Hickory Art Museum: Folk Art

Was first introduced to folk art in Wilson, North Carolina, in Vollis Simpson’s Whirligig Park. Became intrigued and then came upon Abby Rockefeller’s vast and complete collection at the newly opened Folk Art Museum at Colonial Williamsburg. This is the creme de la creme of this art, and if you enjoy these pictures take a trek there. Why do I like this art? Well, it makes me smile, and in some circumstances laugh, and during these times we all need to laugh.

All that said, what is folk art?

Folk art is an expression of community life, made by untrained artisans in mediums such as quilts, toys, jewelry, and other items of utilitarian value. It is decorative and colorful. Grandma Moses of Vermont, is an artist of this genre. Let’s take a look at what the Hickory Museum has to offer. It is sublime.

Colonial Soldier

A close up of the family behind the soldier

Other samplings

Since I mentioned Grandma Moses of Vermont, this is the Grandma Moses of North Carolina.

Meet Minnie Reinhardt of Catawba County, North Carolina. This lovely lady began her career at 77, with a Christmas present of art supplies from her daughter. She was non-stop after that. Two of her works grace her picture.

Lesson learned – we can all begin a new career in our senior years.

Another interesting work..

Manimal, by Jef Raasch, 2011. This Milwaukee based artist gifted this interesting work to the museum. In the bio of the work he states, “My sculpture represents the symbiosis of life; all creatures mixing together..” So true we need to mix.

And let’s close with what started my interest..

Inside the Museum..

Hickory Complex

This complex of buildings in Hickory is interesting. It combines a newly built library, with a choral society building, symphony headquarters, and an art and science museum. The museums are located within a former grade school, a great repurposing of space.

The Library

The Symphony area

The Science Museum – Due to time constraints unable to visit, but for $10 admission it’s a bang for your buck as it includes an aquarium with purchase. Great place for a visit with children as has many interactive exhibits am told.

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Historic Hickory: Maple Grove

In Hickory, North Carolina, Maple Grove, is one of the Catawba County Historical properties. For 120 years Hickory has been the Furniture Capital of the World. It is a delight of gracious homes.

Sadly, not all web sites were updated and I arrived to a closed home, however, the occupants answered the phone and guided me to other open sites in the area which will be told in future blogs, so Read On…

Lesson to all in a Pandemic: Call first!

Some history of the home.. Built in 1883 this Italianate style home has many original furnishings and period pieces according to their web site. In window peeks the home has much to offer and will return.

Always one to think a bad turn is never such, a sign on the property lawn intrigued me. The Hickory Landmark Society is having their Romance of the Garden Tour on May 22nd, 2021.. Check out their web site for more information and am hopeful to attend. See you there… https://hickorylandmarks.org/home-and-garden-tour/

A picture from their web site… looks like a great tour

Hickory, North Carolina: Big City with a Small Town Feel

Fellow travel nurses are living in Hickory so decided to explore the City. On the outskirts much is available..


A movie theater..

and some other necessities..

However, in traveling further I found more to Hickory than stores. There is a college,

a museum area,

and a downtown alive with community theater,

a renovated train station with a restaurant,

and a myriad of shops including a billiard hall, yoga studio, coffee shops, church, and a playground for children. The City has done a fine job infusing a variety of venues to bring folks back to this area and on my Valentine’s Day visit it was bustling with patrons.

Another interesting downtown piece was the building murals. Catch a glimpse..

But my favorite was…

Tomorrow: More of Hickory, North Carolina,..