Technology + or –

Reflecting on my most recent technology snafu this question rose:

If you don’t know how to use something, what good is it?

Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.

Technology is moving so fast one needs to be a computer scientist to use it. Instructions are computer driven or written by “those in the know,” lack insight to what actual people can understand.

For me challenges occur in attempts to make a phone call. Robocall, ha, ha, I lack the ability to answer. Then there is the contact, does anyone truly know how to save one of these? Well, maybe a 6 year old does. I must get one of those. 🙂

Next concern:

Where do you go for help? And if found will they intimidate or bite your head off?

Computer Directions: Sort of like ubiquitous graffiti found worldwide.

Such a travesty to have something out there you cannot access which is to provide assistance and make life more manageable.

Oh no, I just lost all my pictures again. Shall I laugh or throw the phone against me wall?

I think it’s time to shut it off, have a glass of Merlot, take a walk, and let the gnomes inside the machine do their magic. It worked the last time and the pictures reappeared. Go figure?.

Photo by Prateek Katyal on

I will let you know.

Things Happen in “3’s”

I am a firm believer that things happen in 3’s. The cell phone died, now the television is requiring a rescan for viewing. I look forward to the third, however will now recant my dilemma with the second.

Problem #1 Cell Phone Death…

For the past several weeks I have been viewing notices of this television rescan. Lamenting this situation yet hoping it will improve the horrific television service in this region of North Carolina I watched the notices daily.

Problem #2 Television Tuning

Finally, the day came when I turned on the tv and had no connection. Having to do something to get the thing to operate I went to u tube as directed by the television station. In order to get the u tube site I had to download a menu bar I didn’t want. In further searches I found more inadequate information given by the television station. Typical.

Then I came across a perky young man who spoke slowly and I was on board. It was completed. This comes with a catch. I now have a woman’s voice every time I turn on or off the tv and change a channel. I have gone through all the menu options to turn her off however am unable.

Having just completed one of the Eckard Tolle books I have decided to surrender. She will be my guide and my friend for the last 2 weeks of my North Carolina stay. I could go for a short term relationship.

It’s Kathleen… and you know the jingle. Keep smiling. Maybe you too can have a short term friend. Surrender.

Cell Phone Blues

Bye, Bye Samsung….

My hearty cell phone bit the dust at the Greek Fest. Guess the dancing was too much for her. I noted this predicament while driving from Goldsboro to Raleigh. She wouldn’t charge, or should I say he? Let’s keep it neutral.

At the fest I tried a variety of different cords and several vendors gave me a hand to no avail. Upon completion of my visit I began my drive home with 8% juice remaining or 19 minutes. While this wouldn’t allow Waze to get me home I was hoping for a close proximity. As the phone died I found myself somewhere outside Raleigh. North Carolina is either rural or city, and I was rural.

What does a single woman do in these circumstances? Pull out Randy McNally, and after several trials found my way only adding a half hour to the journey.

This saga brought up many thoughts and most especially how much we depend on technology and what do we do when it fails?

Thank God for maps.

It’s Kathleen.. and hope I’ve given you something to think about..

Buy one…

My Present to Me

Happy 63rd

After trying to read a rather intense email I was distracted. This has happened on several occasions but today it irked me. The ads on the side of the email blinked and the models moved in every contortion imaginable. Then to make matters worse near naked men flexed their abs, followed by telling me how I need to meet a man, and the worst was the latest bikini ad, at my age I surely am interested in that. But, what gets me the most are the health ads citing a need to check for potential Alzheimer symptoms or lung cancer. While yelling at the computer, “ENOUGH!,” I hit the button that said Ad Choices. From here I was connected to a site explaining how to block these aggravations.

As I read further it stated for $3.49 a month, less than the price of a cup of coffee, peace of mind could be achieved. No more flashing ads or distractions as emails are read. Whipping out my credit card the numbers were eagerly handed over and today as I read my emails the distractions are gone.

This could possibly be one of the best birthday presents ever.

Sorry, I didn’t know this flashed when I downloaded it, but for $3.49 a month…

Are you a human firewall?

As you read this question are you scratching your head? Read on to alleviate that itch.

The average internal security breech cost organizations $2.7 million with those from outside costing $57,000.

Have I gotten your attention?

There are two types of phishing, (and this isn’t salmon), they are:

  • Whale Phishing – hackers going after high level people in an organization.
  • Spear Phishing – hackers targeting specific organizations and the people who work there.

So, what can we do to protect ourselves and the organizations we work for? Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t share passwords.
  • Make passwords challenging for hackers but something you can recall.
  • Don’t open emails from those you don’t recognize, or, haven’t heard from in awhile. This happened to me when I received an email from a former boss. Once I realized it was bogus I deleted the email, shut off the computer, and signed on using another search engine. This blocks the intrusion I was informed.
  • Follow common sense and your gut instinct. If the email looks weird don’t open it or delete it.
  • At work, follow company policies and procedures regarding computer security.
  • Any internal email received on the job which appears odd or not quite right, report it immediately through the appropriate company channels.
  • Keep a clean desk at work.
  • Guard your badge. Store it in a secure place at home. If you loose your badge report it immediately. Badges can be easily photo shopped.
  • Before you leave the copier check the copier glass and hopper to ensure all originals and copies are removed.
  • Always know where your electronic devices are.
  • When talking business on a cell phone speak softly and leave short messages.
  • If a fellow employee is acting strange, report it. The most expensive breech comes from a trusted insider.
  • If you see a fellow employee using a thumb drive and there is no need, let the appropriate folks in your organization know.
  • Shred items that have company information on them.
  • Never bypass security functions when using the computer.
  • Shut down the computer when not using it.

While this blog may have put you to sleep, I hope it was a wake up. Be vigilant and alert to potential threats. Take the appropriate action when needed.

Firefox Rules

For several months I have been attempting to figure out how to get the news feed off my lap top computer. After successfully removing this from my phone I knew there must be a way. Once again my belief that out of bad comes good was reinforced. 🙂

I love Yahoo! (most days)

I found Yahoo mail stuck today and after looking at Vladimir Putin for a sixth time, (not my fav dictator for what he does to his people, or the world), I became agitated. Over 2 hours later after reading volumes on how to fix this problem I came across a blogger suggesting a server switch.

After debating which server to choose I decided upon Firefox since it had a catchy name. Once I loaded her or him up I was able to write, send and file emails. I was in Email Heaven! But, out of this came the benefit of NO MORE NEWS FEEDS. While I will no longer be up to date on Meghan Markle’s latest dress purchase, I am rid of that dictator’s face.

Today as I turned on the internet I came across a delightful 2 minute video with Melinda Gates discussing her favorite book, and how she and Bill don’t use plastic straws. Now, this was something I relish, and have already bought the book. Thank you, Firefox. What a good choice I made.

D drive blues

After arriving home I decided it was time to catch up on my financials. Pulling out the folder of receipts I booted up the laptop and inserted Mr. D., my external hard drive.

Once inserted no folders appeared in view. Concerned regarding this finding I shut down the computer and rebooted with the drive inserted. Still no luck. After an hour or so doing several permutations of the like I realized Mr. D. had died.

While I like to say RIP, (rest in peace), I knew my fate and this was not peaceful. Only two years ago I was in the same pickle and knew his demise would mean a trip to the office supply box store and a $400 fee. The last visit I was assured in my upgrade from thumb drive to Mr. D., this situation was resolved.

Don’t you just hate it when computers let you down? I think I’m returning to paper.