Wide Open Blue Grass

As I drove to the festival I began to wonder about the music and it’s origins. All I knew was Steve Martin plays in a bluegrass band. So, here’s what I found:

  • Bluegrass developed in Appalachia in the 1940’s
  • The name comes from the band Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass
  • Bluegrass music is focused on the instrumental
  • Bluegrass is string based
  • Bluegrass music can be played on the following instruments acoustical string instruments – fiddle, 5 string banjo, mandolin upright bass (string bass), resonator guitar (Dobro), harmonica, or a Jew’s harp.
  • Earl Scruggs is considered the Father of Classical Bluegrass and was from North Carolina

Now, that you’ve received Bluegrass 101, let’s look at some of the fun that goes along with this music.

The Bands..

And the food..

And the vendors…

North Carolina sure loves their Bluegrass