Dietary Concerns of the Trip

NOTE: This entry contains personal and probably tmi, (too much information). Beware…

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For the last 3 months I have had intestinal problems. These problems have ranged from profuse to stuck, if you know what I mean. With a father who had a colostomy for 30 years prior to departing assumed it was cancer, and figured I have done my time, and am ready.

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Eventually I acquiesced and made an appointment at a big box gastric practice which is the only game in town. Took 6 weeks for the appointment but found the young physician pleasant. We mainly spoke of my then upcoming EU adventure, and I received some medical info to boot.

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The diagnosis: lactose intolerance, which happens in aging. Enzymes either shut down or stop, and avoidance of dairy is key. Dairy means butter, cheese, milk products, however, dairy is in just about everything from granola bars to processed frozen foods. My life has been altered forever, and while not cancer it is a concern requiring planning, and thought.

Crazy as it sounds I always enjoyed reading food labels, but now it is a necessity. Ordering food in a restaurant is a dilemma. The folks in the EU have been extremely helpful especially in Switzerland where everything is cheese. Restaurant staff seem to know even better than I what foods to order, and their culinary creativity in maneuvering this angst has been enlightening.

If only we could only act globally in this way.

Maybe we all should get lactose intolerance now as we’ll only get it eventually.

It would certainly change the world.

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Wonder if cows get lactose intolerance?

Complaining Blog………………………2 of 2

Chubby People on Plane, Buses and Trains

I was a fat kid and mercilessly abused in school. At 63 I still have the emotional scars and insecurities from that abuse.

Now I am a “normal” weight, which in American society appears to be anything under 200 pounds. I cringe when I hear the words, “Fat Shaming.” Where was everyone for me when I was being fat shamed? Now, those former skinnies are fat and insulted.

About 4 years ago I spent 6 hours on a bus going from New York City to Montreal sitting next to a blimp of a woman. Yes, I have the right to use that phrase since I have been taunted with it. I cringed when I saw her coming down the aisle and realized the only seat on the bus was next to me. The ride was 6 hours of discomfort and oppressive as her massive body lay upon me. I felt pain when she moved. It was a scary ride.

I understand why others are concerned taking mass transit with these grossly obese folk. You could easily be injured if they fall on you. But besides that I am concerned for these folk’s health. Blood provides nourishment to our bodies. With blood redirected to fat areas the brain is compromised and starved of this vital nutrient as is other organs. This is turn causes a decrease in the brain’s ability to think and function, energy dwindles and bodily functions are impaired.

We need to take better care of our bodies. We only have one.

It’s Kathleen and if you don’t like what I say It’s still Kathleen.

I hope I’ve given you something to think about.

Please take some action. Start small, walk 20 minutes every day.