The Crystal Ball tells all…

Writing this blog prematurely as poll working on the 8th from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. with 2300 voters expected at the site.

This election season has been a wild ride, however, this phenomenon is not new. Since Biden proclaimed democracy is at risk I have noted a greater concern from Americans I meet and greet in random conversations throughout the day.

It’s amazing what people reveal over a selection of a can of soup at the grocery store.

If they only paid as much attention to candidate selection…

While the polls have their place they are “off,” as many respondents lie, or simply don’t answer the phone to pollsters.

Where they get these numbers is a mystery to me.

And while predictions can be accurate, ultimately this is in the voter’s hands, and we will not know till the last ballot is counted.

However, I firmly believe in the long run democracy will prevail, even if it is a tight squeeze..

Christmas Decorations

Today I am taking a break from politics, am cleaning the house, and decorating. Being away from the condo the last 2 years have not decorated and while not a holiday buff I like to decorate. Am grateful to have this time, and even more grateful to have received a $90. bill for a $25,000. hospital stay. Only in American. Thanks, Medicare and Humana.

Will take a break from emails, texts, and maybe the news, however the last is doubtful. Receiving as many as 60 text and email pleas from across the country for campaign contributions is concerning. And while I give minimal to each it does add up, however, what cost for democracy.

The latest news has shown we will continue our roller coaster ride with its many ups, downs and twirls:

  • Oprah endorsed Fetterman
  • Lady La La must testify in Georgia
  • Prince Harry’s new book about the royals
  • the orange prez will announce after mid-terms
  • iran is supplying weapons to russia
  • Ukraine persists
  • Drought in California
  • Climate Change Concerns
  • Musk owns Twitter – hold on to your hat..

However on the bright side, Powerball is at $1.6 billion – buy your ticket tonight!


The Final Stretch..

🏇Working12 hours as a poll worker I observed citizens hug their red and blue cheat sheets while assisting in ballot processing. These sheets are from their parties and tell them which candidates and amendments to vote for. Thoughts of horse racing are triggered in my observations, however, the stakes are higher than any daily double.🏇

This has been a fascinating experience and I encourage any election denier to work the polls. Perhaps this should be a sentence for those making these accusations. Viewing the scrutiny of the process with its many checks and balances gives credence to the process.

In America we are fortunate that the process does hum.

There have been few inappropriate t-shirts, baseball hats, and questionable jokes, however, some will always be suspicious despite factual answers. Maintaining a “Switzerland,” face discourages engagement. At the sites we have had as many as 900 voters daily. This is in a county of 265,000.

The most popular question, and this occurred only 5 times in 8 days working –

“What company made this voting machine?”


It was wonderful to see Americans come together cooperatively.

We need more of this.

Poll Working

Today I begin my new job. I will be a poll worker in a red county as a blue voter. Yes, I will keep my mouth shut, and as I was once told – “Two ears, one mouth use them accordingly.”

Have to watch those eyes also..

When I had the gall bladder surgery I informed the office I would be unable to work, however, they continued to check on me. Nice touch. Heard from others that though it was a 12 hour day much time is spent sitting so I retained my schedule, and have actually added days. Pay is nominal, but have been unable to work since February so every little bit helps. Then when I checked the schedule noted many empty slots.

There is a great need for workers.

Studies prove mail in ballots are as safe as in person voting. ?Cheaper? Let me know.

I see this as my civic duty, and while it may prove more dangerous than my psych nurse days when I got my head and other bodily parts knocked in, it is my duty as a citizen.

Am sure there will be many untold stories from this event.

Stay posted.

The secrets behind the curtain.

old and young white republicans rats…

As I watch the news, and read about our country I become discouraged. Don’t you? There are so many issues not being addressed, and today we digressed with the inability to codify Roe vs. Wade. Next will be birth control purchase, and gay rights. It’s all on the maga supreme court agenda. However, would they ever outlaw vasectomy???? Ha! Ha!

joe manchin might as well become a republican. Biden told him to rewrite the American Rescue Plan so we could get this passed, he reneged. Biden poll numbers continue to fall, but with the cards dealt he’s moving mountains considering his lack of support. If we had orangeade in that seat we’d be fighting with the russians.

