California Here I Come?

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Applied through the recommended on line process for a California nursing license via endorsement. After paying $350 I thought, “Wow, this was easy why does everyone complain?,” Well, a month later a deficiency letter arrived from their outsource company, BrEZze, stating 4 components were missing. At the time of application all 3 were accepted and the 4th was not listed as a requirement. What did they do with those three? Did it go to the cloud??

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After searching again I found a phone number to call. Having been told I had an hour wait I waited, however after 2 1/2 hours called it a day. At least they had pleasant music and a soothing gals voice telling you how important your call is to them.

Back to the website and after printing 30 pieces of paper and reviewing 5 additional web sites I found the error of my ways. The additional requirements forwarded I wait with bated breath.

Will keep you posted.

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