Corona Humor? #2

There is much craziness regarding this virus, here’s a couple doses:

Check out this hunky Spanish soldier..

Then there are the new ideas and innovations folks come up with during this time.

A Squirrel Picnic Table

I’ve purchased one for $30. My daughter’s out of work friend came up with this idea.

Have to keep the economy going and we certainly want to keep our squirrels happy.

Keep thinking, America!

Corona Virus: Humor?

While tragic consider these..

  • Anxiously gazing out the window for an Amazon delivery of…. toilet paper…
  • A Brit demonstrating on UTube the new face mask – a thong, then watching her apply it to her 80 year old mother’s face.
  • Watching virus plagued Chris Cuomo interviewed by CNN’s Dr. Gupta. The phone rings. He doesn’t take the call saying, “Oh, it’s only Andrew. Gosh, he’ll be pissed.” Brotherly love.
  • Barack Obama finally breaking his silence. Please return to us. We need you. Would you consider the Vice Presidency??
  • Sylvia Browne’s book in 2012 described this pandemic. She also said our sitting President in 2020 will die in office. Yes, but not too soon. Pence is worse than what we got.
  • A 7 year old getting 6000 shower caps from local hotels/motels to give to hospital workers for face masks. They work.
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg continues to exercise. Keep strong, Ruthie. We need you. I’d take the bullet and the virus for you.