Tucson: One Extra Day

Yesterday I received an email stating my flight was cancelled. I never received such a culprit as usually the email states the new flight information, however, this was absent. Grateful I checked my emails early in the day I scurried to the airport and deposited my rental car in the garage.

The line for the attendant and kiosk were both long and since the kiosk was faster I elected to use it. Upon accessing my new flight information I realized they had the wrong date for my flight . I flagged over an employee and showed her the screen. She broke the news my flight was rescheduled to the next day and I could speak with an agent.

On to another line to wait for assistance in getting a departure date for the current day. Upon speaking to the agent I learned Houston had a problem and this time it was bad storms. There were no other seats available. Since I was unaware if Tucson Airport was open 24 hours I selected a nearby hotel with shuttle service.

Which brings me back to my idea about the pod or short term hotel sites in airports. I am told they have them throughout Europe and know they are in Beijing Airport. With flights being cancelled at increasing frequency due to weather concerns this business would be a goldmine. Any entrepreneurs out there? I’d love to buy the stock.