Hampton University

Hampton University began in 1868 through the efforts of General Samuel Chapman Armstrong, the son of missionaries, who joined the Union Army and was commander of black troops during the war. Under his guidance his command was distinguished on many fronts.

Post war he obtained funding from the American Missionary Association to purchase land on which he built Hampton Institute, a vocational school for blacks. For the next 25 years he continued his efforts at the Institute which eventually became Hampton University. The General had a simple philosophy that a good education rises from the head, hand, and heart.

Park benches with former prominent citizens

This University continues to thrive providing degree programs in business, liberal arts and education, engineering, technology, pharmacy, nursing, and science. It also provides an array of master’s and doctoral programs with approximately 6,000 students benefiting these programs. While predominantly known to be an African American college as I walked the campus there was much diversity.

Military cemetery on University grounds

View from the lawn of the administration buildings.

Tomorrow: The Hampton University Museum

Adult Day in Hampton, VA.

Here’s what I’ve found for us big kids to do in Hampton, VA.

  • Rose’s – a new casino in town. Only has slots but a tasty diner in house. I won on my first play. 1996 Power Plant Parkway.
  • Outdoor World – make your guy happy and do a walk through. I was fascinated. Had always thought the Tim Allen sitcom Last Man Standing was based on a bogus store. Who knew?? Right next door to Rosie’s.

And down the street a few short miles…

  • With antique stores…
  • Art Spots
  • The American Theatre with shows and music venues.

Or just walk around and through.

However, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the restaurants..

Best Salmon I ever had at The Point at Phoebus.

And the next place I want to try….

Diablo’s for Mexican…

History of Phoebus

Phoebus began in 1607 with its English settlers naming it safe harbor, Cape Comfort. These were the defenders and artisans of Fort Algernourne, in future centuries to become Fort Monroe. Known as Mill Creek during the Revolutionary War British soldiers landed and plundered the town.

While Virginia was a confederate state union troops maintained this area and imprisoned the President of the Confederacy at Fort Monroe.

The town was incorporated in 1900 and took the name of a prominent citizen, Harrison Phoebus.

Now, that’s history… and a fascinating end to an adult day in Hampton.

Caveat: Today my daughter leaves Utah where she has worked the Sundance Film Festival for 3 months. Traveling through the Wild West concerns this mother as she will be journeying solo. I have asked her to be my guest blogger and report on her travels, so stay tuned. Also, please say a prayer for her safe drive. Appreciate this.


Kid’s Day in Hampton, Va.

Started the day viewing planes and rockets at the Air Power Park on West Mercury Boulevard. This is a great place for kids to explore with many planes, and rockets to see outside as well as a play ground to get that energy out. There also is a wooden walking path over a nature preserve affording a nice walk for young and old.

Let’s start with the planes..

Then rockets..

This one is from the Mercury Program.

How did the astronauts ever fit in those capsules??

Final destination.. stop inside the museum with a children’s area and an exhibit on women in space. This is especially good for our young ladies to see as we need them in STEM careers.


After outer space travel I came back to Earth with the Blue Bird Gap Farm, another free venue enjoyed by both little and big kids, (parents). This spot also has a great playground.

Interesting birds..

A Great Horned Owl
A Red Hawk.

Walks to nature areas ..

Visits to farm animals..


And a museum..

What a fun place.

So, take your kids to these two places and enjoy as this big kid, (ME) did!

Welcome to Hampton, Va.

Found charming downtown Hampton, Virginia, quite by accident. Learning I had 5 days off my NYC longing called to me so needed to locate a bus station. Found the downtown Hampton Greyhound station with adequate free parking so with needs met explored the city.

Hampton is a city of much history. Starting with the Courthouse..

Then there are historic churches and colonial homes.

And a NASA Air and Space Museum,

with a historical carousel in it’s front yard that re-opens April 2020,

plus a marina down the street with very large fishing vessels.

Add to the mix some modern architecture.

Tomorrow: Fort Monroe