Lake James: Critters

Once back at home base took a hike at Lake James. Was attempting to locate the “critters” I had seen on a previous hike and was successful.

Came across their habitat and waited from a distance.

And one peered out,

then he told his sibling of a visitor. Each came out to say hello. They have grown much in 2 weeks.

What beauties!

Lake James State Park North Carolina

Another find in my backyard..

This lovely State Park was developed after a dam was built in the area. The dam was built from 1916 to 1923. Much later in 1987, the creation of this park occurred with many hiking trails and camping. The Park’s name sake is James B. Duke, the founder of Duke Energy.

Let’s take a visit.

The Dam

Other views.. The Park lies at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Linville Gorge Wilderness area, (a future blog).

View from the Lake of a mountain I need to discover. Will keep you posted. What a beauty.

Bye for now… Hope you enjoyed the views.