Las Vegas Day 3: Sharks, Canyons, and Horseback Riding…

Started my day early and what a busy day it was..

The Hotel Bellagio has a floral display that changes at periodic intervals. It is free, in the lobby, and I went early. Here are some of the pics.

Then I discovered more Dale Chihuly in the Bellagio lobby on my way to the Richard MacDonald Gallery.

Richard Mac Donald is a former associate of Cirque du Soleil and his sculptures of Cirque du Soleil performers are sold world-wide. Prince Charles is a fan. This Bellagio setting has videos of MacDonald sculpting and holds numerous works for sale. What graceful and beautiful sculptures. If only I had an extra five grand. Aren’t they lovely?

Next, the city bus to Mandalay Bay Hotel. Here is an amazing aquarium. A bit pricey, but to find such a collection of fish and sharks where can you go??

The Shark Aquarium

What fascinating and unassuming creatures to watch and what a brave diver.

Next the Luxor.

The Luxor has an Egyptian motif. If you have never been to Egypt stop by as you’ll feel you are there.

Time for my next event, an evening horse ride in the Red Rocks..

My horse and me.

More Red Rock Canyon scenery


Followed by a steak dinner and smores by the fire. What a delightful way to end the day.

Las Vegas Day 2

Started down the strip walking past the myriad of hotels. It is great fun to pop in and catch the motifs of every hotel. The Wynn is possibly the most beautiful and next door was the shuttered Guardian Angel Cathedral. This is a beautiful modern church and lamented not able to visit inside.

Walking down this area of the strip is also an array of restaurants, cheapie gift shops, and a Ross, one of my favorite discount retailers. Across the street is a high end mall and streets leading to Las Vegas Chinatown, another fun place for a gander to escape from gambling.

Back to the hotel it was time for a helicopter ride. The Expedia vendor selected had door to door service which is always a good thing. Here are some pics of the adventure.

And back to Earth..
What an interesting visit in the sky!

Next Fremont Street (downtown Las Vegas). The helicopter transport let me off here which was a nice gesture. Otherwise Uber or a Las Vegas city bus is available… In the last 10 years Fremont Street has had quite an upgrade so take the time and give it an evening of your visit. Some pics.

Even though it is Pandemic time there were masked crowds on Fremont Street. Much to see and do here. Sky shows are frequent, zip lining is available, and local venues abound. The Golden Nugget Hotel has an aquarium poolside as well as a 61 pound golden nugget in its lobby, the second largest ever discovered. Of course my favorite in the lobby is the Dale Chihuly.

The night is young and since Las Vegas is a 24/7 city took the bus to the other end of the strip and investigated several hotels.

The Excalibur
Hotel Paris
And at New York, New York Hotel look who is wearing a mask.

The final stop, the MGM Grand.

And what a find, a small collection of Cirque du Soleil pageantry.

To the Flamingo Hotel, Mme Tussaud, and Venetian gondola ride

Selected the Flamingo Hotel as it is mid-strip. Here they have a display of what else… flamingos,

and a Buddah for luck.

Rub his belly and give a donation for luck. It works.

Then on to my reserved time at Madame Tussaud’s where Bruce Willis greeted me..

Didn’t realize Bruce was so short and lithe. In the movies he appears 8 foot tall.

Madame Tussaud’s first American wax museum was in Las Vegas. Some fun facts…

  • To make a wax figure 250 measurements are taken from the head and body at every angle.
  • It takes 140 hours to insert the hair on the figures as each is done individually.
  • 17 million flowers create enough honey to make one pound of beeswax.
  • The most notable figure was Benjamin Franklin, done in 1783 while French envoy from the U.S.

Here are Tony Bennett’s masks..

And the lady who started it all, Madame Tussaud.

Some other notables in wax..

What a fun visit. They also have a 3D movie at the end of the Museum tour so make time for that as well.

Then on to The Venetian, (next door), for a gondola ride. Only have 3 days so need to make the most of my visit. On my last visit couldn’t get a reservation. How things change.

Here I was serenaded by an opera singer who travels worldwide performing in better times.

What luck for me!

To Las Vegas

Started off my Las Vegas trek from Charleston, West Virginia. The Yeager Airport is one of those small airports that are a jewel, similiar to Daytona Beach Airport. The TSA folks are friendly, bathrooms spotless, and parking close to the terminal, and somewhat reasonable. Perhaps the best part of the Yeager Airport visit was the song posted in the bathroom to wash your hands by. Rather than, “Happy Birthday, to you…,” signage of John Denver’s lyrics were posted. Made me smile as did most of the trip to come.

The United staff were friendly, and while in close quarters all wore masks, and no one conversed with their seatmate. Maybe there is some good things which came from this virus?? Flight went quick and before you knew it landing in Chicago occurred.

Was surprised that Chicago O’Hare was so crowded.

Love their upgrade with art from local school kids.

And on to Las Vegas in record time. Las Vegas airport was a barren wasteland.

This came as a surprise, however, they still employ friendly folk to guide you to cabs and the like. Nice touch. Thanks, Las Vegas and here she is..