does everyone complain?,” Well, a month later a deficiency letter arrived from their outsource company, BrEZze, stating 4 components were missing. At the time of application all 3 were accepted and the 4th was not listed as a requirement. What did they do with those three? Did it go to the cloud??

Photo by Pixabay on

After searching again I found a phone number to call. Having been told I had an hour wait I waited, however after 2 1/2 hours called it a day. At least they had pleasant music and a soothing gals voice telling you how important your call is to them.

Back to the website and after printing 30 pieces of paper and reviewing 5 additional web sites I found the error of my ways. The additional requirements forwarded I wait with bated breath.

Will keep you posted.

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St. Augustine Wild Reserve

And wild it was walking through caged lions, tigers, bears, coyotes, and the like. Our wonderful guide gave a 2 hour tour expounding on the intricacies of each creature viewed and how this valuable rescue center worked with and housed these animals.

Pictures were not allowed however they sell a thumb drive for those interested. I forgot to pick one up post tour as the Florida rains persisted. Bring a raincoat just in case, and if not they sell ponchos.

All folks except the founder are volunteers and what a dedicated group they are. Many develop alliances to the animals for years. Animals can arrive because of 3 different circumstances:

  • Over breeding
  • Seizures from animal rescue
  • Retirement from such venues as movies, several were failed actors.

There is no breeding at the preserve and animals stay till their final hours. Every tour is done as a feeding tour and the animals are fed according to their body weight and health needs. And they receive vitamins to boot!

No wonder it is the most popular place in St. Augustine to tour, but call for times and reservations. I found out about the place while exploring Groupon for things to do in St. Augustine and was glad I did. Children on the tour were fascinated. What a great family event.

And.. if you are so inclined they always need the following:

  • Bird seed
  • Bleach, dish liquid
  • Bubble Bath
  • Extra large trash bags
  • Rain ponchos
  • Bread
  • Blueberry muffins, unsalted nuts

Deborah Warrick – hat’s off to you. Reserve foundress and biologist.

The St. Augustine Wild Reserve

PO Box 3546 St. Augustine, Fl 32085


Dolphin Odyssey

Went with Red Boat Water Tours of Vilano Beach, (a stones throw from St. Augustine, Florida), on this Odyssey. St. Augustine is home to 240 dolphins who live here year round. No snow birds in this species…

These 240 natives were out in force today and while I was unable to get a picture due to their fast moves they certainly were looking at us. Dolphins are enormously curious and live in a pod which is a family unit. As they rose to the surface they “eye’ed,” us. Many babies were out in force traveling in two’s as they rose to the surface. Great fun for all on the trip, especially the children who had much knowledge of these creatures.

Photo by Jonas Von Werne on

This is just what they looked like.

Dolphins have an 11 month gestation and are mammals so they need to rise to the surface to get air. This is a learned behavior from mom and when she tires from the babe not catching on other dolphins in the pod help with the training . Nice touch.

Which brings us to the next question, how do dolphins sleep? They don’t because they have a right and left brain and can operate on either. When they get tired the other brain switches on. If only us humans could do that..

So, when visiting St. Augustine consider the Red Boat Water Tour. The Captain and First Mate Jennifer have a fascinating tour and the main attraction give quite a show.

Red Boat Water Tours operates from Vilano Beach Fishing Pier and run a variety of boat cruises. They are on Groupon but also can be reached at or (904) 436-3566.

Views of St. Augustine from the boat- the town, the Bridge of Lions, and the Fort Castillo de San Marcos

RV and Greek Fest: St. A.

Interesting combination wouldn’t you say?

We’ll start with the Recreation Vehicle Fair at the Clay County Fair Grounds then move on to some yummy food made by the St. Augustine Greek folks. It’s a bit of a tie for delicious food between the Raleigh, N.C. Greeks and the St. Augustine Greeks, however the Florida Greeks win out with pricing. Keep reading.

Recreational Vehicles came in all shapes and sizes at the show with monsters such as this one which you drive ranging from $130 to $260,000.

Then there were the small trailers which can be pulled or minivans with studio apartments inside. Amazing all the housing variations available in these vehicles.

The interiors hid many ways to add sleeping space with bunks over the drivers seat, under bedding, over closets, and all furniture reclined to accommodate even more sleeping space.

While most of the furniture was dark leather to entice the female population kitchen cabinets were available in cherry, gray, and white with lighting fixtures attractive and unique.

Add-ons included a pull out deck, space for outside televisions, and awnings. The third shot is a spacious storage hull.

So much has changed with this industry. Many of the folks viewing were considering purchase as a home and signs with monthly pricing were attached to most every vehicle. With Florida hurricanes it certainly isn’t a bad idea to take your home with you when the winds start or have a second spot when your home is destroyed. Now, onto the Greeks…

What a perfect weather day for this festival. With tasty gyros, delicious baked goods, and great music, God must have been smiling on the Greeks!

Then there was the wine.. If only it was sold closer to St. Augustine.

And the vendors..

What a nice day to return to. Can’t wait till the 2020 Festival.