Happy St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick was a missionary and bishop who is credited for bringing Christianity to Ireland. He is the Patron Saint of Ireland. The holiday has become a world-wide event with the United States celebrations far greater than Ireland. They mainly consider it a bank holiday. It is thought St. Patrick lived around 386 A.D. and while March 17th is honored as his date of death the official date is unknown.

In the US there are parades and much beer consumption.

Savannah has a 3 day festival and Chicago dyes the Chicago River to celebrate.

Americans consume corn beef and cabbage and Irish soda bread on this day while the Irish may do a Shepard’s Pie or lamb stew.

Meal to come..

Irish Catholics traditionally wear green on this day as it is thought to keep them invisible to leprechauns who might pinch them. While Protestants wear orange to designate their faith.

But the real question is… How much beer is actually consumed on this day? Despite valiant attempts couldn’t locate the answer..