Biden Documentation Snafu

Joe got caught with documents in his locked garage and at his Center. Oh, boy what a snafu.. While as soon as these were found they were immediately turned over and a review of all documents in his possession completed which found those extras the republicans had a field day with this. Was grateful Garland appointed a special counsel as maybe from this a better accounting system was be developed for these documents and this could be something legislated. Our country’s national security is at stake with these items floating about and better measures are needed for their security.

Glad the documents were in the locked garage with Joe’s red corvette – wonder if they were in the trunk?

The Leaf

Purchased the Nissan Leaf this week. This is the electronic vehicle which allows a $7500. federal rebate, and the home connection, which in my case is another $750., reimbursed. Car price was similar to a fuel charged vehicle with minimal upgrades, and “she” gets 260 miles to a charge. Am told charges can take a half hour to an hour, and will learn how to access those sites via a cell phone AP.

Since I believe in the climate change science been considering this purchase for 2 years. When “Joe,” gave the incentive decided it was time. Interesting enough had learned of the Leaf while on a ferry crossing a fjord in Norway. While Norwegians have acquired most of their wealth from the glut of oil in the Black Sea they are one of the most progressive green countries on the planet. This man currently had 2 electric vehicles, (EVs), and offered positive information about the Leaf.

There was no increase in insurance cost, and am told that recharge prices are nominal with some free? Was quoted $5.00 for “fill up,” meaning recharge, and shall see. Though I wasn’t a fan of the black color it grew on me. Interesting fact… most cars purchased are either white or black according to the salesman. The dealership received 2 EV’s in the last 6 months, and they were unsure what inventory would be received for the remainder of 2023.

Something to think about……………

Kamala Harris Vice President

Our 58 year old first female Vice President is the product of a Jamaican and Indian union. Her mom was a cancer researcher until her death, and her father is still alive, a professor emeritus retired from Stanford University as an economist. Both were strong civil rights activists and met through a function where they were protesting. Kamala has one sister, who is also a lawyer, and a niece. She married Doug Emhoff in 2014, he too a lawyer, and he became the First Gentleman. He has 2 children from a former marriage and they form a cohesive blended family.

Kamala attended Howard University undergrad, and obtained her J.D. from University of California at Hastings. Prior to the Vice Presidency she was the Attorney General for the State of California where she was involved in a myriad of cases, many in the criminal justice sector. Later as junior senator from California she worked on energy policy and criminal justice reform as well as attempted immigration reform.

As of this writing 11/21/22, she is currently in the Philippines with her husband meeting on pertinent issues and visiting US military bases. This trip is being conducted in an effort to forge solidarity with the Philippines due to Chinese aggression.

Someone is always watching.

Merrick B. Garland Attorney General

This Attorney General is a Harvard summa cum laude graduate, and magna cum laude law school graduate. At 70, he is charged with 115,000 personnel throughout the US, and in 50 countries. Born in Chicago, and of Jewish descent, his father ran a small advertising company from their home.

Upon graduation Garland had several public service positions including a 1 year stint with Justice William Brennan at the Supreme Court. He was in private practice twice during his breaks from public service as a litigator. After he joined the US Attorney Office in Washington D.C., President Clinton tapped him for further assistance. His fame and notoriety came in his handling of the Oklahoma City Bombing case. He has been considered twice for the Supreme Court.

His latest concerns revolve around the 45th president’s issues and Garland has hired a special prosecutor for these situations.

Also heavy on his agenda are:

  • Voting Rights
  • The January 6th Attack
  • Protests and Threats against school personnel.
  • Civil Rights and police misconduct.

Dr. Janet Yellen Secretary of the Treasury

This voice of clarity has been with the American people for decades. Originally from Brooklyn, her father a doctor, and mother a homemaker, she was educated at Brown and Yale University. Upon completion of her formal studies she taught at Harvard, the London School of Economics, and has been on the faculty of University of California at Berkeley since 1980, as professor emeritus. Tapped by President Bill Clinton in 1997, her rise in various economic posts and decisions have touched all Americans.

At 76, she continues to be a light writing papers with her husband, George Akerof, who shares the same field, and is a professor at Georgetown University and University of California at Berkeley. Akerof was co-recipient of the 2001 Nobel Prize for his work in  asymmetric information in causing market perversity.

Yellen’s career has been focused on unemployment, labor markets, and international market concerns. She most recently developed a minimum corporate tax policy, however, since this needed 60 votes in the Senate did not pass. However, other countries are exploring and developing this concept.

Other controversial items she has made comment on:

  • Roe v. Wade overturn will have an adverse effect on women and the labor market.
  • She is more concerned with unemployment than inflation.
  • Favors control of retirement spending.
  • Supports a policy on carbon taxation to ensure Biden’s Net Zero agenda.