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Which brings me to mc connell, and while spell check tells me I spelled it wrong, and it should be capitalized, he deserves neither. He needs to go, and I refuse to capitalize anyone’s name who deserves no respect. If a republican has any ideas, or balls they are unable to go against the party. Upon republican arrival in DC they are required to sign on to anything the party endorses, or loose campaign money. Power is more important than ethics to these pack animals, and even more important than oath. Thus we have a blocked 50/50 senate.

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I often wonder what the grandchildren of these republicans think of their actions as it affects their world. Personally, it infuriates me as I believe we need to leave our kids a better place. However, not all think that. On a trip to of all places russia I met a Jewish “grandma” from Miami who voted for the orange guy, and when I asked about her grandchildren’s future she said,

“What do I care I’ll be dead.”

Grandma, in my eyes you already were.

And not bound for any place but hell.

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February is Black History Month

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The idea for honoring African Americans and their contributions to America first came with Carter G. Woodson, in 1926. Considered the “father of black history,” he envisioned a week long celebration focusing attention on notable black Americans.

His idea grew, and by 1969 Kent State University students and educators promoted his idea with February chosen as Black History Month, due to the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, (2/12), and Frederick Douglass, (2/14). In 1976, President Gerald Ford recognized the month during our bicentennial year 50 years after celebrations had begun.

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The Month is honored in the United States, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.


Three Highlights for today..

  • Apple plans updates to cut down on unwanted tracking and stalking via i phones. About time..
  • Dolly Parton to cover tuition for all her theme park employees. Go, Dolly!
  • Space X loss of 40 satellites launched during solar storm.

NFL: A Disgrace

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Don’t know much about football, and unable to even name a team, but, know one thing, it is an industry with a lack of coaching diversity. With 70% of players black, only 1 in 9 coaches are.

Why? Most owners are wealthy white men.

The Brian Flores lawsuit which calls attention to this situation will be one which is interesting to watch in this billion dollar industry. I am cheering for a verdict in Flores favor.

To me it is a slam dunk, is this football?? It would seem to me that black players would better respond and work with black coaches thus causing player contentment, team functioning, thus wins!

What a thought..

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Three Highlights for today..

  • 56% of Americans believe our elected officials don’t reflect the will of the people. Folks are catching on.
  • Blockages on the Canadian-American Bridge by truckers causing serious impacts on Canadian and American economies.
  • Mask mandates easing throughout the country. Maybe someone should enlighten these truckers blocking the border??

Working As An American

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I love New York City and the main reason is the diversity. While those who reside here may never consider America “their home,” or “their country,” I understand. This is not to say that it doesn’t bother me at times, but, I try to walk in their shoes as the Indian proverb states, and it brings me back to reality.

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Currently I am working in a hospital with Russian nurses. With the sleepless nights I experience thinking of the imminent war with Russia I wonder how this will play out. Of course, they have one advantage as they speak their native tongue. I will have no idea what they are saying and perhaps that is for the best.

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We all live under the same sky.

Three Highlights for Today

  • Parents of Michigan shooter who killed classmates in court. Why would you buy your child a gun?
  • UCLA gyn settlement of $243.6 million for sexual misconduct. Wonder if they’ll ever get Jim Jordan for his inaction on the wrestling allegations when he was in charge??????????????????
  • House passes a sweeping bill to upgrade the USPS. It had bipartisan support and headed for the senate.

American Soldiers as Bounty!

And the president briefed, but no response…

At least we don’t need a bounty for him, the corona virus will get him.

Mark my words.

Science doesn’t play.

Polar ice melting, increased hurricane and tornadoes numbers and strength, air pollution out of control, now a pandemic…

When will we learn.

It’s not about free will even though it’s Independence Day.