Belly Dancing Finance

The ghost of Henry Flagler made his appearance in my Belly Dancing class. I’m sure he is not pleased with us gals wiggling our hips in his beautiful room that he probably used to make big deals in with the upper crust. If the tiffany windows could only speak.

I know Henry was playing with us as I have taken many classes with Bev and her music system has never failed. After many minds worked on the system we were able to continue and complete the class.

Upon leaving the class I chatted up several of the female Flagler students. They were intrigued that an old babe like me was belly dancing. I told them how we joked in class of Henry’s ghost causing the music problem and they laughed. Apparently, incidents like this occur all the time. These gals have even called up spirits via the Ouija Board.

As we parted I told them the next time they do this give me a jingle. I could use some tips on the market.

The Sexy Shopper

While at Dollar Tree I met a lovely young woman to chat with.  We shared the same ideals of saving money and even purchased similar items.  I was in sync with a millennium.  She was gorgeous, stick thin in what we formerly called hot pants and adorned with the gams of Betty Grable.  For those millenniums who don’t know Betty Grable try google with her name or the term pin-up girl.  (Finally, something a millennium doesn’t know!)

While shopping I also encountered an older male shopper.  He was of the curmudgeon type.  In my attempt to acknowledge him I offered my chirpy Florida hello and in response received a grunt.  Rather than being dismayed at the grunt I shrugged it off to not enough sun.  Perhaps he too is Vitamin D deficient?

At the checkout, I noticed the curmudgeon was checking out in front of the gorgeous millennium.  He was chatting her up, as they say in England and I was okay with this.  Since I was behind her she turned and smiled acknowledging me and we shared a few words.  Once our check out was completed simultaneously we all appeared at the exit.  The curmudgeon opened the door for the millennium and as he did let the door shut in my face.

This man was obviously not a southern gentleman.

8,000 Hits

In January, I went to Atlanta.  On the way home, I stopped in Jonesboro, Georgia the town where Margaret Mitchell author of Gone with the Wind based her novel.  It was an amazing place and I did a tour of the museum, the house the book was based on and the town.  There also was a monument placed by Michelle Obama for her great-great-great grandmother, Mattie Shields, as she was a farm slave in a town nearby.

While there, Pinky, my Android phone, came on with a message regarding my need to join a google travel picture site.  The tour guide dressed in authentic garb encouraged me to join the site and I did.

Since that time I have had numerous requests to add more pictures to the site.  By now if you’ve read my blogs you know I lack technology skills so it goes with the territory that I have posted some very odd pictures on my site.

Because I donate many items St. Vincent de Paul I take pictures of these items for tax purposes in case of an audit. To my horror yet amazement I had posted pictures of clothing, lamps, and other odd combinations of items on this site.  While I was proud of my technology accomplishment I was horrified the world was seeing my former lingerie.

Probably by the time this is posted and read I will be up to 15,000 hits for this site. I still don’t know if the world continues to view my underwear as there is no customer service number to call.

I Bought a Dog..

While it’s not a real dog I had to have her. I couldn’t stop laughing as this creature sashayed and barked across the Walmart counter. Those energized with 2 AA batteries are much easier to care for than the Purina type. This little girl won’t lament when I bring out the suitcases, and sulk up to the day of departure. For $4.97 she is an answer to a prayer. What a deal.

Here she is with her friends..

Leaving the store she was placed on the car’s dash. This is where she will reside along with the other novelties which make me smile. After placing her there I patted her back side at every stop light and watched her bark and parade along the dash. I looked forward to each red light. What a hoot.

Walking and barking across the dash.

Thinking back I recall the many quarters my daughter was given 30 plus years ago when she wanted curios from the bubble gum machines. While I thought twice, as being a single parent quarters add up, I usually acquiesced. And quite frankly, those 25 cents delights often saved me from costly aggravations. They were worth every penny.

With inflation the price is now $4.97, but, what fun. She needs a name. Any ideas?

Florida vs. North Carolina

No this isn’t a football game. It’s cable reception. In previous blogs I’ve alluded to my problems in Florida, now the culprit has followed me to North Carolina. The teams remain anonymous, however, it is certain their playbooks need update.

Since I’ve been busy I only recently began to look at television. I use to get my Stephen Colbert updates, and quite frankly, that reception is equally awful. Having a punch line break up then recalling what was said earlier is challenging. As I write there is a blizzard of snow on the screen. Am I in the North? But even in the North we don’t get snow in August.

My first clue should have been when the internet service shut off. I received notification when this occurred requesting I try again in an hour. However, in an hour still no reception.

While I lament over Florida service, they do have a functional internet. Perhaps that gives them 3, or maybe 6 points? A touchdown it isn’t, but, Florida got one ball over the goalpost.

When I’ve asked other fans the response is, “It’s the satellite.” Satellite or not I’m sure the North Carolina team is getting their residuals.

Need the phone number for the North Carolina team. Then am going out to buy Excedrin as pre-game preparation for the next play.

It’s Kathleen and if you don’t like what I say it’s still Kathleen.

Back Pain

Don’t you just hate back pain?

I’ve been trying to figure out why this is occurring every morning as I get out of bed. There are many possibilities the blow up bed, driving too much, sneakers with not enough arch support, the hospital chairs and cement floors, but quite frankly I am dumb founded.

