Peace Talks

Rumor has it that the russian’s are leaving parts of the Ukraine and intimating that peace talks may begin. With 100,000 russian casualties their loss is looming large. While I wonder what took so long, who is going to tell putin to stop? And if they did they are in Siberia, thrown off a roof, and effectively silenced. In these talks they need to have putin removed as one of the stipulations.

Get rid of putin.

With the horrors of this war unsure how this area can ever live in peace. The Ukrainians did nothing to provoke this and their losses unbearable. President Z. wants all the lands taken by russia returned and for russia to pay for the rebuilding of Ukraine. I believe this is fair and the least which could be done after what this aggression did to a peaceful people.

US Army Falls Short

The Ukraine has applied for NATO admission. If this is accepted, and ratified all NATO forces will be at war with russia.

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In the current job market the US Army has fallen short by 25% in recruits this year. Other branches of service are also seeing the same problem. Should we go to war with russia this will be a concern.

Military families receive minimal monetary reimbursement to the point where they have problems feeding their families. Sadly, compensation for service occurs upon departure from service in terms of health care, education stipends, and mortgage benefits to mention a few post-service benefits.

We need to step up and better compensate these folks who sign on OR we will be needing to reinstate a draft.

New Recruits

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Well, they look russian enough, and who knows where putin will have to go to get these folks?.

Even the mercenaries want out.


Have you heard that putin is calling up 300,000 new recruits to the russian army?. Since then russian google searches on how to break an arm, act insane, and get out of going to war, have increased exponentially.

he is calling up all men between 18 and 60, and has closed all flights out of russia to these men. Prior to this edict flights were sold out, with some going for 16 grand, a bit cheaper than Martha’s Vineyard at 10,5. Maybe they should have contacted ron desantis? I digress…

But the caveat – there will be training of 2 weeks prior to going to the front lines.

And according to my #1 news source, The Stephen Colbert Show, here’s what that will look like at week 3.

Ukraine – Is Peace Coming?

This week Ukrainians have recaptured much of what it lost. The land mass recaptured is the size of Rhode Island, and is now Ukraine once again. russian soldiers are leaving behind artillery, and running to the Ukrainian side. There are so many russian pows that Ukraine is having problems housing these individuals.

russian officials are demanding putin resign with 35 municipalities signing a letter requesting this:

“We, the municipal deputies of Russia, believe that the actions of President Vladimir Putin harm the future of Russia and is citizens. We demand the resignation of Vladimir Putin from the post of President of the Russian Federation!”

Losses have been massive on both sides with the Ukrainians loosing countless civilians. While Antony Blinken is wary in his comments one cannot hope these actions by the russian municipalities will cause an end to this horrific debacle.

The world is watching and hopeful.

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I do not capitalize any name, authority, or country that lacks my respect.

On The russian Front

Our former orange president is agreeing with Moscow about Brittany Griner’s case stating she is “spoiled” and he’d do nothing to secure her release. Guess he’s fishing for attention as he hasn’t been asked to be interviewed by any news outlets in 3 months, and the RNC won’t pay for any further litigation if he announces his presidential run.

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russia is sending russian passports to Ukranians to intimidate them into believing they are russian citizens. It ain’t working putin. Maybe we should send the Ukranians US passports??? Makes sense.

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Final note, only in Florida?? The FBI uncovered a russian leader infiltrating a local election and spreading propaganda. US citizens were acting as illegal agents of the russian government?? This occurred in 2017 and 2019, guess the FBI is a little late in their investigation……

Isn’t it wonderful to see Florida as a blue state? There is hope.

The Usual Suspects

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Funding for Ukraine was delayed yesterday by a senator from kentucky, no, not mitch, the other one, rand. Unsure why, but, find this logic beyond reason as the valiant Ukrainians are fighting this War for all.

Ever seen the WWII news reels? We sure don’t want a WWIII.

I digress… guess this senator needs a bit of the spotlight, as he’s been out of the media for a bit. Recall his insults of Anthony Fauci, and his trail of covid misinformation?

This decision will affect the people of Ukraine, and their valiant efforts.

This war could easily be on our shores.

Wish this was a Friday the 13th joke, but then rand paul is a joke.

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Who votes for these people?

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What are they thinking?

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Thanks for reading. Need to get this anger out.

Tomorrow, more of Gainesville, and leaving for EU a week from today.

War Continues

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My prediction of putin’s assassination on May 9th did not occur. While still hopeful it appears this military exercise will drag on with terrorizing news daily. Thoughts of the beautiful Ukrainian people, and what they are going through are in my constant thoughts. Reading of the elderly with their inability to escape due to debilitating illness, and the children being injured, and tortured is beyond comprehension.

The 69 year old former kgb agent has had stomach cancer with surgery in 2020, and it is rumored he has thyroid cancer as well. However, cancer in this age bracket grows slowly. he also has Parkinson’s Disease. The dictator bathes in the blood of deer antlers as treatment for his ills.

What a crazed man, and he is controlling the world.



May 9

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On this day in 1945 russia declared victory over Nazi Germany. Known as “Victory Day,” in russia parades showing military armament amass the streets. putin was planning a massive show on this state public holiday to gloat over the russian “win” in Ukraine. He may still claim russia has won, however, we all know this is not the case.

Writing this blog during the early hours of May 9th, one wonders what could unfold..

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putin Demise

It has been stated the end to the russian special operation will come with the assassination of putin. This makes sense, and predicted it will come from within his ranks.

putin is the ultimate war criminal of the 21st century.

Perhaps May 9th is the date planned for this act.

Makes sense.

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