Verizon Welcome

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The last 2 days in Europe I have been receiving a welcome message from Verizon. It started with, “Welcome to Italy,” and continued on with, “Welcome to Switzerland.” I don’t want my cell phone company welcoming me.


The greeting explained I had three free days of service. Then reading between the lines I realized I would be paying for the remaining 12 days of this EU journey at $10 a day, incurring an additional $120. to my monthly bill.

It’s always about money.

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I don’t recall ever asking for this service but apparently it’s one of those options included in the 25 page contract you sign. After an hour I located a Verizon chat person. The lovely Miss Anne stopped the service, and assured it was over, however, the Welcome to.. messages persist.

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In tonight’s chat call I “conversed” with the lovely Miss Natalie. The service is now on demand, but the welcome messages will never stop. At least she was honest, and though I feel violated I realize Verizon’s attempts to make a buck outshines my PTSD.

What is next?

I don’t want to know.


Do you understand this stuff?

Do you understand the concept of tariffs? Auntie Google states it is a tax that adds to the cost of imported goods. This tax money goes to the government.

The country sending the goods to US then increases their costs. With imported goods more expensive it is believed the now cheaper(?) domestically produced goods will be purchased.

Tricky stuff these tariffs. Who benefits, and ultimately who is paying for them?.