Animal Ark

Great ratings on this place and understand why. Animals are well cared for in appropriate habitats, employees friendly, well informed, and dedicated. Only 20 minutes outside Reno, a nice distraction from gambling.

All that said, let’s explore the place.

The Bears

This happy camper was enjoying the sun. Asked staff how they handle hibernation. In December they begin to decrease food, and by January the bears retreat to a hut next to their habitat. By that time they have increased their body fat 20%, and sleep till March. During that time they do not poo or pee. Go figure.

Gibbs is a new addition to the Park. A new habitat is being created for Gibbs as their bears can’t live together. He’s a pacer, and hopefully his new home will be ready soon.

Further down the way..

Also at the Park is a picnic area and playground for children.

Let’s check out a few more animals..

The 10x cell phone zoom really captured this guy snoozing..

Visit early as animal are more visible at that time. The Ark is open at 10 a.m. Tuesday- Sunday, closed Monday.

The Visitor Center has some interesting gifts, and while there caught this sweet creature, a marsupial, being cared for by Ark staff..
What a fun visit..

Lake Tahoe

After a long and arduous drive through the mountains was excited to finally get a peek at this august body of water.

Then came across the Cave Rock area pull out. Cave Rock was a spiritual area for the first inhabitants of Lake Tahoe, the Washoe people.

Lake Tahoe fun facts according to Auntie Google and area signage:

  • Is one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world
  • It borders on Nevada and California
  • It is deeper than the Empire State Building is tall
  • It is over 2 million years old
  • It has no outlet, it evaporates
  • While it does not freeze, it can carry water temperatures as low as 39 degrees

Stopped at my favorite store, Dollar Tree, along the route. The store was directed to close by 4:30 pm as winds had changed and there were fire safety concerns. While checking out locals told me of a route to take as some routes had been closed. Several miles down the road some damage was seen.

Park closure and thank you signs for fire fighters were everywhere along the drive.

Stopped at Emerald Bay along the route. While all areas were closed, could not pass this one up. This is a must see.

Fanette Island is the island in the middle of Emerald Bay. Here a Norweigan woman, Lora Knight, built a Scandinavian castle, Vikingsholm in 1929. Mrs. Knight also had a tea house on Fanette Island. The Castle is close to this area, next visit.

Will return in better, and safer times. Oh the perils of climate change.

One wonders, what must the animals think about all that is transpiring?

On the way to Lake Tahoe

Decided to visit Lake Tahoe as the hotel concierge said the wildfires had improved and it was safe. On the way came across a sign for Bower Mansion and decided to stop. Sadly, the Mansion is only open Saturday and Sunday from 11-4 through 10/31, however, if in the area check it out and send me some pictures. I’ll bet its spectacular inside..

A little history – Sandy and Elley Bowers erected this Mansion with monies from their gold and silver mines in Comstock. Elley lost the Mansion in 1876 when the mines ran dry, and it passed through several owners. The Mansion then came into disrepair. In steps Henry Riter who purchases the Mansion site unseen. He restores the Mansion then hears of Elley Bowers death and has her ashes restored to the family plot on the hill behind the home.

While Riter never lived full time at the Mansion he leased it to others finally selling at 80 years of age to a group of women who had the same vision as Riter for the the property. The women, cash poor, started a statewide campaign to save the Mansion, acquired the monies and a park was developed on Mansion grounds.

Next stop, the state capitol, Carson City. Was hoping the state museum was open, however, it was closed. Saw the sign for the Governor’s Mansion and stopped. What a majestic home. The Governor does not live here full time, only stops in now and then according to his neighbor across the street.

From here visited historic downtown Carson City which had many shops and restaurants. What a clean and quaint town. Came across the state tourism bureau but this was closed as well. Took that as a sign to continue on my way to Lake Tahoe.

State Tourism Bureau