Laugh Factory

Spent my last night in Reno enjoying a comedy performance by 3 separate comedians. Recommend this as an event for all to attend. Humor was clean and funny. Cost via Groupon was $30. with drinks available. The shows are Tuesday through Sunday at 7:30 pm.

The Venue

Pictures and taping of the performance was not allowed, however, let me reveal a few insights. The show began with a young performer warming up the crowd regaling his dating scenarios. The second performer was a 6 foot 295 # former Mormon married 27 years with 3 children. His routine surrounded family life and his obesity.

The main performer was Spencer James whose performance was varied chatting about everything from working a cruise ship to his family anomalies.

A night of laughter for all. Great way to end the visit.

Rancho San Rafael/Wilbur D. May Arboretum

Visited this Garden area and was impressed. They have much for children – a playground, dinosaurs to climb, and a ranch to visit. The Ranchero in the early 1900’s was a farm where pigs, sheep, and chickens were raised. For an adult visit there are many shaded places to sit and view the garden’s beauty. It is a lovely place for a picnic or walk with ample parking. They are having a Symphony Under the Trees on 9/24 from 6-7.

While I loved this place sadly my cell phone did not cooperate, and only have 2 pictures from the visit. However, here was something I had never seen – a wild poinsettia climbing on a tree.

A Must See

Reno Accommodations

Stayed at this hotel in Reno. Two other hotels are joined with this hotel – Circus-Circus and El Dorado, all owned by the Caesar Casino Corporation. While each hotel has their own casino they share a restaurant and shopping complex in their lower levels. Have found this to be a neat way to get around avoiding street concerns. Rooms are recently renovated, spacious, and decorated in a modern theme, but mainly comfortable and relaxing with wide windows giving mountain views.

While not receiving remuneration for this blog, I endorse the small town feel of this area and continue to enjoy my visit. It’s not over yet folks. So if thinking of a gambling vacation with some other attractions thrown in, consider Reno.

Caveat: Free parking in a nearby, safe garage.

Nevada Art Museum

What a collection, really enjoyed it.

Started with land art – how different. Check these out..

Framing on a board – adding to the art.

Loved the modern art selections..

Rose B. Simpson – The Four A dramatic piece representing the 4 directions, moving and beautiful. This woman has a varied education – besides an MFA she also has education in automotive body repair.

The Museum has purchased the catalog of Judy Chicago, an 82 year old New Mexican woman who works in smoke sculptures using pyrogenics. She narrates a documentary on her life at the exhibit. See it.

One of her pieces

The Museum has quite a history beginning 100 years ago when locals joined as a club doing art work together. Lorenzo Latimer, was the instrumental founder of the group, and later the Latimer School was born. Much of the lovely art work from that early group is on display. Here are a few.

And finally, stop on the roof for the view…….

A must see Museum!

St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral

After leaving the Airport stopped by this historic Cathedral to see its architecture and renowned mural.

The Mural

Was pleased to see all social distancing and wearing masks.

The Cathedral is a work of art and it’s many modern stained glass windows illuminate the church. Here is a representation of our first American Saint, Elizabeth Ann Seton.

This was a special mass as the Bishop of the diocese was retiring after 15 1/2 years as Bishop.

In his sermon he called for unity. Concise, to the point, and well done.


Reno Airport

Was impressed with this small airport. It has a nice feel. Has the usual suspects..

Nice view from McDonald’s eating area

Don’t forget the gambling, many machines available in the Airport.

Some comfort..

Many advertisements walking to the terminal entrance, perhaps too much, but liked these two.

Mayor Welcome on Video
And while not a sports fan, nice for those interested.

Last comment – good to know who is in charge, but as in Salt Lake City diversity is sadly lacking.