Elvis has left the building, or has he?

Apparently not in Goldsboro, North Carolina where I caught him singing up a storm and doing his classic moves. The “King” who is former North Carolina police officer and investigator, Stephen Freeman, left the force, and began this career in 1998. Since then he has been named the one of the top 10 Elvis impersonators in the world.

The concert, a United Way fundraiser began with local talent singing and a performance of blue grass music. After this United Way staff thanked audience members for attending and drum roll….the “King” has arrived.

In his customary white sequined jump suit Elvis arrived performing songs from his 1973 concert in Hawaii where 1 billion people worldwide took in his talent and charisma. After several songs Elvis visited the audience, shaking hands, doing selfies, kissing senior ladies, giving out scarves, and leis, (paper ones).

What a night of memories.

Elvis has officially left the building.