putin investments

In a recent State Department US intelligence review it has been disclosed that since 2014 russia has invested over $300 million to exert influence and sway elections worldwide. This figure is under estimated according to the report, and russia is increasing this amount for future elections.

One wonders how is this done? It occurs through cash, gifts, cryptocurrency, and electric fund transfers, however shell companies, organized crime, and think tanks are also used.

While these efforts have been studied and followed for years the intelligence community is now declassifying their work, and sharing this information worldwide.

Maybe this is what the orange prez was trying to hide at his resort?

The TikTok War

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Since much reporting of the Russian build up is occurring on TikTok, this aggression has been named for the platform. In the last 24 hours deescalation has been seen with trains leaving areas which surround Ukraine, and hopefully this is over. President Biden spoke to the Russian people on their television last night saying he did not want to put sanctions against them. If Biden implemented his plan it would take the Russian economy at least 10 years to recover.

Wonder how this will turn out for Putin?

Perhaps this is the former KGB officers last stand.

One can only hope and pray.

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Three Highlights for Today..

  • prez orange accounting firm has fired him stating the last 10 years of his numbers are erroneous. Go Letitia James!
  • Prince Andrew settled his case with under age female he had sex with. Good idea to settle, Andy.
  • Trevor Reed, an American marine incarcerated in Russian coughing up blood, medical care refused.
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We can never honor our troops enough.