24 hours 600 questions

The confirmation hearing of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is completed. Am hopeful her husband had a bubble bath and martini waiting for her.

It was disgusting what the old, white republicans did to her, and it will be remembered. Remembered by all women, with the exception of senator marcia blackburn. She had the audacity to preface her questioning with accolades about the Judge’s family, then throw daggers. Only consolation, every question she posed reflected back on congressional ineptness, and statements out of context.


The Next Supreme Court Justice

Addendum: Madeline Albright died yesterday at 84. She is quoted as saying, “there is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” Guess the senator from Tennessee is destined.

Another Day of Craziness..

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Watched 75% of Ketanj Brown-Jackson’s confirmation hearing yesterday. Unbelievable how stupid some of those senators are. Then when Ketanji explained her decisions were based on what congress had legislated for her decisions a rapid change of subject occurred or storming of the room.

Take a look today at those we put in power and how they conduct themselves.

It’s a wonder anything gets done.

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