Is golf for me?

Photo by tyler hendy on

I live on a golf course so why am I asking this question. I am surrounded by noises of carts and individuals grunting and raving about their putt. So, after 2 years of this I finally decided to visit the golf house or whatever it’s called.

Since trepidation was in my veins I brought Biscuit with me for protection. We were greeted by a charming woman who worked one day a week and while her information was limited she eagerly gave what she knew.

Leaving the clubhouse, ah yes that is what it is called, I held the information on the women’s league in my hand. Time will tell as I add up the costs of clubs, balls, perhaps shoes, lessons and fees. These costs verses a trip to Switzerland? Which money is better spent?

As Biscuit and I continued our stroll we past my condo on the way to his home. In front of my condo was a golf ball in an unlikely spot. Was this a sign? Switzerland verses golf is a hard choice. Perhaps they golf in Switzerland?