Saturday Drag Queen Brunch at Lucky Cheng

Nice gift for attending..

What a fun time, here’s the specifics:

  • Location: 707 8th Avenue, look for the door with the brass buttons on it.
  • Venue is downstairs in the Secret Room.
  • Reservations at or check out Groupon.
  • Phone number 646-525-0715.
  • Every Saturday and Sunday – both brunch and dinner.
  • Saturday Brunch featured Bottomless Mimosa with purchase of an entree ($40 for an entree).
  • Food is tasty – had a burger with fries, but heard their salads are delicious as well..

Now on to the show, which lasted an hour and 30 minutes:

The Maestro – this Queen hails from Russia and kept the audience in stitches with her raw, sexy monologue. The theme of the Brunch was cartoon characters. She started the show as Beetlejuice.

Another Russian Queen as Anastasia

Waitresses also are Drag Queens

What a fun time, great for pre bridal parties, birthdays and the like,

and also open for dinner..

Super Bowl Sunday: Drag Queen Brunch

What a fun way to spend a Sunday. Thanks, Groupon. These Norfolk, Virginia “gals” really know how to entertain.

Panda of the Lip Gloss and Lashes troupe began the show by giving the rules:

  • Take as many pictures as you want.
  • Tipping is compulsory.
  • The more you drink the prettier we look, keep drinking.
  • Whenever possible tell us we look gorgeous, sensual, and breathtaking.

Here’s a peek at the gals in action starting with Miss Carma Bella:

On entrance, then up close and personal with a customer. Get a load of that eyeliner!

Next up Miss Amore Diamond..

Note: Wig and wigless.

What a wiggle and shake..

And if I only could have gotten a shot of the a-s on this gal. She should advertise thongs.

As the girls said it takes a lot to look this cheap, and yes, the more we drank the better they looked. So, go have a laugh and enjoy the show. It will be something you’ll never forget.

A few more parting shots:

Wonder what their shoe size is? Oh, yes that’s Kinky Boots.. Ha! Ha!