The Town of Little Switzerland

Not far from the hotels is a unique shopping adventure in this town of 46 population.

The Mall

In this a one of a kind bookstore you can read a book, have a coffee, and enjoy delicious baked goods in front of a fireplace or roadside.

And the books to select from..

The baked goods..

On the second floor is an art gallery with a selection of baskets for purchase also.

There is a restaurant on the property.

Across the street a Swiss chalet.


This was the office of Dr. J.S. Howell, a dentist who treated the residents of Little Switzerland.

It is available for guests.

Some other homes along the route hang from the mountains.

What a beautiful spot.

Little Switzerland, North Carolina

On this day am taking a trek to Little Switzerland, North Carolina, which lies at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Never know what you can find on these roads and was delighted to find honey and jelly for sale by this gentleman.

Price was beyond reasonable 2 jars of honey for $15. and a jar of jam for $5.

A close up, will have to investigate Smokey Mountain Honey House on the next trip to Asheville.

The road to Little Switzerland is curvy, dangerous, and steep. Need to give full attention to the drive. This sign says it all.

However, the views are spectacular.

This site was across the street from a famous area hotel. Soon learned that most of the area was closed and under renovation till mid -April, but continued the visit without the usual tourist crowd.

This is the Skyline Village Inn, has 5 star reviews, and known for great food and beverage along with the view.

And another gem I found along the way.. This has a few shops on its property, and a spa.

Bet that ice cream is delicious..
They are getting it ready for you!
Spots to do some retail damage.
Next on to town with more unique stores.