The Biden Cabinet

As promised will be writing the next 3 weeks on the members of the Biden Cabinet of which there are over 20 members. In these blogs will write who these individuals are, where they hailed from, and a bit of their background. They are a diverse group.

As one of the internet sources states these individuals sit with the President around a mahogany table, and for those old enough to recall this is the same table which First Lady Betty Ford danced upon at the conclusion of her husband’s tumultuous term, (but aren’t they all?). While seating charts may change all who sit at the table hold a unique skill set with great powers.

Let’s start at the head of the table..

Ron Klain – Chief of Staff

As a political consultant, and former lobbyist Ron Klain has served 2 Vice Presidents, Al Gore 1995-1999, and Joe Biden 2009-2011. Born in Indianapolis, this 61 year old is Georgetown University educated with his law degree from Harvard.

As with many of these individuals they have been with or associated with Joe Biden for decades. Klain as well as several other cabinet members are rumored to be departing once mid-terms are completed as while the job is fascinating it is a 24/7 responsibility, and extremely stressful.

The commitment made by these members is for duty, as the salary is a pittance as to what could be acquired in the private sector.

Cecilia E. Rouse – Chair of the Counsel of Economic Advisors

This 58 year old hails from California, is Harvard educated (Ph.D.), and served since March 2021 as the 30th Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors. She formerly was Dean of the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs. A labor economist her focus is the economics of education and is the author of a myriad of papers on this topic.

And on the opposite end of the table..

Avril Haines – Director of National Intelligence

This American intelligence official, “spy,” lawyer, and first woman to serve in this capacity has a fascinating back story. A 53 year old from New York City, she was educated at the University of Chicago and Georgetown for her law degree.

She oversees 16 U.S. intelligence agencies, has a judo brown belt, and is an airplane enthusiast with an unsuccessful attempt to cross the Atlantic. WHEW! She has a vast interest in drones and for more on her background:, read it as her life is one of strength and courage.

Always in the room with President Obama, and now President Biden, she’s made controversial decisions, and remains a vital advisor and voice at the table.

Dr. Arati Prabhakar – Director of the Office of Science and Technology (OSTP) Policy

This woman immigrated from India at 3 to Chicago, then Lubbock, Texas, where she earned an electrical engineer degree at Texas Tech. She then studied at California Institute of Technology earning a Masters in Electrical Engineering, then a Ph.D. in applied physics.

She has led 2 federal research and development agencies, and worked in the private, educational, and non-profit arenas. She spent 15 years working in Silicon Valley. Her accolades and list of accomplishments are notable and endless.

Wow! This is the first blog and what a learning experience. Can’t wait to research more of these amazing folks who guide the President in his decisions.

Stay tuned..

Take Your Vitamins – Hunter Biden

…As it is going to be one heck of a roll with the repubs coming for you. Since the Dems did so much legislating this past 2 years the repubs have little left to do but to dismantle what was done. Hunter is #1, on their agenda. Their agenda for the next 2 years will be to investigate and impeach the Biden administration. Let’s hope they leave social security alone, but Biden already said he’ll veto anything in that regard.

Have read that Hunter already paid back $1. million in back taxes, and his case continues to be investigated by the DOJ, (Department of Justice), but was wondering what he actually did? Know he overcharged for consultant work, attempted to give his dad, (President Joe), a key to his office, and rode with him on a plane when he was going to Europe. But, the orange prez did the later often with his kids, and not the ones who worked for him, so what is the beef?

Here’s a more in depth explanation from what I can surmise:

  • The lap top shows Hunter paid for Joe’s home repair bills to his Delaware home as well as some utility bills. What accounts Hunter used to pay for this is in question.
  • Pundits state Hunter traded in on the family name charging client 6-7 times what the going rate was for consultations. Gee, if they are willing to pay that, let them.
  • Hunter was a womanizer, and during his substance abuse days he had a child with a woman who he doesn’t recall meeting, however, DNA proves the child is his and he is supporting the child.
  • On a trip to China he received a 3 karat diamond from his associate who he had begun a private equity firm with. His father as VP met the man after the firm was established, and shook his hand.
  • Hunter has recreated himself, and is now an artist selling paintings from $75,000 to six figures. Was unable to find who is buying these painting.

Gee, not bad and price is the going rate.

But, let us end on a happy note… This weekend Hunter’s oldest daughter, Naomi Biden, married Peter Neal, a guy from Wyoming who she met on a NYC blind date several years ago. Both are lawyers. While the ceremony was private here is a snap from an attendee. The bride wore much lace in her Ralph Lauren gown. What a lovely backdrop.

Much good wishes are sent to the happy couple.

Stay strong.

Big Win For Joe

With the senate vote on the Climate Change Bill it has been another big win for Joe Biden this week.. It’s been stated that the House will vote on Friday, and that vote is assured. Leaf, here I come! Who cannot consider purchasing an EV with these kind of incentives. Have you driven an EV? It is sublime…………

Think I’ll go blue with next car. I want to match my politics.

Listening to the pundits and polls over the weekend news feeds I hear repeatedly the Dems are going to loose their majority mid-term. They speak of Biden’s low approval numbers, inflation, and this, and that rhetoric but abortion is the issue. This is being swept under the carpet and not too fast boys, have a little secret tale to tell.

Remember her?

In another life while an administrator for the NYS Department of Corrections, I visited prisons throughout the State. It was during this time that Hill was running for the Senate. Most of the gals who work for the prison system are married to correction officers. On prison visit after prison visit I heard the same “secret” from these women. “My husband doesn’t know it, but I’m voting for her.” She won big in this election.

Women can be very secretive when needed, but one thing is certain…

They get the job done.

CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and Siena can poll all they want, but this is the issue on the ballot this year. Prior to Kansas voting the polls were 46 to 47% in favor of this issue. End vote: it won by almost 20 percent.

Numbers don’t lie.

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Been A Week..

However, it seems every week is quite a week with the world the way it is..

  • Brittany Griner will probably be sentenced to 10 years
  • Many tr stolen election candidates won their primaries.
  • Taiwan fired upon due to Nancy Pelosi visit.
  • The Russian War continues.

But on the positive side..

  • Drone strikes killed a major bad guy in Afghanistan.
  • Jones case against the Sandy Hook parents showed he perjured himself, and don’t get me going on him. Read the books on how his peeps trailed these parents, shot at their vehicles, causing them to go into hiding, and more. Guess I did go on, but justified, however, he wasn’t. Now claiming he’s bankrupt, but hiding his money in off shore accounts.
  • The Vets suffering despicable health problems from burn pits received health coverage. Thanks, Jon Stewart. Biden’s son Beau probably died from this.
  • The Chip Bill passed assuring our national security. Thanks, Gina Raimondo, future president. Let’s start a rumor… We need her at the helm..


And in November we are having a…


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Here are the specifics..

  • Naomi Biden, 28, is a Washington DC lawyer. She is the eldest grandchild of Hunter Biden and Kathleen Buhle.
  • Naomi met her beau, Peter Neal, 24, on a set up by friends while in NYC.
  • Peter is in his last year of law school at University of Pennsylvania.
  • He is from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and has worked extensively on democratic campaigns.
  • The location of the nuptials is uncertain . The reception will be held at the White House.
  • Last White House reception, Jenna Bush in 2008. Overdue for another – time for some love…
Congratulations to the happy couple..

Picture from Naomi’s instagram account.

God Bless Jon Stewart

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Senate republicans blocked funding for veteran health care in retaliation for Manchin voting with the dems on the climate change bill. This bill sailed through the senate with 84 votes 2 months ago but because of a glitch had to be revoted on. The voting came after the climate change bill was passed.

Jon Stewart, a long advocate for vets, and 9/11 responders is calling out republicans, and will not let this die. Am assured he’ll appear on Stephen Colbert Monday discussing this, however, the bigger question is why? These vets were exposed to burn pit toxins, and it may even be the reason why President Biden’s son, Beau, died due to brain cancer. They serve us and deserve appropriate health care. Don’t you agree?

Vets – Remember this when you vote.

And Jon Stewart, I know you won’t give up this fight.

Maybe Jon needs to run for office? I understand Rachel Maddow is.

Mark Fogel

Another American that has been in a Russian prison for 11 months after bringing 14 vape cartridges in his bags, shoes, and cannabis buds in a contact lens case, to Russia. A 60 year old American teacher from Pittsburgh is now serving 14 years in a Russian jail.

The family is calling for assist, and hoping he can be added to the other 2 Americans requesting release.


Chip Bill, Climate Change and Gun Control Legislation…

Are we starting to get some things done?

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Let’s hope so.

Here’s a rundown if you aren’t following..

Chip Legislation

The US manufactures about 10%, (don’t quote me here, but the figure is very low), of the chips we currently need and use. This has become a national security issue as we need these items for defense as well as almost EVERYTHING…. Gina Raimondo, Secretary for Commerce, and formerly Rhode Island Governor, put together this amazing bill incorporating benefits along with safeguards to get this legislation passed. Brilliant woman, magna cum laude Harvard in economics, Rhodes Scholar, the list is endless…………………. Heard her speak on a plane podcast, and man she can hold her own against the best of them – if you ever have the chance to hear her speak, make the time.

One to watch..

The Climate Change/Tax Bill – Schumer and Manchin

After the angst Manchin created, Biden tasked Schumer to work with Manchin to accomplish something on these issues. They had been working together quietly for several months and this is the compromise.

  • 15% corporation tax on companies making over $1 billion a year
  • Beefed up tax enforcement for the wealthy
  • By 2030 40% cap on carbon emissions
  • Tax credits for solar panels, batteries, and other tech items

The beauty of this bill is 60 votes are not needed in the senate for passage. Expected to be on Biden’s desk by next week. Prayers answered, now if we could only get putin and his thugs.

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Gun Control Legislation

This law, 10 years in the making, (disgusting isn’t that?!), finally made it through June 2022 by the dogged efforts of Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut. It closes the boyfriend loophole which no longer allows stalkers and the like to get a gun, red flag laws, which allow police to remove firearms from homes where there is potential problems, and increases mental health funding.

This is the first gun control legislation in decades.

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Some good news for the weekend.

Thanks, Joe.

The Russian War

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When you think the atrocities the Russian soldiers have incurred couldn’t get any worse, a video of them castrating a Ukrainian soldier with a box cutter appears on the internet. Thought it was horrific when it was reported that Russian soldiers raped teenage girls repeatedly in a basement causing 9 pregnancies.

Both these crimes are barbaric horrors.

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It’s been a long 5 months for the Ukrainians, and while I have reviewed the WWII news reel devastation I wonder at times – should we just go in and finish them off?? OR would that be the end of all of us? Tough questions and tough decisions.

Just glad we have Biden at the helm, or else we’d be raising the Russian flag on American soil.

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“Who couldn’t like Joe Biden?”

This is the new Republican Party mantra. As former President Bush endorsed Joe, one wonders who is next??? Cindy McCain, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Lisa Murkowski, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Jeff Flake, millionaire donor Francis Rooney???

Believe the new initiative Republicans For Joe Biden is gaining.

For the country to survive let’s hope so.

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