Another Tragedy in Colorado.

Sad to hear and read of the tragedy in Colorado Springs. 5 dead, 18 injured by a 22 year old with guns. A customer took the 22 year old down. Where does this hate come from? Easy to see considering our politicians with loud voices spewing hate.

I refuse to repeat these hateful comments, in fact Colorado just re-elected another hater. Living in Florida I know it well. Teachers afraid to teach, the christian militia in the state continue to brain wash their children, it starts early.

Would prefer to quote a steady mind.

“Places that are supposed to be safe spaces of acceptance and celebration should never be turned into places of terror and violence,”

“We cannot and must not tolerate hate.”

Thanks, Joe.

Welcome, Jack Smith..

Looks like every dad’s nightmare on his daughter’s first date.

All kid and aside, Jack is one competent dude, and I have decided to befriend him as he will need all the friends he can get. While his name is officially John L. Smith, friends call him Jack.

Perhaps we can start a tv show to support this guy?

Found little of his personal background in my internet search except he is a Harvard law school grad with vast experience, and credentials. He has prosecuted everything from NYC gang members to a sitting US senator, and even did a stint at the Hague working on war crimes. Am grateful he is anonymous personally after the Pelosi attack, and hope he and his family, if he has any, is well secured.

It is stated he can stay under the radar as well as be aggressive. His public service will certainly be tested in this position. He’d probably have better success catching an alligator in the Florida Everglades than getting the orange prez.

Let’s hope Jack succeeds, and this folly, (and man), can be put to rest.

Americans are tired of the craziness.

The listing of the cases Jack is charged to handle is voluminous and does not bear repeating. We all know. Sounds like A.G. Garland picked a good one, and Jack if you need a friend, I’m here. Would invite you down but best you stay out of Florida.

Don’t want the gators to get you!


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This weekend a lavish wedding was held at Mar a Lago. The bride was Tiffany trump, 29, the daughter of the orange prez, and his second wife, Marla Maples. Tiffany married 25 year old Michael Boulos, a Canadian whose family hails from Lebanon, and have a conglomerate of businesses throughout the world.

What a place for a wedding. Wonder what you give as a wedding gift?

Tiffany was proposed to in the White House Rose Garden where she was given a $1.2 million diamond. The couple have dated for four years. The Mar a Lago event had 250 attendees with politicians such as Matt Gaetz and his wife in attendance. The other trump children were present and some part of the wedding party.

No pricing was listed on the web site, however, what is that adage – if you are asking the price you can’t afford it.

Congratulations to the bride and groom. Interesting they planned their wedding in November,


Naomi Biden will be marrying Peter Neal on November 19th at the White House.

Naomi and Peter

See my blog for specifics on the happy couple –

Welcome, Saturday

Been a cool week in Florida with snow in other parts of the country. Wherever you are reading from stay safe, and vote. Early voting has started throughout the country. Get it done and now. Georgia has already had over 500,000 ballots cast.

Get out Georgia! Pennsylvania! Nevada! Kentucky! Arkansas! Arizona! California! Illinois! Colorado! Florida! Hawaii! Indiana! Iowa! Kansas!

Get out everyone and VOTE!

Am grateful we’ve had a couple of free news days without our past prez hogging the airwaves, but have missed Stephen Colbert who was in re-runs. Hope he’s enjoyed his break. How I miss him with his insights..

He maintains sanity with laugher in our crazed world.

Thanks, Stephen. You are a great American.

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Will be checking out the new Julia Roberts/George Clooney rom-com, “Ticket to Paradise,” at 1:20 today, in the hopes their chemistry will lighten the spirit with much laughter. Looks like 55% on Rotten Tomatoes but worth a try for an 8 bucks senior rate.

Poster: $24.99 on Etsy, free shipping.

When I was in Italy traveled Lake Como and saw Clooney’s villa from our boat. He was the last villa built in Lake Como, and there is no further new construction allowed. Most villas are owned by russian oligarchs. It was quite a villa, even had a beach. Good for you George!

A kid from Kentucky who did well.

Will be silencing the cell phone, studying Babble French for my May 2023 adventure, reading, and exploring a book on how to increase vocabulary.

Parlez-vous francais?

Polling Class

After receiving 5 emails about becoming a poll worker decided to do my civic duty and signed up. Had no idea how much training is involved with this process. First, there is an internet class, then a 5 hour class at the Board of Elections. There is much built into these computer systems, ballots, and machines to protect our vote. The cost for the computer components 3 1/2 million dollars for St. Johns County in Florida.

It was an eye opener.

Much to learn and not the actual machines.

Think all those who participated in the January 6th insurrection should take the class.

Knowledge is power.


I hate to be called mam. I much prefer being addressed, “Madame,” as they do in France.

How elegant is that? Oui.

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Mam, defined states it is a term of respect for a woman, but to me it conjures up images of slavery making me immediately sad. Slavery brings up ideas of suppression and torture. But when I ask to not be called that I get an even more concerning response.

“I’m sorry I was beaten every time I didn’t address a woman in this way. I can’t stop it now.”

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Something to think about.

A Light in the Storm

Two days ago I tweeted about a black man who lost everything in the Minneapolis riots. His restaurant was to open within the week and was in tears on the news broadcast.  A Go Fund Me Page was developed for him immediately after broadcast and over one million dollars has been raised.  He was interviewed last night on CBS News and is planning to buy a building for his restaurant with the money and start a non-profit organization.