Extra Vegetables


In my quest to increase my vegetable consumption I have discovered vegetable meatballs. It came quite by accident as I tired of looking at the veggie burgers in my freezer. It’s not that I don’t like veggie burgers rather there was a good sale and I purchased way too many of them and needed a new creation for my palate.

I defrosted the veggie burgers threw in an egg and combined them into little balls. After tossing them into a crock pot filled with pasta sauce, {or as the Bronx Italians call it – “gravy”’}, they were sublime.  I placed this delicious fare over a bowl full of angel pasta.

Perhaps the angels work enhanced this fare? Regardless, give it a try and see what your little cherubs think of it. Maybe it will even bring them back to the faith.

Bumper Sticker Laugh

While I attempt to stay non-political, and believe me it’s hard, every so often I depart from this policy.  After seeing this bumper sticker I  feel compelled to share it.

You elect a clown, you get a circus

It’s a crazy world we live in and we need a break before we have a break- a mental one.  All this twitter stuff is affecting everyone’s mental health and while the only way to silence a bully is to ignore them, we need to keep tabs on the news as we need to know what He’s doing.

But, perhaps we could have Twitter close his account one day a week?  I know many share my sentiments.  Anyone who feels the same let me know.  Perhaps we can start a campaign – a good one.  America has always been great and we deserve some calm and peace in our government and who knows maybe this would restore some civility?

Frogs on The Doorstep

Since I moved to my new first floor condo I have become acquainted with frogs. They are everywhere around this community and I enjoy watching them. The babies are very small so I am careful where I walk as I want to stay on good terms with them.

At night they are out in droves and when I walk from the condo club house they are sprinkled over the concrete sidewalk. Often as I get to my door they appear in front of me and I talk to them and their offspring. We have bonded.

Lately I have found the red silk geraniums in my front door clay pots overturned. This was a new phenomenon. Always a handywoman I purchased super glue gel and adhered the glue to the bottom of the 2-inch clay pots cementing the pots to the doorway floor.

Much to my surprise the following morning the pots were intact but the flowers disturbed. This called for future detective work but I shrugged it off and forgot about it. Senior moment.

On the third morning as I left I gazed down at the geranium pot and discovered a frog was sleeping in the silk geranium. The mystery was solved.

Ice Cubes in the Garden

The sprinkler system wasn’t working when I moved to this condo. This is a big concern in a Florida condo community. After much work on this 50-year-old babe she began to function within a week.

Sadly, Babe broke down again, but I have found another way to water. I no longer drag buckets of water to my plants, I ice them, and let the Florida sunshine do the rest. So, now when Babe gets testy and breaks down I happily remove my expansive ice tray from the freezer and ice the garden.

This makes the garden and me happy as it continues to grow.

Yoga and Card Playing Gibberish

After three years of health problems I was able to resume yoga again. The teacher is amazing and the ability to do a modified downward facing dog has filled me with joy.  All those Yogis out there will understand.  Namaste.

I was invited to lunch for the teacher after practice.  Grateful to be breaking in to Florida society I attended.  I watched everything I said and had a delightful time. Ordered the wrong dish but even though it tasted poorly told everyone it was “DELICIOUS!”  While there I was invited to cards the following week at the senior center.  Life was picking up.

Arriving at the senior center the following week I felt momentary terror.  Once again, I would have to give my name, where I was from and a short bio on what ailment caused me to retire so young.  For those unaware of senior life and having the good fortune of still working this is similar to the thirty second elevator speech used to capture an employer’s interest in an effort to acquire a job.

Inevitably once my speech is begun and I reveal I am a nurse my oration ends in 5 seconds and the other party begins to bemoan every health problem since birth.  Since I am a nurse and trained in empathetic techniques I listen and wonder why am I doing this as a freebie to acquire friends. Hence, I’ve pondered using different occupations perhaps Walmart greeter or tree surgeon?

Upon completion of this portion of the event we begin to discuss how to play cards with the extra person, that being “me.”  As this discussion proceeds I think, “Hello I am in the room,” but remain silent.  Decision completed, the ladies becomes tolerant of me in a friendly way and I concentrate on losing in an effort to avoid insulting anyone.

As I discuss my attempt at a clutter clearing business I am told how could I clear clutter when I splay my cards as I do.  Then there are other little comments and I realize I need to check my conversation style and listen rather than reveal.

Upon departure from the event I decide my tenure as a card player has ended however I will continue to enjoy my modified downward facing dog and seek another venue for my early retirement. Any ideas?  I’m game.  😊

Being Hacked

Several months ago, I returned from a grueling 13-day excursion to China.  The people were delightful and the food tasty except when the entire bus got sick from something toxic. Then there was the fact we didn’t see the sun for the entire time due to air pollution.  While one worries about respiratory ailments  I also wonder about Vitamin D deficiency causing rickets from lack of sun.  I feel for the health of the Chinese.

Once home as I sat exhausted in my gray recliner pondering my visit I received a call. It was from my bank and they wondered if I had purchased $1800 worth of Ruth Chris Steakhouse gift certificates, $100 of Chewy dog food and registered my car at the DMV in New York State.  Hello, I have no dog and now live in Florida!

While I was unsure if this was an actual true call the representative did seem to know I had registered my excursion to China on my card. I had told no one of this trip.  I quickly told her if she looked at my statements my spending habits revolve around the Dollar Tree, Aldi’s, Walmart’s, Belk’s on sale days, and Ross and Bealls on senior citizen discount day. She requested I cancel the card and I agreed to this immediately.

For the next 2 months, I was without a card but thankful that I had a backup.  I completed various required forms and kept a copy of all I sent.  It annoyed me that this occurred and caused so much havoc.

