#2 Sealing Up The Condo For Departure

I began to move on to other concerns now that the security of the condo was established. First on the list was learning how to turn off the water. Ron, one of the condo maintenance men, was key in this assist as the cover over the turn off valve was a nightmare to open. Here I learned the value of a flat screwdriver and hammer for cover removal. We then dug through dirt and found the valve to turn. These valves are in elbow deep holes, but I didn’t fall in, and the valves turned with ease.

The third picture is the hole, doesn’t it look like a sci-fi character?

Ventilation concerns moved with ease. I am a professional when it comes to air filter removal and installation. Life would be so much easier if everything had an arrow to direct you. On day of departure I will make sure the temperature is set at 80 cool so upon return there will be no mold in the sheet rock. Another item completed.

Success, look who turned on at 9 pm and shut off at 11 pm..

While I thought security was finished as I opened a kitchen drawer 3 lamp timers came to view. How could I have forgotten these? The installation of these babies proved to be a larger than life nemesis, even worse than the window devices. For the last 3 days I have been waiting for lamps to turn on and off to no avail. Upon locating the instructions all is well, and I must report my third lamp just turned off as I wrote this line. Thank you, IIIWoods Company, whoever you are. I’d drop you a line raving about the great instructions, however, I am a little busy, and on the sheet there was no address. So, please accept my gratitude via blog.

The final concern is the garden, however, Mother Nature seems to have this covered. Also, Jimmy, our other super skilled maintenance man, was finally sent to watering system school, (yes, there is such a place), and this baby is functioning well. I trust upon my return there will be many blooms.

In the meantime, as Stephen would say, I owe you a blog or 2 on my favorite places in St. Augustine. Stay tuned.

#1. Sealing Up The Condo For Departure

As I plan for departure I have many things to do. We’ve already discussed the refrigerator, and that is under control. There are 2 pieces of fish, and a box of frozen vegetables in the freezer, with the refrigerator almost empty.

Next, I began to look at window security devices. In doing this I searched my favorite store, yes, the Dollar Tree. There I found exactly what I needed. As I attempted to attach these devices to the window I didn’t understand the limited directions. Sometimes when I opened the window the device rang, however, other times it did not. At one point during installation the magnet inside one of the pieces shot across the room, and I still haven’t located it. It’s hiding in the shag carpet, probably for fear of me.

Window Security Device

When I finally did get the d-m thing installed the plastic glue backing needed additional glue. After gluing this several times the device continued to slip from the window frame, and ring, so, I did what any single woman would do, apply duct tape over the glued piece. While MacGyver was famous for duct tape, I want to be on record as discovering it. It is my best friend.

But out of all the buzzing the contraptions made I learned one thing, NO ONE BOTHERED TO RESPOND TO THE NOISE. Guess, I got my dollars worth.

It’s Kathleen and if you don’t like, (or believe in this instance), what I say it’s still Kathleen.