Munich to Regensburg

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Upon departing from Munich our group boarded a bus for journey to the port where we joined our ship for the Danube cruise. Driving through Germany I was amazed at the fields of hops, mustard plants, solar panels, and wind turbines which were extensive in the many small country towns. Germany has bypassed their EU goals for green energy and has almost ended nuclear power usage.

Our Ship

Starting the cruise in Regensburg I found an idyllic town with roots dating back to the Celts in 500 B.C. then later the Romans in 179 A.D. This town prospered through the Middle Ages being the capital of Bavaria. Suffering no major damage in WWII due to air defenses it is a treasured UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Let’s begin the tour with some Regensburg churches starting with the most famous Regensburg Cathedral also known as the Cathedral of St. Peter.

Church construction began in 700 and after fires and the like was finally completed in 1872. It is a fine example of Gothic architecture.

Adjacent to the Cathedral is the Church of St. Johann, (St. John),where worshipers prayed during Cathedral construction. This is a simple yellow church, stop by say hi to Mary, and visit the interesting crypts in its basement.

Regensburg has many churches as wealthy patrons built churches in the hopes of indulgence for Heaven entry.

Then there are the many shops. To rekindle business after WWII buildings were sold cheaply as long as owners placed stores in their buildings. It worked creating a resurgence in the town’s economy.

And don’t forget to stop at the mustard store or Johnny Depp’s hat shop.

Ask for the clearance bin to get a good deal..

But mainly stroll the streets and enjoy. Further uptown there are even Marshall’s and Dollar Stores.

Lastly, stop at the most famous sausage restaurant in the world. You can’t miss it as it’s right next to the town’s famous bridge.