Oakwood Cemetery

Not far from the Syracuse University campus is Oakwood Cemetery. It was designed by landscape artist Howard Daniels, and had its first burial in 1859. A historic cemetery, its 92 acres serves as the final resting place for many prominent residents of Syracuse. Am told there are cemetery tours, and recommend contacting the Cemetery for further information.

Found many SU students walking about the cemetery. The mausoleums were particularly interesting so let’s take a peek at some of them.

Rear View of Mausoleum – Angelic Stained Glass

Military Headstones with canon

Found this interesting.. members of the BPOE have a section of the cemetery for their members – wonder if the wives can be buried here???

My favorite – reminds me of an Art Deco representation


Word of caution – the cemetery is quite hilly, and my EV, Clemmie, (yes, I have named her after Winston Churchill’s amazing wife), be careful, and have exceptional tires, especially with the winter.

The Keepers

Watch The Keepers | Netflix Official Site

This 6 year old Netflix documentary was recently brought to my attention. Spent the next 8 hours over 2 days watching this fascinating program.. It chronicled the murder of a Catholic nun who was about to expose a priest sex scandal in the Baltimore Diocese which reached political, law enforcement, and community leaders.

Was it an eye opener?

Sadly, no, but riveting the lengths the catholic church goes to cover up lies.

The Last Shot

Followed the sign off the Trail and found quite a surprise. Here a man from Hawaii, 37 years as a pastry chef, followed his heart and lady to her home in Skaneateles, New York. He studied Google articles, and read books on crafting beer and spirits and viola, The Last Shot was birthed. Quite a success story wouldn’t you say?

Only open 7 years and here are some of the awards the owner, Chris Uyehara has stacked up..

The brand is tasty, flavorful, and plan on stocking up prior to my departure. Prices are reasonable.

Note the hand sanitizer. During the Pandemic when business was bleak Chris made hand sanitizer by the gallon to keep his business afloat.

The Brewing Rooms..

Chris, the owner

The Tasting and Bar Rooms

She’s wrapping up my chocolate liquor – better than Bailey’s – Yummy!!

Coming events – mark your calendar.. A must see and do place if in the area.

What a fun place! Nice to meet someone which such passion for his business.

I see a bright future for The Last Shot.

Rogue’s Tavern Lansing, New York

Bad Picture – but the colors of the sky priceless..

Came across this historic landmark driving to Ithaca, and thought I’d stop on the return flight to check it out. So glad I did. Great history, service, and food amazing. Had their chili which was the best I’ve ever had.

Here’s the history..

The Tavern building which also has an Inn..

Entry to the Pub and Inn is located to the rear of the building.

The interior was decorated in 1950 decor.

Food was tasty and menu included salads, sandwiches, and full meals. 

Know I’ll stop for a full meal on my next trip to Ithaca when I tour Cornell.

Let’s close with another gorgeous Ithaca sunset.

Not My Invoice!

Received an invoice for $399. from the Geek Squad. Know of these folks but never used their service. And I certainly wasn’t going to send them $399. just because they sent an invoice as it was a blatant scam.

After the initial email received an email from 2 other people who were scammed as well. The sentiments expressed in these emails cannot be disclosed in polite company, however, their expressions mirror mine. Since the email I have been unable to access the internet in my building even though the computer states nothing is wrong. Three days later at 2:30 a.m. I received internet access again and my virus protections say I am secure.

In the last 4 months I have received 3 new charge cards.

Thank goodness for Amazon Chase, they are a wonderful charge card, but really..

Can’t anything be done to get these scammers??

Genesee Street Stroll

The architecture of this stroll is one that is rarely found in a few city blocks..,

First stop, the Cayuga County Court House Building.

This majestic building was first built as a frame building in 1809, however, the present building was erected in 1836. From 1922-1924 it was reconstructed. Unable to visit the interior, one can only imagine its grandeur.

Across the street the Postal Building..

And sharing the block, the Episcopal Church of St. Peter and John.

Fun Fact: Red doors on an Episcopal Church signify the church is paid for, mortgage free.

Pomeroy and William Seward were brothers-in-law and owned adjacent homes on Owasco Lake, one of the New York State Finger Lakes. Both men were lawyers, and close friends of Harriet Tubman. She cared for the Pomeroy children. At Pomeroy’s death it is stated on the Pomeroy Park signage only Harriet’s flowers and note were buried with him in his casket.

This library was left by Willard Case, the father of Theodore Case, who invented the “talkies.” Willard’s wealth was acquired through the development of the Oswego Starch Factory, and through subsequent wise investing.

