Black Friday

Black Friday didn’t originate as a retail term.

The term Black Friday first began with a financial crisis initiated by Wall Street tycoons, Jay Gould and Jim Fisk. These scoundrels worked in unison buying up as much of the nation’s gold as they could. By doing this they were hoping to sell and acquire enormous profit.

On Friday, September 24, 1869, the gold market crashed the stock market causing free-fall and bankruptcy for everyone from farmers to financial moguls.

So, how did this term get coined into the retail environment?

Nowadays stores which are in the red go into the black on this day after Thanksgiving due to shopper mania. Thus the use of the term.

Happy shopping to all!

Returning To Work?

Recently received a text from a new health care facility in the area. Responded yes, and we began texting. Texting is the new process, no one ever calls direct. While I am unsure if this is what I want to do I need something to do besides write a blog to maintain my sanity. Stuart Woods can’t write a book weekly to keep me in reading, and I’ve already gone through 5 or 6 new authors. With a wedding looming for 120 guests need at least 30 grand. Thought this was going to be a small event, and prayed for an elopement, however, there are 2 parties involved. The groom’s side has a list of 60 and my daughter got on the bandwagon inviting 60 friends. It’s good we have no family. But as I lament it’s a once in a lifetime event. And Greg’s a keeper, my God he’s even tolerated this old bag he’ll inherit as a mother in law.

But how did I digress??? Oh, yes, going back to work to pay for the wedding.. After completing the on-line process for the job I am now interviewing for the position on Monday. Found some professional attire and while I probably should bone up on interview questions I lack the desire. However, will check out what Auntie Google has to offer. Maybe she has some ideas about how to answer that awful question about strengths and weaknesses. Could I say none – wouldn’t that be a hoot.

What I really need to do is say little and can the New York accent. In one of my interviews, and there have been many in Florida, I was told they don’t hire Northerners. While I should have been insulted actually I was relieved as I had been on 7 interviews by then. I wondered why I didn’t charm them with my experience, poise, and myriad of skills, and now I knew. I don’t fit with the southern ways. In travel nursing they were more blunt but it was a short term gig and I knew that it would be over in 13 weeks so I counted the days. While nurses make themselves out to be angels, they are not. With the profession becoming more balanced – males and females it’s helping, but it will be beyond my lifetime.

So the interview is Monday, I’ve jumped through the hoops, and time will tell. The last interview I went on was 2 months ago and am still waiting for a response. The county job I applied for took 6 weeks for response, but state and county jobs always check political status before hire. As a democrat in a red state I knew that one was a no, but chalked it up to a practice run. See I even got a blog out of it.

Will keep you posted.

Inflation – Teaching Moment

But does it? Only spurs creativity. Keep reading…


I was raised by those who grew up in the Depression. While they seldom spoke of this time they did mention Salvation Army Christmas mitten gifts, and how the government always provided peanut butter. Guess that’s why I was raised on the latter. I am an addict.

A day without peanut butter is a day without sunshine…

Of course now it’s sugar free and I make my own from the Dollar Tree peanuts…

One thing I did learn in observation of these folks was how to be frugal. These lessons got me through the single parent years when I had to somehow cover child care, rent, food, and the myriad of other expenses which loomed.

When will they ever fix child care? We know the repubs won’t, while every other industrialized country in the world has.

Today I no longer scour coupons. I use the 2 major on line companies with free shipping, and 2 credit cards with points. I monitor purchases and pay off the credit cards monthly. With every statement I now scour the amount of points, “free money,” given with purchase. Besides this “free money,” on line skips the trip to the store, buying unnecessary items, and saves time and gas.

Best way to save money – STAY OUT OF THE STORES, too much temptation.

Another tip: Delivery – no hassles, no time, no gas used. Bundle purchases for free delivery. Put a post it on the frig of things you need, then buy at once.

While my fav card is Amazon Chase I recently added Capitol One Walmart to my repertoire of cards. While I initially wanted this card as a back up, (as I find dealing with them challenging – sorry Kevin Hart), of late have found this card add to my savings. The Walmart card gives 5% back on on line purchases for a year – special offer – and 1-2% on all other purchases. What I like on this card is the statement lists under each purchase if it was a 1, 2, or 5% give back.. This month I had $37. taken off my statement with these savings- and this doesn’t include gas and time savings. Bears repeating..

A Wonderful Benefit

Recently, I began comparison shopping between the 2 on line companies. In comparing probiotics I found Walmart cheaper. By purchasing a smaller quantity item and doubling the amount a $10 savings was acquired. .

The next need was an expensive Listerine gum therapy product. Walmart was $34.98, whereas Amazon was $16.99, so I ordered 2 for the price of one. What a deal!

This has become a game and FUN!!

Well, it’s not football, but fun for me.

Have to know how to play the game.


New York Got ’em

I always said New York would get ’em…

Have never been prouder than to say I am from New York State. When my closeted Floridian tr hater neighbors and acquaintances lamented no one will ever get tr, I would state, “New York will get ’em.” They would give me an unbelieving look and state, “I hope so.”

Well. my prophecy came to pass with a 200 plus page indictment by Attorney General Letitia James. It is the final justification for this man and his family to have this done by a woman, and a black woman.

Black women are the smartest, and strongest women on the face of this Earth, and get things done!!!

Not only will the tr family be fined $250 million for overvaluing properties, milking insurance companies and the government on taxes, they will be unable to run businesses in the State of New York for 5 years.

The case has been forwarded to the Feds, as well as the IRS.

“Start spreading the news.”

Thanks, Letitia.

King Charles III, Financial Wizard

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Read today that Charles has been busy these last 50 years changing the royals financials. The new King has a net worth of $440 million according to Fortune Magazine, and makes 1.1 million a year salary. He took the reigns of the Queen’s money in his early 20’s enlisting the support of financial wizards purchasing real estate assuring a monthly rental income in the millions.

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Charles turns over much of his Duchy of Cornwall Portfolio to his son William. But the beauty of all this – he’s free of most taxes, especially inheritance taxes. Rather than King think the country could use him as a financial advisor.

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Verizon Welcome

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The last 2 days in Europe I have been receiving a welcome message from Verizon. It started with, “Welcome to Italy,” and continued on with, “Welcome to Switzerland.” I don’t want my cell phone company welcoming me.


The greeting explained I had three free days of service. Then reading between the lines I realized I would be paying for the remaining 12 days of this EU journey at $10 a day, incurring an additional $120. to my monthly bill.

It’s always about money.

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I don’t recall ever asking for this service but apparently it’s one of those options included in the 25 page contract you sign. After an hour I located a Verizon chat person. The lovely Miss Anne stopped the service, and assured it was over, however, the Welcome to.. messages persist.

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In tonight’s chat call I “conversed” with the lovely Miss Natalie. The service is now on demand, but the welcome messages will never stop. At least she was honest, and though I feel violated I realize Verizon’s attempts to make a buck outshines my PTSD.

What is next?

I don’t want to know.


Do you understand this stuff?

Do you understand the concept of tariffs? Auntie Google states it is a tax that adds to the cost of imported goods. This tax money goes to the government.

The country sending the goods to US then increases their costs. With imported goods more expensive it is believed the now cheaper(?) domestically produced goods will be purchased.

Tricky stuff these tariffs. Who benefits, and ultimately who is paying for them?.