Ben and Jerry’s Old Flavor

Just heard Bernie Sanders threw his hat in the ring. He says he’s going to win. While good ole Bernie has his heart in the right place and I’ll vote for him if he’s the candidate I sure wish someone else would get the nod.

However, ABT is my slogan and if he’s picked sobeit. I guess I’ll just have to forgive Bern cause if he didn’t run the last time we wouldn’t be in this mess. And as an aside, is he a democrat? I could never figure that out either.

Forgiveness is a wonderful thing.


(Anybody but trump)

If you agree, it’s Kathleen and if you don’t it’s still Kathleen..

A Day Without Trump is a Day With Sunshine

As I travel through Thailand I see many billboard pictures of the king and his family. He’s not smiling in the land of smiles and I wish he was. He’s quite handsome and would look even better if he smiled. Someone should let him know. Perhaps he’ll read this post. Ha! Ha!

I digress.. Americans we see our president quite frequently, he’s ubitquious. Of course, that goes with the territory as he was and sadly remains a sort of fake news/reality TV star even though he is the leader of the free world. Maybe someone should tell him that.

It would be easier dealing with him if he was still a TV star. In that way we’d only have to see him once a week because quite frankly I get sick of looking at him.

I’d like a day where he’s totally blocked from the news or better yet one day a week. I think that’s only fair as Americans and the whole world is sick of him and the craziness from his tweets.

This is something that needs to be said and hope you get a laugh from it. If you like what’s said it’s Kathleen and if you don’t it’s still Kathleen.

Texas Tag Update..

Today I called about paying my Texas road toll. While on a 7 lane road in Katy, Texas, there were several signs requesting I pay a toll, but, no booths. Fortunate to see a sign with web site information I put it to memory and continued my drive.

Once I told my daughter about this she said you better contact them asap as she had never gotten the bill and once it arrived the $3 fee was well into the double digits. I called as soon as I got back to Florida, was told to wait three weeks, and call again. I did this today.

I guess my eyes were playing tricks on me as now I am being told there was no toll in that area. A delightful young female referred me to EZ Pass with another phone number. EZ Pass had no information on me but told me to call again in a few weeks.

I think I’m going to develop a personal relationship with these folks. By the end of these calls every few weeks I’ll probably get invited to their wedding or baby shower. Maybe when I get the double digit bill they’ll forgive the fee since we are friends?

It’s Kathleen and if you don’t like what I say it’s still Kathleen.


VP Selena

Recently, Stephen Colbert had the cast of Veep on his show. I had heard of this series but never viewed it. Always a fan of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, even though I hated the ending of Seinfeld..but she had no part in that. Why couldn’t Elaine and Jerry get together? Guess happy endings aren’t everyone’s style? Back to the subject at hand, I digress..

Ordering 5 of the 7 seasons from the library I was glued to this hilarious, insulting, and potty mouth show. Working in New York State government bureaucracy I knew the playbook. Enthralled in the antics of each segment, the folly was not far from truth.

Watching Season 5 was particularly painful as I watched the Vice President now President Selena fall. Even though she was a nasty b–ch I wanted her to succeed. In the last episode I prayed for a change of events with the new female Hispanic president not naturalized, therefore, disqualified from the presidency. It didn’t occur, I was depressed.

I have lost interest as I scanned the Season 6 and 7 segments. Perhaps I will look at the final episode in future years to lay this to rest, however, I doubt it.

There are 20 plus democratic candidates running for the ultimate reward, leader of the free world. I honor their courage, but question their sanity, and hope they have loved ones with open arms to comfort them as they pursue their dream.

Here they are..

Hat’s Off to Andrew

Thanks, Andrew and Billy

Recently New York State banned off shore drilling for the State. Bill Joel, a prominent Long Islander, was instrumental in this legislation and sat at Governor Andrew Cuomo’s side as he signed the bill. What courage this took.

As I watch the nightly news and view the devastation of the world I wonder how much more do we need to see and experience before something is done? What is even more asinine is that green energy creates more jobs. Believe me I feel for the folks in coal country but why can’t we build solar panel factories there?

We all have to change and change is tough, but if we want to save the world we must. How many natural disasters do we need to live through? And when is our government going to do something about it?

It’s Kathleen and if you don’t like what I say, it’s still Kathleen. But if you don’t believe what I say, watch the weather report tonight.

Internet Angst: Where did the “x” go??????

As I scanned the internet today I realized how overcrowded it is. When searching a site another site rises covering the site being reviewed. To date I have not been able to figure out how to remove this offender. They seem to hide the “x” and it no longer lives in the screen’s right hand corner. Why did they move his or her home? This is what I knew.

In attempts to peel off this offender I am lost as several other offenders arrive blocking the site I wish to review. I understand all these sites make advertising money when you review their site but am I actually reviewing the site as I attempt to X out? The sites multiply further. What insanity this is. And the worst part I finally x off in frustration and no one wins. Kind of like our present government.

It’s Kathleen and if you don’t like what I say it’s still Kathleen.

Caveat: Send me a person to be retrained on the internet. I need to learn how to find the x.

Day 3 Evening: Cuba Here I Come — The Tropicana


Welcome to the Tropicana, a casino cabaret which opened in 1931 and has operated 7 days a week since. Wikipedia and our tour guide stated Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and Jack Nicholson have performed at the club. The revolution stopped the gambling portion and mobsters Lucky Luciano, Frank Bishop and Santo Trafficante were shown the door for trafficking drugs among the gambling operations. Today the cabaret is exclusively Cuban with song and dance all performed by scantily clad females and males who don feathers, glitter and head gear sometimes 3 feet tall. The club generates 2 million a year in revenue for the government who pays these dancers/government workers a top salary of $400/month. Currently the club has a school to teach young people how to become professional dancers for the venue.

This was a must see and while it is loud a seat close to the stage is the best vantage point.

Enough with history … a picture is worth a 1,000 words. On to the show!

Tropicana stage
Dancer close-up
Elegance among the feathers
Performers carrying chandeliers on their heads

Cuba at it’s finest. Hope you enjoyed the show.