Feng Shui Career Ideas

With careers in flux ideas for the job search come in all shapes, sizes, and versions. Using Feng Shui it starts at the front door.

Note: The Welcome Mat

Begin by washing the door, clear the clutter surrounding it, and purchase healthy plants for the outside. Have the door well lit, make access to the door easy, open it daily, (no entering through the garage), and make sure the door is in excellent condition, structurally sound, and free from squeaks.

This allows the chi, (energy), to flow in.

True Story.. Visiting a friend she lamented her career. Upon washing the door, inside and out, frame and door knobs, offers came in. On next visit when she lamented career concerns I noted a broken bike stationed permanently at the front door. Upon removal career concerns straightened. Items which are broken, in disrepair, and dead, need to be removed for Feng Shui energy to flow.


Once inside the home make the entry way presentable and attractive. Remove clutter inside the door. Get rid of shoes and tattered throw rugs. Replace with a circular wall mirror and table. And if you really want to rev up the career color with black and white.

I once knew a phenomenally busy doctor. Upon visiting her home I knew why. Her foyer flooring was black and white. Don’t believe me??? Test it out.

Final thoughts… The career sector is a water element and the flow of water mimics the flow of money. Ever been to a successful Chinese restaurant? They always have an aquarium. Not recommending an aquarium here but if it works?? Another idea is a water fountain which will energize the area in the same fashion and be a nice accent piece on the entry table.

Next: Got the job, now do the office.