Montauk Winter Monday Continues..

Always like to follow the signs.. This spot had a great view of the Hoodoos from above, and a beautiful sea sunset missed as the cell phone died. The walking path was flat and grateful for that as I had tumbled on the rocky beach and was developing a large lump on the head. There are many small parks along route 27 in Montauk, check them out. You’ll meet friendly Montauk folks doing family walks with their dogs.

In this area American soldiers were sent after the Spanish American War of 1898. Here at the eastern end of Long Island they recovered from malaria and other tropical diseases while fighting the war. Remnants of their visit remain. Theodore Roosevelt was here during this time and then asked to run for Governor, thus beginning his political career.

En route to my lodgings at Montauk Manor, passed St. Therese of Liseux Catholic Church. The architecture, design, and stained glass windows of this church are breath taking. Attended morning mass at 8:30 a.m. followed by the rosary on Tuesday. They have an amazing new, young priest, Father Liam McDonald, and for those needing some inspiration, worth a visit.

St Therese of Liseux Catholic Church

Montauk Manor

This castle like structure was the inspiration of Carl Fisher in 1925. Mr. Fisher was an industrialist who prior to the Manor developed much of Miami Beach. He created the 200 room luxury hotel, and opened its doors in 1927. This great masterpiece had ballrooms, internationally acclaimed foods, and opulence.

Main Foyer – has couches and a nightly fire in the fireplace. Nice touch.

Due to economic shifts the castle became a condo community. Owners rent units as hotel rooms.

If only the walls could talk.

This concludes my Montauk stay. Decided to head west early after mass.

One final peak at the light house.

Driving back to the City on Route 27 there is much to see and do.

  • Long Island Maritime Museum
  • Parrish Art Museum
  • Pollock-Kasner House
  • Watermill Museum
  • Watermills for a family picture event
  • Duck Valley Winery is on rt 27, however, if a wine person Long Island is renowned for wine with the bay and ocean breezes tickling and enticing the grapes. It was the only wine served during the Clinton Whitehouse years.
  • Bridgehampton Candy Kitchen – has homemade ice cream, can’t miss the store..
  • Each small town has delightful shops.

Been 10 years since my last visit but will definitely stop again before my Brooklyn departure.

Montauk is magic.

Montauk Winter Monday

Went to Montauk before returning to travel nursing. Stopped on the way at Our Lady of the Island. Beautiful place to walk about, contemplate life, and get away from it all..

The shape of Long Island is at Mary’s feet.

Visit the main church for spectacular stained glass then Walk the Avenue of the Saints for Long Island views.

Mary enjoying the scenery.

Continued the 2 1/2 hour journey from Brooklyn with the next pause,

Beautiful state park with camp sites available during the summer, but the best part..

Across the street are hiking trails. Beware of Lyme Ticks in warm season and hunters in the winter.

View from above the trail.

On to the main attraction, The Montauk Lighthouse

Though closed for the winter, much is happening around the area to preserve the habitat.

Walked along the construction site path to find the beach.

The Hoodoos – these magnificent creatures line the beach and are eroding at a rapid pace. The picture below is from the top of the Hoodoo and those following show erosion at beach level.

Explanation of these Sculptures

While there surfers were hitting the waves. Fun to watch.

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