China Data

Wish this title reflected a discussion about dishes, but we all know what this is about. Once again china is lying about covid cases and numbers. They went from total lockdown to a historical number of cases, to the following day stating they have had 25 cases of deaths from covid as of the beginning of December. At least with the current outbreak it keeps jinping busy from thoughts of waring with Taiwan. Maybe this virus could infiltrate their military and russia’s as well? Only in dreams but a real possibility.

It certainly would make life easier for Democracy.

Pto by CDC on

China has a 40% vaccination rate, and those vaccinated are mainly elderly, however, who knows?? The efficacy of their vaccines are questionable. Good the US has reinstituted mandatory testing on those traveling from China.

That’s the end of the good news for today. HA! HA!

And for those who haven’t received the newest booster for this culprit, please do, and a flu shot as well.


Unfu*k Yourself

Having no plans for New Years decided to listen to this 3 hour audio book. Written and read by the Scottish author it is a game changer with 9 chapters of the impassioned author giving his reader direction. While I’m sure the book is an amazing reference hearing the author read his work brings these themes to life in a more vivid fashion.

He begins the book asking the reader if they are willing to undertake this journey of change. His ideas are insightful, and provide levity to the task at hand. The next chapters, “I am Wired to Win,” “I Got This,” preps the reader for the more in-depth lessons which follow.

As one who strives for certainty, Chapter 5, ” I Embrace the Uncertainty,” was something I had not read in a book of this genre. He regales, nothing is certain and don’t strive for it which led to Chapter 6, “I Am Not My Thoughts.”

Some takeaways from these two Chapters to jump start your 2023,

  • ACT – change your life by changing your actions
  • Separate your thoughts from who you are
  • It’s all about action
  • Life is now
  • Even if you don’t know how to start that’s the place to start – Google your problem/idea, research, take courses, enlist the support of others
  • Action may not bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action
  • Face your fears and when you aren’t in the mood or doubting yourself … ACT

Chapter 7 – “I Am Relentless,” here Gary discussed, “The Arnold,” and how as a young man in Austria his dream was to act in movies. Others laughed, but he was relentless, and while risks are uncomfortable he pushed forward, followed his heart, and ignored the naysayers. People tend to hold you back when your journey is outside of the herd, but keep moving no matter what, be relentless.

Chapter 8 – “Expect Nothing and Accept Everything,” held the theme of living in the moment with no expectations, and when the game changes, pivot. Life is a dance, not a march. So true.

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Gary ended his tale with 2 final comments,

  • Stop doing what you currently are doing.
  • Start taking action to propel yourself forward.


His next book is due shortly, Wise As Fu*k, Simple Truths to Get You Through The Sh*t Storms of Life.

This from a man who lists priests as those he coaches.

What a hoot!

New Year Day Feng Shui Tips

Have been reading of and studying Feng Shui for almost 50 years. While some consider it “out there,” I have found it to be extremely helpful. Each year on New Year’s Day I do the following tips and for those years I haven’t, the year has been challenging. While giving free Feng Shui advice is a no-no I ask if you read the tips you send me thoughts of a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2023 as payment.

The tips:

  • Clean your house on New Year’s Day
  • Move 27 items to a different place – shift the salt and pepper shakers, move to shift energies
  • Eat round foods, the Dutch eat donuts
  • Eat cabbage
  • Change your sheets
  • Laugh all day
  • After cleaning take an old spoon and scoop out all the bad energy from each room. Go to a crossroad and bury the spoon. Drive or walk away and don’t look back.

For those who wish to pursue Feng Shui further recommend the following:

Carol Olmstead –

She also has three books available on Amazon. Have found these to be excellent gifts for those clutter folks who need guidance.

Her consultations are spot on and will increase your prosperity, health, love and family life.

Give it a try for 2023.

Off a Bit..

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When you search gall stones on Pexels this is what you get – if only this was the case.

Been off a bit as was hospitalized and had gall bladder surgery. While my stone(s) was small, 1.6 cm, (was the largest), it provided havoc. Been struggling with gi concerns since January, and relieved/hopeful I have resolved this plight..

Being a nurse and in health care for almost 50 years, it is different being on the other side of the bed. Was extremely pleased with the care rendered by the Flagler Hospital nursing staff, and it helped to know the ER doc who I had worked with at the local free clinic. .

It’s not what you know, but who..

Since there is a “big box” medical practice in my area for this issue found it challenging to find another md in the practice for a second opinion, and I was not getting well, though my md said, and documented otherwise. Didn’t want to travel 50 miles so when the appointment scheduler listened to my concerns a provider was found within the big box practice for another opinion, and appointment made.

While I thought this only a second opinion I should have known better as mds never go against other mds.