When the 45th president came into office she was “let go,” however, during this 2017-2020 time period she made $7 million in speaking fees from financial companies.

Thanks for coming back when Joe asked, Janet.

Shalanda Young Director of the Office of Management and Budget

This 45 year old woman from Louisiana was educated at Loyola and Tulane University. Her voice is key as law makers raise concerns over funding the government. Accolades from both sides are written of her, and while her office is little known it holds immense power and authority. She is a central figure to President Joe Biden. Known as a deal maker and problem solver she is one to watch and respect.

During her March 2021 confirmation hearing she was in her first weeks of pregnancy, giving birth to her first child and daughter, Charlie in October.

“She can cut through all of the, as Joe Biden would say, ‘malarkey,’ and get to the heart of the issue,” Sen. Susan Collins, a Maine Republican and senior member of the Appropriations panel, told CNN in an interview. “She understands that members are going to have policy concerns, that we are going to have parochial interests – and that many of us want to get to an outcome.”

*CNN internet article 10/22/22

Dennis McDonough Secretary of Veterans Affairs

This 53 year old Minnesota born Secretary of Veterans Affairs was educated at Georgetown University, The College of St. Benedict, and St. John’s University. He has held numerous positions as Obama White House Chief of Staff from 2013-2017, and prior to that working for senators as their legislative director and in policy development. He has worked extensively on Latin American issues, and speaks fluent Spanish.

It was in 2007 when he was called to serve as Obama’s chief political advisor as his predecessor was summoned into military service. Much of his work is behind the scenes in a multitude of varied positions. He was in the room during the Bin Laden raid. In 2017 he retired but continued to serve in non-profits to change the oudated labor market to a more digital economy.

Upon returning to Washington at President Bident’s request, he accepted the Secretary position and was approved by the Senate with a 87-7 vote, with 6 senators not present.

LLoyd Austin III Secretary of Defense

Lloyd Austin comes to this position after retiring as a 4 star general in 2016. Born in Mobile, Alabama he was educated at the US Military Academy at West Point, then received a Masters Degree at Auburn University, and an MBA at Webster University. He holds much advanced coursework in army operations. He was 41 years in uniform with his last years in Iraq leading the Army’s 3rd Division and subsequent leader of all Iraq operations. There he earned a Silver Star.

Upon retirement he has served on the boards of military contractors and health care organizations.

Monitoring the Secretary’s web site he is profoundly busy. As of this writing on 11/21/22, on 11/19 he addressed a forum in Canada, “Why Ukraine Matters,” and then he began travels to Indonesia.

As the US Department of Defense states, “Mr. Austin is the principal assistant to the President in all matters relating to the Department of Defense and serves on the National Security Council.” Believe we are in good hands, don’t you?

Xavier Becerra Health and Human Services Secretary

This 64 year old Stanford graduate, (undergrad and JD), is the son of immigrants. As a member of congress he served for 24 years, and was the first Latino California Attorney General from 2017-2021. During that time this mover and shaker sued the orange prez’s administration over 120 times, and was instrumental in DACA and Affordable Care Act security. He secured billions from companies decreasing prescription drug costs, and implemented climate change initiatives.

Health and Human Services is tasked with protecting the health of all Americans providing essential services. Through its 11 agencies it promotes research in over 100 programs. The CDC, (Center for Disease Control), FDA, (Federal Drug Administration), and ACF, (Agency for Children and Families), fall under this cabinet post.

Recent news state Becerra is focusing on drug price negotiations for Medicare, something he has already handled as Attorney General in California. Another initiative is mental health care, and he is focusing on integrating this care into overall health care.

Sounds like the right man has been placed in this position.

Look forward to his results.

Alejandro Mayorkas Secretary of Homeland Security

This 62 year old Cuban American is a graduate of Loyola University and the University of California at Berkeley. He is the first Latino and immigrant to hold this position. Mayorkas is a distinguished lawyer in the private sector who started his public service career in white collar crime with the Department of Justice. He has led the Ebola and Zika responses, developed and implemented DACA, done much to curb human trafficking, dealt with violent crime, cyber crime, international money laundering, and fraud.

In his 30 year law career he is distinguished and revered.

In his current position he is tasked with ensuring and maintaining the public safety of American citizens. His agency is the third largest federal agency with 229,000 employees. This position was created after the 9/11attacks. There are 22 divisions in this agency. Chemical, biologic, cyber security, and nuclear threats are also included in his purview.

Cabinet member Mayorkas is often called to testify during congressional hearings.

One tough job.