Baby, it’s cold out here.

Walked to work in 22 degree below zero wind chill. It was frigid, and my face stung, but as I walked I felt happy even though I know I have a condo in sunny florida where I would not be facing these weather threats. Some folks will think me nuts, and I give them that, but being from the North, and knowing the politics of the south it is terrifying to live there.

When I moved south I met a woman raised south. She told me they were taught the reason for the Civil War was the south wanted to split from the North. There was no mention of slavery, or black peoples rights in the equation or teaching. Now 200 years later the current administration in florida is pushing the same premise blocking the teaching of black history, the ability of black people to vote. etc….. And why? To strive for white supremacy when as National Geographic Magazine has stated that by 2050, (if not sooner), we will be an American culture of caramel colored folk.

Besides creating extreme angst in my soul over these republican actions, it is scary and our Democracy continues to be at risk.

So in the meantime I will hang out in the North and enjoy the snow.

Maybe the sunshine is causing these adverse thoughts?

Never kevin

As of this writing this campaign continues. Our Government is not working, and leadership is in limbo to coin a phrase from CBS news. And for those Stephen Colbert fans his monologue is becoming funnier and funnier. Tune in for a laugh, a real belly one.

One good thing from this debacle is women have rose to the challenge.

Cheryl Johnson – This African American woman with a law degree from Howard, and a long history of government service has held this job for 4 years. In the absence of a House leader she is in charge, and has effectively run this proceeding ensuring decorum. While her usual duties is certifying bills and delivering messages to the Senate her role has exponentially grown. Those additional degrees in communication and journalism have kicked in to carry her in this new role, and as former Director of Government Relations at the Smithsonian Museum she certainly will go down in history.

Patty Murphy – A Democrat from the State of Washington is in succession to the Presidency after the Vice President in the absence of a Speaker of the House. On Tuesday she became the first female Senate president pro tempore, the second-highest-ranking position in the chamber. This 72 year old gal was recently elected to her 6th term, and in internet articles she is quoted as feeling the gravity of this position. Glad someone is. Thanks, Cheryl and Patty.

The world is watching.

The Me-Too Movement

On this 5th anniversary I am reflecting on my personal Me-Too situation. While I would like to say congratulations, as they are in order, perhaps simply acknowledging the milestone is more appropriate.

I was affected by the actions of a physician boss who when I did not respond to his requests ruined my New York City hospital administration career, and I was fired. To support myself I returned to staff nursing.

While working as a staff nurse I continued interviewing for administrative positions until a human resource manager revealed that the hospital human resources is a connected one. He stated human resource staff call around to their community of human resources staff about candidates.

A mere phone call destroys any candidate.

So while laws protect no law can protect against the phone.

While angered by this human resource manager’s honesty I accepted my plight. I no longer submitted resumes, and continued as a staff nurse. I accepted my destroyed career. Eventually, a disability created an early retirement age, and I became a blogger. Ha!Ha!

At times I wonder what became of that vandal who stole my career, however, I change my thoughts.

I’m sure karma has handled his fate.

Stalemate: GOP

Interesting all the problems the House is having electing a Speaker. Guess kevin mc carthy is going into Day 3 without a gavel. There are several potential bridesmaids in waiting. Here they are:

  • Jim Jordan – he doesn’t want the role and quite frankly I am grateful. It is the one smart thing this guy has ever done. he isn’t capable, and lingering history from his Ohio wrestling coach days are still alive. Look it up. What a miscarriage of justice he did to those young men he was to protect.
  • Steve Scalise – Louisiana – recall he was the one gunned down at a DC baseball game. I always recall meeting a senior from his district outside a Broadway play in NYC. She had nothing but animosity for the man stating he got the best health care in the world after his injuries but wouldn’t allow his constituents to have Medicaid. That says it all.
  • Byron Donalds – a black man from Florida in his infancy in the House but got 20 votes thus far. He’s 44, and born in Brooklyn so he has two things in his favor. Started his career in Florida State House in 2016. Promising.
  • Fred Upton – though retired in 2023 has a long history of competent governance, and would probably be the best choice, however, is a long shot but with this craziness one never knows. After the strong leadership by Nancy there needs someone who wants to govern rather than investigate.

What will it be – Ohio, Louisiana, Florida, or Michigan as we sure know it isn’t going to be..

However, if mc carthy wants this so badly he’ll need to go to the Dems and here’s what they want:

  • An abortion bill passed
  • Passage on budget extension bills – no closing of government
  • No investigations of Dems and prior legislation
  • And these are the only known items on their agenda.

With 7000 boxes of pizza being delivered tonight, it is going to be one long night and who knows if anything will be accomplished.