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As soon as I entered the exam room for this appointment I knew something was wrong. The tech who took my vital signs was short with me, and cut me off. Then when the doctor came in things got worse with her “tone,” and while she gave advice she did not hear what I was saying and began to speak faster.

Don’t you just love those tones?

As she became tonier, if there is such a word, I asked her, what was the problem, and she told me, she did not do second opinions. She also stated not to have the gall bladder surgery, eat anything I want, and she would order medicine for the other condition I had, and treat that first. I agreed, and as of today 10 days post visit the medicine never came through, and quite frankly I was afraid to call she was so angry towards me.

So after this visit, went to my car cried for 15 minutes, then drove home.


Followed my new mds orders, and left my sourdough bread with orange marmalade diet eatting anything as she said. I had told her I could not eat anything without repercussions. Well, the Saturday baked chicken did me in with a horrific gall bladder attack, and now I am without a gall bladder. I have other questions related to my gi concerns, but will have to drive even further to find a consultant not associated with this big box practice.

Any ideas?

Health Care Prices

Photo by my daughter, Jeanie

Am in New York City today but write this article a wee bit earlier. As you read I am enjoying Evan Hansen, or hope I am. Heard mixed reviews on this play, but whatever the case am only spending $65. for a ticket, they premiered at $350. This is a real deal in Broadway terms, but don’t use my judgement on plays. Hamilton gave me a migraine, I didn’t understand any of the lyrics. Just too fast for me. If you are a Hamilton fan visit his home in northern Manhattan. Fascinating.

Prior to departure wanted to refill the pancreatic enzymes I am currently on. I take these critters before and after eating any morsel of food, or else an explosion of poo occurs within an hour or minutes. Immediate fatigue then occurs as digested food is absorbed from the colon, therefore, when food is not absorbed the body is not nourished, therefore, fatigue. A good biology lesson, but yes too much information, and I am contemplating anorexia………..

The Pancreas – kind of looks like a gun or erect penis. God, when you were creating us what was on your mind? So many things has this design.

Walgreens sent me an email stating I must pay $10,983.99, for the 810 pills. I freak as I was able to get these via AMAZON in a naturally, not federally regulated pill for $138. In the reviews folks who can’t afford the platinum version are buying these with the the same effect, no explosions. I call Walgreens. If I wait another 4 days I can get the drug for $200. as I am reordering too early. Does this make sense? And who pays for the $10,700. balance? Medicare? While I pay over $5000 a year in premiums this doesn’t seem right. Let’s hope Joe’s new bill fixes this one.

A wise senior man once said to me – “Why are they keeping us around so long?” I now know, so we can provide child care for our kids as the government never seems to fund that.

No easy answers..

Stay Healthy, America

I have always been healthy. I learned I had to from childhood as my parents did not believe in doctors. While they weren’t Jehovah Witnesses, they knew health care cost money, and were frugal/cheap, and too tell the truth, they didn’t like me.

For years before I knew of mantras I would say, “I am healthy,” numerous times of the day. It cures many ailments.

Try it, you may be surprised.

At 66 I am having some problems. While some issues are resolved, or resolving, answers are needed on other issues. Am trying to get an appointment with my doctor of 5 years ago, so today will be spent waiting by the phone for a call back.

Please ring soon..

These last 5 years I have been unable to get an appointment, and used quick clinics for assist. However, right now I need more involved service. And while that sounds like an oil change, and believe me that would be 100% easier, and cheaper on Wednesdays, I wait. I digress..


Reading the news feeds this is going to even get worse in the red states. This is where I am located. Recruiters calling ob/gyn docs with job openings are hearing, “Roe vs. Wade,” and being hung up on. This I can understand, and already written of this. Either a doc treats and is jailed, or lets the woman die, and it’s manslaughter. Legal bills whatever the case, and with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of student debt who can afford that risk.

And unlike politicians, Doctors, follow their Oaths.

This article further stated family practice docs are hanging up the phone on recruiters as well. Many red states are considering or implementing laws where jail time is faced educating on contraception, or giving contraceptive means. This translates to health care for all as we loose family practice doctors. Guess changes in health care won’t be needed as we’ll be killing off the entire population.

Something to think about.

Second Act

Been thinking about what to do with my remaining years. Have linked in to many on line job services for ideas. Came across one service with many Florida ob/gyn docs openings in every city. Makes sense as why would an ob/gyn work in a red state?

Photo by Jeff Denlea on

Ob/gyn problems often require immediate intervention with loss of blood and other complications. Quite frankly, watching your patient die waiting for a legal determination is difficult.

And if anyone has any ideas about a second act, please let me know.

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Maybe I could take up tap dancing….

Don’t You Just Love A Tubby???

