Trump ads for Bernie Sanders

I can hear the Tr ads of hate if BS gets the Dem nod. He’ll confuse socialism with communism threatening BS will make us all commies. That will ensure 4 more years of Trump bad decisions. Fear sells.

That’s why we need Mike B. as our Democratic candidate.

Capitalism works.

We need a real candidate for this election to help solve our issues. Enough craziness. Climate change is here with horrific snowstorms, hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes. Mike is special envoy to the UN for climate change. He’s spent millions to keep us involved internationally in this crisis.

With gun control he began Moms against Gun Violence, increased health care reach to NYC citizens, the Greenwood Initiative for blacks, plans for seniors to stay in their homes.. Mike has plans for all of these.

Mike knows what to do and can get it done.

Give him your vote on Super Tuesday.

We need him. Give him a call.

Mike B. talk at the Quilt Show

Attended the Mid -Atlantic Quilt Show in Hampton, Va., at the Hampton Roads Convention Center. This is the largest quilt show on the Eastern Seaboard and continues through Sunday 10-4, admission $13.

While there wearing my Mike B t- shirt, and button I was stopped by 4 different women saying they agreed with me and were going to vote for Mike.

Mail in your ballot.

They knew of his gun control, climate change, and the myriad of other items he has been instrumental in “getting done.” They lamented about the current tenant of the White House.

Interesting sentiments.

I updated them on Mike’s new proposal, the Greenwood Intiative, which will assist blacks in obtaining housing and starting businesses, and his ideas for us seniors.

Women: Be Fearless

When I worked for the New York State Prison System I had statewide responsibility, traveling to the 71 prisons at that time. During this period Hillary was running for senate. Many females working in the prison system were married to correction officers. They lamented how their husband stated, “We aren’t voting for a woman,” however, they did, and lent a deaf ear to their husband’s direction.

The quilt show had many women of history done in quilts. A must see. Nice job.

As I work the phones at Bloomberg headquarters I hear this again and again. “My husband hasn’t decided yet,” and it saddens me. Ladies you need to think of your best interests as well as for your children.

No one is watching you when you vote.

Exercise your right as a citizen to do the right thing.

Our democracy is at stake.

Mike will get it done. Vote Bloomberg on Super Tuesday.

My View: The Democratic Candidates

Let’s laugh….

BS – initials serve him well with his great smile and theatrics to block reality. Has that like ability factor going for him but achieved what as a senator? 7 laws 2 of which named buildings. Everybody’s great grandpa. Keep the distraction going with your screams and arm swinging.

Liz Warren. – amazing Harvard professor even taught the young Kennedy in the House. Policies liberal-and voice like chalk scratching a blackboard. Has a great dog and skin is beautiful with her secret, moisturize, no soap.

Mayor Pete – brilliant but DC would eat him alive. Needs 10 to 15 years with a federal job in DC with the snakes. Done good with Bloomberg classes given for mayors. Another Mike B donation to America.

Amy K. – great ideas but sadly you are a woman and Lady In Waiting. Unsure if we’ll see a women in the White House in my lifetime or yours. In the meantime keep plugging and cut singing the torch song about relatives.

Joe Biden – love you man but you are another Tr victim. While the impeachment was appropriate it tarnished your gold shield. Great Vice President and what an amazing First Lady we would have had.

And what do they all have in common?

They can’t beat Donald Trump.


Mike Bloomberg can.

He’s a leader, businessman, mayor, philanthropist, and private citizen. We need his experience.


What a mess he created

Bernie Sanders got Trump elected. 20 % voted Trump and had they voted Hillary we wouldn’t be in the mess we are.

We need someone with Mike B’s experience to guide us., his His knowledge of the world, gun control, economic reform ideas are key.

BS provides theatrics which is a distraction. He also lied on the 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper. Gee, that’s the same conduct we currently have in the White House. Not 4 more years of that. And by the way can you tell me what he’s done? Two laws naming public buildings.

