#2 Sealing Up The Condo For Departure

I began to move on to other concerns now that the security of the condo was established. First on the list was learning how to turn off the water. Ron, one of the condo maintenance men, was key in this assist as the cover over the turn off valve was a nightmare to open. Here I learned the value of a flat screwdriver and hammer for cover removal. We then dug through dirt and found the valve to turn. These valves are in elbow deep holes, but I didn’t fall in, and the valves turned with ease.

The third picture is the hole, doesn’t it look like a sci-fi character?

Ventilation concerns moved with ease. I am a professional when it comes to air filter removal and installation. Life would be so much easier if everything had an arrow to direct you. On day of departure I will make sure the temperature is set at 80 cool so upon return there will be no mold in the sheet rock. Another item completed.

Success, look who turned on at 9 pm and shut off at 11 pm..

While I thought security was finished as I opened a kitchen drawer 3 lamp timers came to view. How could I have forgotten these? The installation of these babies proved to be a larger than life nemesis, even worse than the window devices. For the last 3 days I have been waiting for lamps to turn on and off to no avail. Upon locating the instructions all is well, and I must report my third lamp just turned off as I wrote this line. Thank you, IIIWoods Company, whoever you are. I’d drop you a line raving about the great instructions, however, I am a little busy, and on the sheet there was no address. So, please accept my gratitude via blog.

The final concern is the garden, however, Mother Nature seems to have this covered. Also, Jimmy, our other super skilled maintenance man, was finally sent to watering system school, (yes, there is such a place), and this baby is functioning well. I trust upon my return there will be many blooms.

In the meantime, as Stephen would say, I owe you a blog or 2 on my favorite places in St. Augustine. Stay tuned.

Broken Globe

As I quickly prepared for a recent trip my hair brush hit the bathroom light globe and broke it. It was a gross miscalculation as I swung this item into the wicker basket on top of the toilet tank. Angry at my misadventure I have been looking at this debacle for several weeks not knowing what to do. For some reason my usual prompt response for these things has lagged.

It is not that I haven’t tried to fix this dam thing, believe me I have. At one point I even gave myself a strong shock in the process. However, today I have decided I must get this done.

Locating Ron, the condo maintenance man, he easily removed the globe and even took a gander at my computer which I discussed yesterday. After Ron’s assist I took the globe to the big box store and purchased new matching globes. Given directions from the friendly big box store guy I have shut off the breaker and attached two new globes without electrocution.

New Globe

Think I’ll go with messy hair for my next flights.