Departure Time

It’s 2:15, and I am awake ready for the 3:15 pick up. What a challenging trip this has been. Yesterday was the covid test, and I was NEGATIVE, I PASSED! One of the men on the trip failed twice so he will be quarantined. That was my greatest nightmare. Unsure if his covid negative wife will stay. Funny, never saw him wear a mask, but she was meticulous.

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Have much to do upon my return.. Pick up mail, do gi testing, buy a cell phone, and visit Carespot as I think I have bronchitis to add to the frey. Hell to get old.

I must compliment Verizon service as the chat folks explained how to suspend service, and make the lost cellphone a rock. In reading the internet sites when this is done no one can steal your information, only sell off the cellphone components. Reassuring, however, not looking for the extra thousand dollar bill for a cell phone.

Last night was the good bye dinner. As a solo traveler few connected with me, and while I could say covid, it wasn’t that. People stay in their herds, and that is fine. I do not come for the socialization, only the visit. Weird or craziness when 2 sets of folks wanted me to join them at dinner. I demurred, and even crazier when they offered their emails. Never once have I received a reply when these were given so told the folks that, and then said what a wonderful trip it was, and I enjoyed their company. Liar… HA! HA! as my daughter would say.

Even though I am a psych nurse I’ll never understand human behavior or even attempt to.

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Think it’s time for a dog!

Things Forgotten

Must admit am a little rusty in traveling abroad. The following four items bear mentioning..

  • Hotel floors begin at level 0. If your room is on the 4th floor it actually is the 5th. For skeptics who wish to avoid the 13th floor don’t take a room on the 12th floor in the EU.
  • To obtain electricity in the hotel room there is a small plastic sleeve next to the door. Slip the plastic key card in it and Viola – you have lights! And don’t forget that is where your room key is stored…
  • Potty charge – challenging to find a loo without paying a fee of .50 euros. How I miss the US on this one….
  • The EU has different plugs. Have used this Amazon one for years, but also bring a bag of adapters as more than one is needed. As things have progressed am finding more and more hotels have USB ports for adapters sometimes even hidden in the base of lamps. This lessens the need for adaptors.
Haozi $16.99 Amazon, and I receive no financial gain from this recommendation, only grateful to pass it on. Have had “challenges” with others.. This blue baby has even survived water damage, though don’t recommend you test it. Ha! Ha! as my daughter would say. The picture is the size of the device.

Despite these minor hiccups am surviving my second EU trip post pandemic. Even did a subway in Vienna today, but that is for later.

I remain a Europhil, and once a Europhil, always a Europhil.

Jinxed Myself..

Today I suffered the entire day with gi concerns. Dinner last night was supposedly dairy free but think the small potatoes in the lettuce salad had butter coating, or the chicken was baked in butter??. Made a quick potty trip prior to morning bus departure, and when I returned from the loo found the bus traveling out of the parking lot. Guess the tour guide counted wrong. Once on the bus got a round of applause. Just what one wants after suffering in the potty, however, I smiled.

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As the day progressed the suffering did as well, and smiles were too challenging. Someone took my sanctuary in the back of the bus, and when I returned to my assigned seat the passengers behind me complained I had moved the seat back too far.. Don’t you just love group events???

At dinner while attempting to get a non-dairy meal the waitress messed up. When I attempted to correct her a fellow traveler came to the waitresses rescue, and lambasted me. That was all I needed after being ill all day. Said this to the fellow traveler as she continued her tirade. Then she began to placate with — are you feeling better??? Add insult to injury.. I moved to a table in the other room away from the group.

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The tour guide intervened, and the restaurant manager handled my needs. As my fellow travelers sang, and danced I sat alone happily with my non-dairy meal then took a short walk.

Later one of the men from the tour sought me out and presented me with a yellow rose. Nice touch.

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Moral of the story: Will stick with Expedia, and travel solo. The November group tour is officially cancelled. No more groups………………

Day 8 of 14…

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Trip going well. Funny, I see little mention of Ukraine in the EU. The only person I’ve seen wearing the Ukrainian flag colors is me. Today in one of the churches there was a banner stating, “Pray for Ukraine,” which was a first.

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Maybe the Europeans are turning a blind eye to the situation???

Don’t get it.

Am enjoying the trip immensely. Touring Hitler’s Eagles Nest tomorrow. It was his hideaway.

Group is pleasant. Will write about the daily journey once able to download pictures.

Four of the folks in the group still have not received their bags. Since it’s difficult to find reasonable stores and clothing sizes one man paid $170. for a pair of jeans!!!!! It has become the tour joke. Hopefully, Delta will pay.

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Closing on that note. Early departure for Eagles Nest in the am…