Smoke Hole Caverns

These caverns were used by the Seneca Indians. They were named for the smoke which came from the front of the cavern when game was smoked by the Indians. The caverns were beautiful, and awesome. Well worth the price of admission.

Smoke Hole Caverns also has an attached motel, minature golf, and a retail store where real damage can be done. As I said in the blog before they really sell jeweled cowboy boots…

Commercial over, and no recompense received, here are some pictures of these incredible works of natures.

Fish are maintained in the cavern through the efforts of the owners. This is not a natural phenomenon, but nice touch.

And let’s end our visit with one last look at those incredible rocks..

Seneca Rocks

This place has everything to get away from it all. It has hiking, lakes, fishing, and you can even find a great pair of studded Cowboy Boots at the Smoky Hole Caverns Resort store. All joke and aside here’s the real reason for the visit:

It’s a bit of a jaunt to the top of Seneca Rocks so walk slowly, wear good shoes, bring water, and travel with others.

The views from the top are spectacular…

Then returning to the bottom another treat as you gaze behind..

There is a historic home with an herb garden on site. The house was closed but gazing through the windows gave insight into life during this era.