Sad to read this prominent Women’s Rights organizers home was razed, but as with many of these home termites often ate through wood structures. This also occurred in Flagler’s Home in St. Augustine, Florida.

The War of 1812 was a 3 year conflict between Britain and the United States. The reason for the War was left over concerns from the revolution regarding maritime and trade issues as well as expansionist concerns. It is viewed as largely a political war.

This is the Cayuga County Art and History Museum. It was formerly the Willard Case Residence. While currently closed. it will re-open in March. To learn more of this home check out the following website,

A House Through History: A Brief History of the Willard-Case Mansion

Besides the County Museum artifacts, the Case Research lab is here, as well as a carriage house movie theater.

Look forward to this tour come March 2023.

Next: Fort Hill Cemetery.

Beginnings of Auburn

European settlers began to arrive in the Auburn area in 1789. In 1793, during the Post Revolutionary War era, more settled in this area with John Hardenbergh, a veteran of an earlier Iroquois Indian campaign, instrumental in the area’s development. The community began to thrive with Hardenbergh’s gristmill and sawmill.

Homes of this era remain in the area.

The area grew further with the opening of the Erie Canal in 1825. This Canal allowed goods to be shipped inexpensively. The Canal was 363 miles in length running from the Hudson River to Lake Erie, across the State. It was the first waterway connection in this area.

The Canal was 36 feet wide and 4 feet deep. Boats were raised and lowered via a series of locks controlling water flow.

In 1816, Auburn Correctional Facility, was added to the area creating additional jobs. A local told me the New York State legislature elected to take the Prison in lieu of being chosen as the state capitol, however, in my research have not located this fact, though I do not doubt the resource. Auburn was a model of prison reform offering new ideas regarding inmate incarceration. It remains open to this day.


By the 1870’s the Lehigh Railroad extended their service to the area which further enriched the Auburn supply chain.

Next: Notable Auburn Citizens

Post 1368

Have written this many posts over the last 7 years?! Wow. Am trying to download them but unsure where the download is going. Hopefully, somewhere where I can access the information as no longer have photo albums for my travel pictures only blogs of the travels. And as to the phone can never find the photos, so delete them rather than giving Apple $2 a month.

All those little costs add up.

But, really do you ever truly revisit pictures taken???

I have volumes of photo albums and they only create dust.

Since I have been unable to insert photos on the blog have spent hours attempting to understand why. Two wordpress happiness engineers have had ideas, but no answers. This brought back memories of my gi misdiagnosis for the year 2022, so took matters into my own hands, which I did with my health. This brought a removed gall bladder and health returned, so gave the blog a shot.

After several hours, 6 or more, found wordpress does not accept .tiff files, but does accept .jpg files. Apparently .tiff files are only for smaller photos and a more secure way to insert photos. Why, and who made this change after 7 years I will never know as I didn’t ask for .tiff files. However, I will now make sure only to create or use .jpg files.

Great information which you wish you never had to learn or spend 6 hours trying to find out.


I can now understand how secret documents fall through the cracks.

Next adventure, off to the UPS Store to return the Tesla Adaptor which didn’t fit the Leaf Charger.

Oh, the challenges of technology.

Late Entry

While I mentioned my disappointing night in North Carolina, I neglected to mention the ease of the I-95 journey through South Carolina. One would think it the opposite but in South Carolina Walmart’s have banks of ev stations in their parking lot.

While only one Chademo high speed charger is available at these banks there was no wait time. Also, Walmart is open till 11pm, affords a potty, and shopping makes the two hour charging on the fast charger fly by. While I took a pic of these, WordPress will not allow download?, however, here’s a pic from an emoji file which is similar to what is found at Walmarts.

Only difference — neon flashing lights surround the entire charger and they glow.

Drifted through to the Virginia Welcome Center. Virginia has an AP which I downloaded and understood in the Visitor Center but couldn’t figure it out once on the road. And after following the directions given found myself at a Tesla charger. In speaking with someone on the street was told of chargers at Walmart. Was grateful to learn this as my charge was low.

Yeah! Virginia Walmarts have chargers!!

From here the journey became one Virginia Walmart to the next making the drive easy. While maps are good and people try to be helpful information on sites are not 100% accurate and lack phone numbers. Therefore, you travel to a site and it may not be working, or it may be a Tesla fast charging site, or even under construction.

Here a shout out goes to the following charging companies staff:

  • Electrify America- when I called in tears the gal pulled a rabbit out of the hat and found me a station..
  • Charge Point

They always seem to be able to locate something in a pinch.

Also, want to thank the many hotel personnel who allowed me to camp out in their lobbies accessing their wifi in search of a charging station.

There were so many kind individuals. Americans are special folk.

On to Pennsylvania..