Day 5: Gouverneur Island

Took the ferry from Brooklyn to Gouverneur Island which was a 5 minute ferry ride and if you schedule before noon – it’s free.

The Ferry from Red Hook – parking free at this site

If you have a bike bring it, otherwise you will have to rent, and recommend using the island venue verses the Citi bikes. The Citi bikes are $15 an hour and ours stopped at an inopportune time. Surreys are also available, but challenging to maneuver.

And of course walking is another possibility.😊

Oh what views..

There is much to do and see on the Island. Gouverneur’s military presence dates back to the Revolutionary War, and has been used up to the 1970’s when the Cold War Pact was signed with Russia. Shaded picnic tables are available, playgrounds for children, and two military fortifications to visit.

Let’s visit in pictures.

Commander’s Home where the Cold War Pact was signed by Regan and Khrushchev.

Other military family homes – take a walk through as fascinating structures. There are tours available but book early.

A mishmash of items to enjoy – from urban farming to new ways of electricity to interesting art.

Kids would love this – but remember to remove your shoes before entering.

A collage of fun things to do..

What a great place to visit.

Final View – miss it already.

Snug Harbor

This spot was where ship farers lived over a 100 years ago. Visited as my daughter was considering the area for her wedding. Snug Harbor is in Staten Island and a lovely site. Take a peek..

There also is a Chinese garden on the property.

While lovely we ruled out this site due to logistics as one must cross the Verrazano Bridge to arrive at Staten Island. Here’s the happy couple by the Verrazano…

And their new addition – Rocco, the Flying Wonder Dog – for another blog.

You never know…

While in New York City had an event on the subway. I am always cautious having lived through 9/11. And when a group of hooded late teens carrying back packs unleashed fireworks on the subway I was concerned.

Another woman and I stood as the teens ran back and forth opening subway windows to curtail the smoke. When they began to unscrew items on the wall of the train my concern deepened. Were they going to use these metal items as weapons?

Photo by Pixabay on

Next they huddled in the back of our car as I sat calling 911 to report the incident. I was fearful, speaking quietly as I made the report, then cell service ended as the subway hit a dead zone. The perpetrators continued their antics running up and down the length of the car.

They took their final run and departed the car. When I stood to monitor their activity through the door window a young man of slight built brushed past me, and held the subway car door. As the perpetrators attempted to return to our car, he held the door fast. The teens left the subway at the next stop.

You never know when, and who will rise to the occasion.

Juilliard School

Received an email from, only to discover the myriad of events available at the Juilliard School. Prices are reasonable and school related programs are often free with the students giving world class performance. The Juilliard box office is open 10-6, and some tickets are available on line. The School and stages are adjacent to Lincoln Center on 65th St.

On this evening for a mere $20., I delighted in a performance by an ensemble of 20 for over 2 hours. The music was Latin/Cuban and amazing! Their guest conductor, Jose Madera, was a man with a lengthy c.v. of jazz related experiences and credentials. If in the area pick up a calendar of events at the school.

The event was also available on line, and information can be obtained on the website.

And who knows who’ll you recognize in later years. When I was doing psychiatric nursing at St. Luke’s Hospital in NYC, a young student named Jon Batiste, and his fellow Juilliard students played for our patients.

New York City Ballet

Ballet Open Again!

Was excited to hear the New York City Ballet has returned. Attended a January 2022 performance with three works:

  • Mozartiana – a Tschaikovsky/Mozart combination with Balanchine choreography, sublime.
  • Rubies – a fanciful collaboration of dancers in red set to Stravinsky with Balanchine choreography
  • LaValse- Ravel music, Balanchine dance, a bit sullen but beautiful.

Tickets were a mere $38. for a delightful 2 1/2 hour performance. What a steal!

Sculpture in Lincoln Center NYC Ballet Building


It’s been 16 months since I last visited New York City and Chinatown is the spot I missed the most. So much activity and the food, baked goods and massages are to die for.

Welcome Back

Menu, what shall I choose??


With a demonstration on how to twirl..

And soup..

Then a walk through town. Some interesting signs..

Good advice from Snoopy and Lucy.

And finally.. a foot massage, what a treat and so missed.

Another different restaurant pod, fascinating.. Think I’m getting obsessed with these? Me, too..

And finally a new New York City historical site to monitor and eventually visit. The oldest brick building in New York is under renovation. A future blog…

And don’t forget Little Italy is just across Canal Street. If only I had room for one of those delicious cannolis…

This ends my visit to New York City … will be returning in November and already have a play ticket.

Life is good. New York is back.

Central Park Visit

Our trio visited Central Park next. Another amazing time. We started our visit at the Central Park entrance near the American Museum of Natural History began by Theodore Roosevelt. Here he is in stone.

We were greeted by some amazing flowering bushes and trees. What colors…

A variety of dogs crossed our path – some yappy, some chilling, and some friendly.

And the sign posts in the garden splendor, share your story..

Shakespeare Garden

The splendor of the garden.

View From Belvedere Castle

The Castle

Strawberry Fields .. make a stop

Have some fun in the Park.

Enjoy the views.

Time never ends in a garden.

Socrates Park

Next on the agenda was Socrates Park, a sculpture garden on the Hudson with amazing views of Manhattan.

While currently changing exhibits they did have a few stationery sculptures.

And always interesting to see the inner working of these operations.

Then some of the bonuses, like a place to sit in the grass or a picnic area,

A final laugh – look what we found on the street outside. A parking lot for ice cream trucks, only in New York!

And for tonight, the drive in..

Astoria, Queens

Wow! Another hip NYC place I’ve missed, but make sure you don’t! Food was delicious as was the sights and sounds. Tried to get in to this famous spot for dinner without success.

Lesson learned: Call for reservations.

Of course it didn’t help that it was Greek Easter weekend and Greeks own and run the majority of the restaurants in town…

So #1 daughter and I continued to stroll looking for a restaurant and finding dogs snoozing along the way as their owners socialized.

Caught a variety of restaurant shelters each with their own personality. What creativity..

Then decided on a restaurant, what a good choice!

Even grand dog Mo liked the place.

And what a feast for a ridiculously low price..

Make sure you get the gyro bread – warm and delicious as well as everything else..

Last find was a great bakery for dessert later..

What a fun afternoon and another must see and do in NYC

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