Left and Right, Red and Blue

Recently, I learned what these words meant in terms of American politics. Growing up in the 60’s, red was always affiliated with Communism, so surprise, surprise, when I finally consulted Auntie Google on this. Here’s what I came up with.

Volcabulary Lesson:

Left or Left Winger – these groups or individuals support social equality and egalitarianism. They are concerned for the disadvantaged and can have radical or revolutionary views in change.

Which brings up the next term.. egalitarianism

  • a belief in human equality.
  • all people are equal and deserve equal rights.

Right or Right Winger – denotes social systems and ideologies of freedom, capitalism, and classical liberalism. A political spectrum associated with conservative thought.

Well, let’s see what capitalism means

  • trade is controlled by private owners for profit.
  • government plays a secondary role in this economic system.

Now, Classical Liberalism

  • a political ideology that advocates for civil liberties under the law with emphasis on economic freedom.


Now, that I have your attention, here it goes….

Red – official color of the Republican party.

Blue- official color of the Democratic party.

And as I read further there is another color, purple. This is a swing state, which is a contest between red and blue. At least this makes sense. I recall from 8th grade art class when you put red + blue = purple. Maybe that is the answer to all this. We need to find a way to blend.

It’s Kathleen, and if you don’t like what I say it’s still Kathleen.


VP Selena

Recently, Stephen Colbert had the cast of Veep on his show. I had heard of this series but never viewed it. Always a fan of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, even though I hated the ending of Seinfeld..but she had no part in that. Why couldn’t Elaine and Jerry get together? Guess happy endings aren’t everyone’s style? Back to the subject at hand, I digress..

Ordering 5 of the 7 seasons from the library I was glued to this hilarious, insulting, and potty mouth show. Working in New York State government bureaucracy I knew the playbook. Enthralled in the antics of each segment, the folly was not far from truth.

Watching Season 5 was particularly painful as I watched the Vice President now President Selena fall. Even though she was a nasty b–ch I wanted her to succeed. In the last episode I prayed for a change of events with the new female Hispanic president not naturalized, therefore, disqualified from the presidency. It didn’t occur, I was depressed.

I have lost interest as I scanned the Season 6 and 7 segments. Perhaps I will look at the final episode in future years to lay this to rest, however, I doubt it.

There are 20 plus democratic candidates running for the ultimate reward, leader of the free world. I honor their courage, but question their sanity, and hope they have loved ones with open arms to comfort them as they pursue their dream.

Here they are..