On The russian Front

Our former orange president is agreeing with Moscow about Brittany Griner’s case stating she is “spoiled” and he’d do nothing to secure her release. Guess he’s fishing for attention as he hasn’t been asked to be interviewed by any news outlets in 3 months, and the RNC won’t pay for any further litigation if he announces his presidential run.

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russia is sending russian passports to Ukranians to intimidate them into believing they are russian citizens. It ain’t working putin. Maybe we should send the Ukranians US passports??? Makes sense.

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Final note, only in Florida?? The FBI uncovered a russian leader infiltrating a local election and spreading propaganda. US citizens were acting as illegal agents of the russian government?? This occurred in 2017 and 2019, guess the FBI is a little late in their investigation……

Isn’t it wonderful to see Florida as a blue state? There is hope.

The Usual Suspects

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Funding for Ukraine was delayed yesterday by a senator from kentucky, no, not mitch, the other one, rand. Unsure why, but, find this logic beyond reason as the valiant Ukrainians are fighting this War for all.

Ever seen the WWII news reels? We sure don’t want a WWIII.

I digress… guess this senator needs a bit of the spotlight, as he’s been out of the media for a bit. Recall his insults of Anthony Fauci, and his trail of covid misinformation?

This decision will affect the people of Ukraine, and their valiant efforts.

This war could easily be on our shores.

Wish this was a Friday the 13th joke, but then rand paul is a joke.

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Who votes for these people?

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What are they thinking?

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Thanks for reading. Need to get this anger out.

Tomorrow, more of Gainesville, and leaving for EU a week from today.

War Continues

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My prediction of putin’s assassination on May 9th did not occur. While still hopeful it appears this military exercise will drag on with terrorizing news daily. Thoughts of the beautiful Ukrainian people, and what they are going through are in my constant thoughts. Reading of the elderly with their inability to escape due to debilitating illness, and the children being injured, and tortured is beyond comprehension.

The 69 year old former kgb agent has had stomach cancer with surgery in 2020, and it is rumored he has thyroid cancer as well. However, cancer in this age bracket grows slowly. he also has Parkinson’s Disease. The dictator bathes in the blood of deer antlers as treatment for his ills.

What a crazed man, and he is controlling the world.



May 9

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On this day in 1945 russia declared victory over Nazi Germany. Known as “Victory Day,” in russia parades showing military armament amass the streets. putin was planning a massive show on this state public holiday to gloat over the russian “win” in Ukraine. He may still claim russia has won, however, we all know this is not the case.

Writing this blog during the early hours of May 9th, one wonders what could unfold..

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putin Demise

It has been stated the end to the russian special operation will come with the assassination of putin. This makes sense, and predicted it will come from within his ranks.

putin is the ultimate war criminal of the 21st century.

Perhaps May 9th is the date planned for this act.

Makes sense.

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russian misinformation

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Interesting how the russians are framing the special military operation, (not war as one would be imprisoned for using this term), to their population. Reviewing misinformation videos regarding the war is unnerving and absurd, as:

Why would Ukraine damage and destroy their own country?

Probably the most upsetting viewed was the segment where a Mr. Rogers looking character explained the special military operation to a child. In his war of hate putin has covered all the bases with this propaganda ensuring the brainwashing of the next generation.

Latest russian casualty count is estimated at 15,000.

putin- how do you lie to a child who has lost a parent?

Ukraine is going to win this war and their beautiful country rebuilt.

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In Two Weeks: Sweden and Finland

This is the prediction for these two countries to join NATO. One only needs to take a look at a map to understand why this is occurring. While this is a welcomed alliance fears of Russian aggression spiking with this NATO addition is a grim reality.

Citizens of these countries are stockpiling food and goods to prepare for any type of Russian activity. The Finnish government has put 5 months of grain and fuels in their strategic reserves. While these countries have closed airspace to Russia this has not been honored.

May 9th – End of War?

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May 9th is Victory Day commemorating the 1945 Nazi surrender. It marks the Russian defeat of Nazi Germany, and historically a day of Russian military parades to show strength, but with this country in default where is the strength?

According to Yahoo News, and I paraphrase/interpret, on April 4 Russia was given 30 days to pay its default in dollars. This did not occur and bond holders are now looking to other methods for this repayment. While a challenging legal journey this could come by way of Russia being forced to rebuild the Ukraine and/or the United States seizing the Russian assets of its Central Bank. In visiting the Hermitage perhaps this debt could be repaid in art, which could easily be acquired and perhaps for pennies on the dollar?

This default will be sorted by the courts and may take years to resolve, however, perhaps not as the Biden administration is familiar with this. It took similar action in Afghanistan freezing half of their central banks reserves earlier this year to compensate 9/11 victims, and fund humanitarian support of the country.

They have experience with this.

It is doubtful soldiers will continue their efforts without salaries.

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