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At hotels throughout the EU only showers are available. Sitting on a bus several hours a day can cause havoc to anyone’s back, not to mention one who has been a nurse for almost 50 years, meaning ME. Having brought much epsom salts on this journey I was hopeful to use them.

Photo by Sarah Chai on

Tonight when the new room once again had a shower I took action. Placing the bathmat over the shower drain I flooded the shower floor, added epsom salts, and lay in this inch of warm water. American ingenuity at its best, and it worked.

My back thanks me.

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My neighbor, Shelly, is going to be 80 soon. She’s my favorite neighbor in the condo complex. When I was looking for a first level condo I met her as she was walking her dog in front of the complex. She told me all about the area and how she enjoyed living here. Shelly had more information than the realtor.

My friend has been going through a lot of health matters this past year. As a nurse for 44 years I’ve become quite updated on all the new fangled medical things out there by listening to what they’ve done to her body and soul.

Today I called to check on her as she received another ghastly new procedure. In listening to her tale I cringed, but one thing about this lovely Southern woman is her spirit. As the conversation came to a close she said, “Call me tomorrow, I’ll be better then.”

We all need to think that way.

Ladybugs are good luck. Good luck, my friend.

Sleep, Glorious Sleep

As I write this it is 2:53 a.m. Yes, I am having sleep challenges as are 1 in 3 Americans according to the CDC. They recommend adults 18 to 60 get 7 hours of sleep per night, however, this is not occurring for most of us.

When we don’t get enough sleep we are at increased risk for chronic health problems such as Diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac disease, stroke, mental health issues, and obesity. Those states with the highest rates of obesity have the most problematic sleep concerns.

Now that I’ve given you the bad news here are some ideas to help you sleep

Plan for sleep

  • 1 to 2 hours prior to sleep plan your day. Lay out your clothes, plan activities, and other things you wish to accomplish. This will allay anxiety.
  • Wind down. Journal. Try to decrease light, as decreased lighting encourages the sleep process. Re-read your journal entry of the day’s activities.
  • Begin grooming activities-warm bath, brush hair and teeth, prepare your bed. Wear clean clothes that are attractive, not t-shirts, or clothing items that disrespect the sleep process.

This rhythm of activities will provide a necessary process for sleep to occur.

Bedroom Preparation

  • No televisions or electromagnetic devices in the bedroom. Remove clocks next to the bed.
  • Refrain from using computers, television, or phones, (no texting), at least 1-2 hours before bed.
  • Close drapes, use light blocking, heavy drapes.
  • Keep the bedroom cool in temperature.
  • Use light colored bed linens which are soft to the touch and fit the bed. Try out various textures of fabric.
  • Change mattress every 5 to 8 years.
  • Try different types of pillows.
  • Consider a white noise machine or atomizer of lavender.

Foods Prior to Sleep

  • Eat light for dinner and ensure it is several hours before sleep.
  • Avoid alcohol 3 hours before sleep.
  • Stop caffeine early in the day, especially coffee and sodas.
  • Try a small snack of tryptophan such as bananas, dates, milk, nut butters or yogurt.
  • Passion or valerian tea one hour before bedtime can assist with the relaxation process as can chamomile tea for some.
  • Warm milk – try it with a teaspoon of vanilla and natural sweeter to improve taste.

Yoga Moves

Some people find yoga helps them sleep. Corpse Pose or Legs Up Against the Wall are two of the most effective yoga sleep poses. Note the pictures below demonstrating the poses:†

Count the cows jumping over the moon.

Try A Mantra

These help many. Consider the following or make your own:

  • “I am calm and relaxed.”
  • “My body is feeling sleepier and sleepier.”
  • Some say prayers over and over until they fall asleep.

Mindful Meditation

Are you asleep yet??
  • Think of what makes you relax, a walk in the woods, being at the beach. Pretend you are there.
  • Add to it the smells and sounds which encourage relaxation. Birds singing, ocean waves, fireplace crackling, a gentle breeze on your face.
  • Put in a component of relaxation where you are concentrating on breathing in and out, then begin tensing and relaxing every part of your body from toes to head.

Sleep Diaries

Keep a sleep diary to see what worked, and what didn’t. Here is what to jot down:

  • Date and time of going to bed.
  • Approximate time you fell asleep.
  • Number of hours slept.
  • Amount of time it took to fall asleep.
  • Feelings once awake 1-awake 2-tired 3-sleepy.
  • Alcohol and caffeine volume and when.
  • Naps – yes or no and amount of time.
  • Exercise – promotes sleep but do it 4 hours prior to bedtime.
  • Daytime feelings 1 wide awake 2 fairly awake 3 tired 4 struggling to stay awake.

Hope these ideas have helped.