Mike B is the right choice. Vote for him on Super Tuesday. We need him. The future of our world is at stake.

Here’s a roll call of his accomplishments:

  • Began a global company from scratch which is international and has 20,000 employees.
  • Mayor of NYC for 12 years.
  • Rebuilt that City post 9/11 structurally and economically creating over 40,000 jobs, increasing air quality by 50%, developing charter schools and increasing teacher salaries.
  • Funded and principle creator of Mother’s Against Gun Violence.
  • Began America’s Pledge on Climate Change with Gov. Jerry Brown and currently is the UN Ambassador on Climate Change working nationally and globally to change environmental practices.

He’s a doer, a changer, a leader, and most importantly:



Stephen and Chris

This week Stephen had Chris Christy on post dem debate. As he debased Mike B I recalled his tenure as NJ governor leaving with an 18% approval rating.

Then there was Bridge gate…people went to prison for him. And who can forget how he closed state parks on Labor Day. Remember that famous picture of he and the family enjoying the state park beach all to themselves.

We need to restore good behavior in our government officials and respect those they serve.

Vote Bloomberg on Super Tuesday.

Voting Record of BS

In the Anderson Cooper interview on 60 Minutes he quoted research studies which concluded BS had 7 laws passed where he was the major author and of those 2 were for naming buildings. Further research studies stated BS had the worst record of crossing the aisle to get things done.

Hillary and Joe Biden both stated this in interviews as well. She further stated no one likes him in D.C. Even Mayor Pete says his policies won’t work. Can you name anything BS has done?

Vote for Mike B on Super Tuesday as he will get it done.

He’s built housing for the poor, put in stronger gun laws, closed coal plants and worked with Gov. Jerry Brown on national climate change issues. He is the UN Ambassador for Climate Change and working internationally.

Check out what he’s done…

Is Bernie Sanders a Democrat?

This question has always crossed my mind as BS proclaims himself an independent. Is it legal for him to even run as a Democrat?

If he truly is a Democrat he needs to look closer at his party line because if he gets the nod….


Trump will have a field day telling folks about socialism and communism saying BS is a communist. I can see the ads now with BS in an ill fitting green soldier suit in Tiananmen Square smiling and waving among the Chinese people.

Trump has already made America a mockery overseas. We can’t afford another 4 years of him making America Ungreat.

Vote Mike B…… he will keep America great


get the job done.


Debate Night in South Carolina: Aces for Mike

Quite a night of debating. Haven’t heard that much screaming since my folks were alive. At least there were two level heads in the crowd, Mike and Amy. Felt bad Mike couldn’t share all he’s done with climate change. He’s been working with the United Nations since Trump bailed on Obama’s worldwide climate initiative. He and Governor Jerry Brown have a nationwide organization of 4000 cities and municipalities working on climate change.

Maybe he and Amy would make a good team. Perhaps that’s why she didn’t go after him for being a billionaire? It’s not his fault he’s adept at business and government. Time will tell, and you know the jingle,

Mike will get it done.

Recipe For Success

Hey Mike here it goes:

  1. Book large convention centers.
  2. Bring out the stars for warm up.
  3. Tell them what you are going to do. Add jokes,
  4. Drop balloons, confetti… Give them the razzle-dazzle. They want a memory. It’s all about pizzazz…



Scary Bernie

Did you see the Anderson Cooper interview with Bernie? All these promises and no idea how to pay for it. I feel sad for the young who cling to this hope. Empty promises we cannot fulfill. How can we cancel student debt? The US is 32 trillion in debt, how many millionaires does America have to pay for this? Do the #s it doesn’t work.

And hey Bernie aren’t you a millionaire, no excuse me a 2 millionaire.

Mike B is a billionaire and is putting his $$ where his mouth is. He will get it done just like he did post 9/11. Vote for him Super Tuesday.

Tomorrow; BS voting record