As promised, LaGuardia Fountains

If you are lucky enough to spend time at Terminal 2 take some time and visit this food court site. One can spend much time being mesmerized by its waters. Take a video, it will be a NYC freebie for all to enjoy.

The final water act was an enormous theatrical number. Here’s a taste of Act I, and for II and III you’ll need to visit in person as my cell phone died. Sorry, but take my word it was AMAZING, but then it’s NYC where everything is AMAZING.

La Guardia Airport: Completed

Here are the completed portions of the Airport.



New signs..

And don’t miss this one… next blog

Pumping Stations

New Bathrooms – spacious, clean and even have orchids!

Don’t forget to pick up your bags…….

And this goes without saying……………….

There certainly is a lot to love here.