Caveat: Written 1/4/23 at 7:45 pm

The Fable of George Santos

Here they are:

  • Worked for Goldman Sachs
  • Worked for Citi Group.
  • Gave his campaign $700,000.
  • Had a dog rescue organization, accepting money. but no known monies disbursed.
  • States he’s gay, but there is a wife somewhere..
  • Graduated from NYU
  • Graduated from Baruch College
  • He is being sought by Brazil for financial crimes
  • The republican party knew of these untrue claims
  • He says he is Jew-ish, but now says Catholic
  • Does not live in the district he ran in
  • Claims he is not a fraud.

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire..

Maybe he can get a job with the trump campaign??

Antony Blinken- Secretary of State

This is my favorite cabinet member – only blogged about him in September but it bears repeating..

Who is this 60 year old New York City born man of Jewish decent who graduated from Harvard and Columbia and now takes care of business on the world stage?

The long and short of it he is Biden’s alter ego according to some sources. Our Secretary of State spent some of his early years living in Paris with his mom and step dad, a Polish born Holocaust survivor, and lawyer. While his step dad has passed his mom is alive, and involved in US-France non-profits.

His father was an investment banker and former US Ambassador to Hungary, with step mom an interior designer.

While always interested in the arts and passionate about music, (he’s quite a guitarist), he was encouraged to join the State Department by family. Working with the Clinton administration he credits meeting his wife through the 40 million voters who voted for Clinton. She is Irish Catholic, and the duo have been together for 20 years.

Check out the above web site for an uplifting read on this fascinating man.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Let the games begin: First Victim Mayorkas? Bad Move.

As the new House majority has stated their 2 year term will dwell on investigations, reversing the Biden agenda, and impeachment of whoever they can find. Their first victim is the Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas. Bad move by republicans as this man is a Cuban American immigrant. Cubans are known to be the strongest republican base of Latinos. Why? They never forgave Kennedy that he didn’t finish Castro off during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

They don’t forget.

As McCarthy calls for this man’s resignation he should think twice before agitating this portion of the republican base.

Besides being the first Latino and immigrant to be named in this role, he has a stellar 30 year career in law enforcement. He is a nationally recognized lawyer. Much of his career has been involved with citizenship, agreements with foreign governments, human trafficking, and cybersecurity, to name a few topics. In reviewing the web site it is laced with activities he is handling effectively. And to be perfectly honest no one has been able to handle the border problem and why?

There is no policy or direction. This must come from our legislative body.

Once again republicans are finger pointing rather than providing a solution.

Youth Vote: They are watching..

One of the main reasons the Dems won this election is the youth vote. It will be their country, and they are playing a part. Their vote cancelled out the baby boomer vote. Interesting fact. They want climate policy, fair elections, abortion rights, and folks to get along. It is a necessity if we are to continue, and welcome their ideas at the table.

Watching the old white men in the orange prez cabinet made me cringe. There was little hope. In the Biden cabinet while we have some oldies, inclusive of my beloved President Joe, his cabinet is filled with diversity, and offices with younger folk. This is reassuring as we need these voices to channel and create policy for a new world.

Wonder what lies will be created in the orange prez 2024 bid?

Will be away for a period of two weeks after Thanksgiving. Prior to that time will be researching those new voices and blogging what I find. Am grateful that much was accomplished in the first 2 years of the Biden Presidency and hopeful that a few repub in the House will stand with Dems so more can be achieved.

We do not have the time to carry on hateful initiatives which are costly and divisive.

Let’s move forward.

Let the fun begin..

Last night the orange prez announced his 3rd bid for the White House. he has been teasing this for several weeks, and thankfully he gave Americans a week to regroup and enjoy the 11/8 Democratic victory lap. It is sad he cannot let go as few in the party want him in this race, however, he has $100 million in his campaign chest so he’s ready. One wonders if the 30% from the republican base who are still with him will continue to support and endorse this race. he’s lost the Aussie racist murdoch, but am sure there are others he can call on.

Between the wedding over the weekend, and Mary Trump loosing her inheritance case, he is probably charged.

Soon we’ll be seeing the antics again.

While he had two victories yesterday another legal problem began as the CFO for the tr organization rolled on him stating the orange prez personally gave approval for the frauds. Then there is the myriad of other cases pending. Not to mention the subpoena for the January 6th Committee which he ignored. And now that he’s announced his run he will be paying for his legal bills rather than the rnc. But once Merritt Garland’s decision is made all this craziness will be moot as:

U.S. Constitution Amdt 14.S3.1.1 

Disqualification Clause

“No Person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office…shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.”

Oh, what a tangled web this man weaves.

Stay tuned.