As I spoke with others I understand this is commonplace and even my gal pal at TD got hacked in St. Augustine with outside gas pump purchases.  To the dismay of my fellow customers I now only run my card inside for gas purchases.

This stuff is scary and one wonders where it will end and the type of scurvy person who would dabble in such riff raff.  It is an ugly and disgusting breach of trust and as I ponder what good can come from this I sign on to my computer.

Since I was breeched on my yahoo account every time I sign on I must have a text sent to my phone.  I know it annoys my fellow library patrons who wish to have silence but it comes with the territory.  Each time I chuckle as I receive my new sign on word.

This morning I received KLZU as the sign on word. As I contemplated the word I wondered if this was actually short for Klzumenito the Russian hacker who bought the Ruth Chris Steakhouse gift certificates on me? Then  I visualize salmonella sprinkled on his steak.  There is justice in the world.

Condo Life on a Florida Golf Course


I live in a condo on a Florida golf course.  While it may sound posh and it is lovely, it comes with problems, that being the golfers. My sliding glass doors overlook the greens however there are a dozen large trees between my condo and the actual course. How these men, (and I say men as I have never seen a woman here), get the ball so far off course baffles me.

Some mornings as I walk past my sliding glass doors in my nightie I literally see men almost in my flower beds in hot pursuit of golf balls.  I am not concerned with my appearance as I could walk naked in front of them and they would not notice me.  They are on a mission to find “the ball.”

Thoughts of inviting them in for coffee have crossed my mind, but I refrain as I often hear such things as, “Great job, Charlie,” with grunting laughter and back slapping.  Since I am not familiar with golf lingo I assume this means Charlie has really messed up and don’t want to embarrass Charlie any further so I refrain from the coffee invite.

Their search begins as they depart the golf cart, then an itching of the head occurs. The next move is what I call circling the wagons as they walk in circles around the cart thinking the ball will magically appear or perhaps even jump from the ground into their hand. Another thing which amazes me is the length of time spent in search of the ball.  I have seen golfers spend as much as 15 minutes in their search.

The final move in this search and rescue attempt is climbing through the trees. From there no underbrush is safe and even kicking the dirt is commonplace. The last endeavor always puzzles me as I wonder do golf balls go underground?

Perhaps my most favorite move in watching these avid golf warriors occurred when the search was getting past the 15-minute stage and the Florida heat taking a toll on the duo. They had decided to make one final attempt and in that had split the territory.  Alas, one screamed and the prize was found.  The back slapping and elated chatter continued as they mounted the golf cart and returned to the greens.

I chuckled as I replayed what I had seen.  One of duo had pulled a ball from his pocket, tossed it on the grass and claimed the ball as found.

I want to meet Warren Buffet

July 4th, 2017

Happy Independence Day everyone!  I’ve been reflecting on my next career move and quite frankly, I want to meet Warren Buffett as I think he has the recipe.  Since I saw the man with Bill Gates at a Columbia University interview several years ago I’ve been smitten.  Smitten not in the love sense but smitten that someone in their 80’s still has the passion to get up every day and go to work doing something they love.  I am jealous.

Whenever I hear of a Warren Buffet interview I seek it out.  I was grossly disappointed having missed the PBS special on he and his family but I’ll get ahold of that somehow.  What makes him tick and where can I find the same?  Is it too late at 61, well, 60 as I have one more month reprieve and as a footnote I share my birthday with Barack Obama. 😊.

But back to Warren and I know you are all thinking it’s about the money, but actually it’s not.  I am okay because I use coupons, Amazon points and shop at Aldi’s and the Dollar Tree.  Actually, Warren and I have something in common there as on my last plane ride I listened to an interview with Melinda Gates and she said Warren used coupons when they ate at McDonald’s in China.

This past week I saw him on PBS News with Judi Woodruff at a furniture store he owns.  He gave her the tour and the interview was interesting and fun.  That’s another thing about Warren he laughs and calls it like it is.  He wasn’t afraid to talk about presidential bad moves.  Too bad he couldn’t run for president but why should he – he’s happy where he is.

Bottom line that is it.  The man is happy and enjoying life.  He still has a passion for his work and a purpose for jumping or maybe easing out of bed each day.  We need to bottle that potion and spray it on all of us.   Perhaps it’s contagious…


Praying Over the Copy Machine

When I worked for the government I often had to do mass mailings. As a public servant secretarial support is scarce so I did this task frequently. I would bring my other work with me and sit next to the copy machine as it copied.

In doing this volume of work I often had to let secretaries pop in to do, “just one copy.” It was always during this one copy period that the machine would break down and the secretary would sometimes curse and once the machine was even kicked.

Upon their departure and especially after seeing such bad behavior I would talk to the machine. I reminded it of its important role in my task and say a little prayer. Low and behold every time the machine began to work again. Try it and let me know.

Mustard Pickles

I love mustard pickles, however, they are difficult to find.  The best ones were from a Village in Massachusetts, but they no longer stock them. It has become a quest for me as I madly search every gift shop and flea market I visit.

I was at a flea market in Florida which will remain nameless and they carried them.  The charming lady brought me over to the barrel and gave me a taste. They were awful, perhaps the worst I have ever tasted, but what do you say?  I told her they were different, which they were, and bought a bag of sweet gherkins.

When I ask people who sell pickles they always give me a look.  They have never experienced the joy of these delights and I can tell they will not contemplate creating them for me as they consider it a one sale item.  However, I think mustard pickles have a market and I am thinking maybe we could have a mustard pickle festival.  They have festivals for pies and it would certainly be less caloric.