There have been several remedies I’ve applied to alleviate this evil. I purchased a foam topper for the blow up bed, applied my special blend of pain relief oils more frequently, slept with a pillow under my knees, even got new inserts for the sneakers, but it still plagues me.

At least I have relief once I do my daily 20 minute workout with Miranda Esmonde White. It’s just getting out of bed to do it, however, I push myself as I know the reward. I can walk the remainder of the day, and am pain free. YIPEE!

Bottom line: I need to loose those last 20 pounds as the belly fat is pulling on the back. Anyone out there want to join in?

I’m Scr..ed!

My daughter says hello

Last night one of those rare events occurred. I received a phone call from my daughter and it was a rather long one with many updates. Think she felt guilty as during my visit to The Secret Garden Winery, (tomorrow’s blog), she called and I said to Linda, the vineyard owner, “Gosh, she never calls.” Because I was on tour I told her I’d call her back. Immediately, a text came stating, “I heard that.”

During our recent rare event my daughter stated she is reading my blog. She also responded to my blog, however, I have no idea how to find that email or information as I only know how to add pictures, and write text. If you’re a follower you are aware of my computer inadequacies.

She also mentioned, “I’m on the web now,” which got me to thinking. You see I never thought anyone would read my nonsense, and only started this as a psychic acquaintance told me to. She said it would become, “Big, Big,” however, I’ve been going to psychics for over 40 years now and their accuracy is questionable. I’m still waiting for the perfect man and he’s probably dead by now.

Recently I figured out how many followers I have. There are 34, with one in Romania, and one in Croatia. I loved my visit to Croatia and, “Welcome to my world.” Am looking forward to a Russian visitor, as I would want to see that country become democratic. The more they read the more they’d realize what they are missing. No wonder Putin interferes with us. He needs to worry.

Well, in closing.. Thank you my lovely daughter for reading the blog and whether I have 34 readers or 34 million I promise to be more private in my blog entries regarding the two of us. Of course, this will be exclusive of the wedding photos. 🙂

It’s Kathleen and if you don’t like what I say it’s still Kathleen.

Men and buying clothes

Recently I was at a store going out of business. It was the final days and the discount was 80%. I found a red American made toilet seat cover for $6.40 and tights at $2.60 a pair. Isn’t it amazing what you can find at these sales? I was grateful to find the tights as I paid $20 a pair in Belgium. Who knew Belgium in May would be 45 degrees? However, after this I now bring winter clothes with me whatever season I travel. Tights work and are a necessity. For those who don’t believe in global warming you are an ostrich. That means your head is in the sand.

I digress.. Back to the sale. At this store women had shopping carts stacked 3 foot high at check out. I found this peculiar as there was little women’s clothing left in the store. As I looked closer I found their entire carts held men’s clothing. Not knowing if I should inquire I quickly looked away.

The following day I was at the post office and asked my gal pal why this was the case. She stated men never buy their own clothing and it always falls on “the woman” to do this task.

I began to recall this was part of the job description when I was married in a former life. I will never forget the time “he” needed new sneakers. Nightly I heard complaints of leg pain but “he” refused to buy new sneakers though his were well worn. When I forced him to buy new sneakers a horrific argument erupted in the shoe department with the sales person hiding in the back room until we were ready to check out.

Gosh, I’m glad I am single.

Why do cops shave their heads?

Where do you go to get an answer for a question such as this? Ask no further……………Auntie Google

Well, according to our trusted source cops shave their heads because short hair is easier to control, especially under those awful hats. Also, hair seems to get in the way and can be pulled. If you’ve ever had your hair pulled it is no fun and damage can occur from this.

In some of Auntie’s info she mentions the threatening look a bald head has. In the case of my baby faced Savannah police officer the bald head did give him a bit of a threatening look, however, his youthfulness was hard to hide.

Overall, it seems that appearance plays a big part in this decision. Cops simply want to look neater. Let’s face it, have you ever seen a dull or dirty bald head? For some reason bald heads are shiny. Why I don’t know but further investigation on this I defer to one of my readers. Let me know.

As promised I looked into this. We’ve laid to rest. Aren’t you glad? I sure am.

One good looking bald head.

My Present to Me

Happy 63rd

After trying to read a rather intense email I was distracted. This has happened on several occasions but today it irked me. The ads on the side of the email blinked and the models moved in every contortion imaginable. Then to make matters worse near naked men flexed their abs, followed by telling me how I need to meet a man, and the worst was the latest bikini ad, at my age I surely am interested in that. But, what gets me the most are the health ads citing a need to check for potential Alzheimer symptoms or lung cancer. While yelling at the computer, “ENOUGH!,” I hit the button that said Ad Choices. From here I was connected to a site explaining how to block these aggravations.

As I read further it stated for $3.49 a month, less than the price of a cup of coffee, peace of mind could be achieved. No more flashing ads or distractions as emails are read. Whipping out my credit card the numbers were eagerly handed over and today as I read my emails the distractions are gone.

This could possibly be one of the best birthday presents ever.

Sorry, I didn’t know this flashed when I downloaded it, but for $3.49 a month…