Scammed Again – Wallet Genius?

Received an email from Amazon stating my account was closed. Reviewed it closely and while perfectly written, no typos, etc.. it was a fraud. Sadly, I had already inserted information, and they had my credit card number even though I had not pressed send. The alert which caused me to check further was the request for the social security number, the full monty. Gratefully, I did not insert that.

When they asked for the Social Security number I did an Amazon order then cancelled it. The order went through and I returned to the email. With FBI eyes I then reviewed the email, and noted the crazy email address. Thought I was okay, but it was too late as Chase notified me this morning of a Spirit charge for $360.

Spirit is not a go to airline of mine and hats off to Chase security for realizing..

Anyone who has ever flown Spirit known it to be a red flag airline.

In speaking with the articulate customer service rep I asked of an Experian charge of $21.95. Apparently I had somehow signed up for something which was known as Wallet Genius. Never recall doing this. It is vendor driven and costs $1. the first month and 21.95 each additional month. This is also being revoked, and refunded. New charge card numbers are not forwarded.

Reviewed the Chase article on fraud. Believe they need to add checking email addresses to their article in addition to the other alert information. These scammers are perfecting their skills and tis the season.

While many naysayers state companies don’t listen, they do. In India I only drank bottled water. On the airline home I had a cup of water with ice causing revenge of close to 6 weeks on my gi tract. The travel company added this tidbit to their India information.

Often wonder how many I saved?

This is one souvenir no one wants.

I digress.. Remember to check those emails closely, especially when they ask for any information.

Scammers Take No Vacation

As I signed on to Yahoo a message appeared. Someone in Viet Nam had signed on to my account. After notifying Yahoo it wasn’t me I was angered.

Why now?

However what better time? During this pandemic we need to maintain our financial as well as physical health and be vigilant warding off the nefarious. Change passwords frequently and take care with all transactions. Conduct business on sites with a https:, as the “s” means secure, and look for the padlock next to the sign on.

One final suggestion.. Check monetary sites and see how your finances are going. Make adjustments as needed.

Personal safety includes financial concerns during this time.

Locks in front of Sacre Coeur Church, Montmartre, France.

How I miss traveling…