Ian Approaching

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Wish we were talking about a handsome hunk, but sorry its a storm.

Florida is under a State of Emergency due to Hurricane Ian. Have made lodging arrangements for Central Georgia at a Super 8 for 3 days, however, unsure if this will be the best place to shelter with storm shifts.

Central Georgia Vacation?

Predictions state the storm will hit Florida by Tuesday. Stores are empty, the rocket launch has been postponed, and Ian’s strength is increasing. Florida has had daily rains this summer with Saturday idyllic – perhaps the pun, “A calm before the storm,” is appropriate.

Spaghetti Model

Here are some of the various models used to predict storms:

  • European Model- thought to be the most advanced modeling with the best reputation, however, not always the most reliable.
  • Spaghetti Model – shows all potential storm paths
  • Statistical Model – uses statistical equations to predict storm paths
  • Consensus Model – uses an averaging of all predictions
  • Dynamic Modeling – is complex and analyzes global atmospheric data, not for tropical storms
  • Limited Area Dynamic Models- mathematical formulations are used for predictions in focused areas, and used for tropical storms.

And for the most reliable, up to date resource, internet sources state follow the National Hurricane Center updates.


Stealing Golf Balls

I wrote in April when a golf ball broke the back window of my car. I live on a golf course, one that is in awful shape, but still a golf course.

What awful greens!

I sucked up the $351 tab for the window and cleaned up the mess. Since the golf balls continue to land decided to sell these creatures for $1 a pop.

Had my neighbor make a sign and placed it near the greens. Today I watched a golfer take 2 from the bucket and not pay for them.

Since he had left the scene of the crime by the time I could question this action I screamed my disgust from afar in stern words..

He returned to the scene of the crime and threw the golf balls he took at me.

The golf balls and sign now have been moved next to my garden for security.

Once again – golf is not a sport of honor.

Late Entry: Computer Virus Clean

Had my computer “cleaned” today at Staples for $149. Word to the wise – re-read my blog from yesterday. Am now attempting to re-connect.

On another note..

Listened to NPR today, and as usual Florida highlights were discussed. The school boards are now stopping education on reproduction. This follows banning books, critical race theory, and gay topics not being taught.

No wonder so many teachers are leaving.

How can they expect children to be prepared effectively for living in the 21st century?

Had an interesting conversation with a born and bred Southern woman this past weekend on several Florida concerns, and this is what she said.

“The South has the humidity, and the stupidity.”

Quite a comment.

Vote Charlie Crist and Val Demings.

Floridians will have a chance with them.

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Day 2: Pizza, Stephen Colbert, Times Square, Subway, Chinatown, and Evan Hansen

Day 2 of the visit was eclectic. With the pristine weather left early and decided to walk the City. Stopped at Lincoln Center and viewed the quiet monoliths. There were no scheduled performances except free venues and I received literature on those. The theater at Lincoln had interesting movies, however, they conflicted with my schedule so I continued to walk enjoying all the sites and sounds the City offered.


Walked past some of my favorite spots..

99 Cent Pizza is the best in the City. Took back 2 pies to Florida. YUM!

And on to the subway with some beautiful and intriguing new art..

Next Chinatown

Here I had a massage, lunch, and viewed the Chinese soldiers. In Chinatown you can never get a bad massage or lunch, always memorable.

My Florida Garden Protectors

And the last event, Dear Evan Hansen

Well acted and interesting story line, but, not my cup of tea. A well intentioned lie brings a family together in a time of crisis and goes too far. Kind of like our government?? Of course that wasn’t well intended..

Many young adults in their 20’s were there with mom and pop taking in the show. The “kids” oohed and aahed, so if you want a bonding event with your 20 something “kid” suggest you get tickets to the show. They are now a third of what they cost originally. Were $350. a seat at one time, and now in the $80 range for nosebleed section.

After leaving the theater there was much ado in Times Square. The kpop (?) band from South Korea were releasing their new tunes on the Times Square billboards. Not a fan but fun to see all the crazed visitors capturing the UPC codes to hear their new music.

Ended the day at Trader Joe’s on 72nd St. purchasing $50 worth of groceries not able to locate in Florida. If you enjoy grocery stores stop here. Great service, prices, and an overall fun experience.

Lastly, don’t forget Grey’s Papaya across the street- what a delicious drink.

Follow-up from 8/9/22 blog: Success

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

Have been trying to find a doctor for several months. 5 years ago I signed on with a doc but never can get through the phone lines, or an appointment within a reasonable timeframe. I called last Monday, and the message said I’d have a response in 24 hours. On Wednesday at 11 a.m., I was graced with a call back. I was in NYC, and had been waiting by the phone for 2 days plus when in Florida, and I mean that literally. I did not leave the house waiting. When I received the call back I was shocked, in the middle of something in NYC, and not equipped to make an appointment.


I told the scheduler the above information asking what to do. She said call back. and I said yes and wait 3 days by the phone?. I said thank you, good bye, and hung up. The next day the office manager called with a tone saying they were having staffing problems, someone was caring for her mother in hospice who any day would die, and they can’t keep up. Forgive me, but tmi, (too much information), and is this not a business? The women continued her rant getting louder, and talking faster. I said I did not want to be screamed at, and then she went on about she never screams at anyone – well, lady you are, but bit my tongue.

I was getting a tongue lashing when I only wanted an appointment. Then when I asked the purpose of this call she stated since I had berated her office staff I was not allowed to continue service with their medical group. At this point after being spoken to like a child, and attempting to get an appointment with this group for 5 years, this was a relief. Always liked the female doc there but something better is out there.

Yeah, it’s over!!! The woman finally shut up and got to the point..

Called 3 other practices, and no one was taking new patients. Recall, I am not Ashton Kutcher… Mayo Clinic only gives appointments to the prominent, or “interesting cases,” which Ashton had both, and I’m sure he’ll probably donate a building, or a million to Mayo.

I digress, though not my war with this group.

However, one gal from Baptist Health was kind, listened to my story about being kicked out of a practice, and referred me to medicare.gov. I now have a doctor and an appointment on Thursday. Wish me luck!


Who says the government doesn’t do something for us?

Voting in Florida

Today I should be writing about my idyllic visit to New York City, and I will. But returning a book to the library I was struck, literally struck by this. Campaign workers screamed at me attempting to stop my car to give me pamphlets for their party. One did succeeded as I feared I would drive over her. When I rolled down my window this young woman in her 20’s screamed, “Vote conservative.” I stated I vote Democratic, and rolled up the window. Gratefully, she moved away. I was saddened by this exchange, how does a young person not understand climate change with the weather in Florida, and having possibly 60 years left to live?

It is predicted in 30 years we can have days with 125 degree temperatures.

Conservatives are not going to address this as their agenda is pro life, banning gun legislation, and books in schools, and blocking any mention of the word gay.

This incident reminded me of what an acquaintance faced in Pennsylvania during a July 4th parade. A bus for doug mastriano arrived on the scene, and young people doggedly handed out his campaign flyers. doug mastriano is the republican candidate for governor in Pennsylvania, and he paid for buses to ship insurrectionists from Pennsylvania to DC for January 6th. When she said no to the pamphlets, and attempted to get away, she was chased. Absolute insanity, and again illegal.

Once in the library I told the election board officials of this incident. They had called the sheriffs, and these individuals were ticketed but they remained, no consequences. This is illegal, and I registered my concerns further, however, realized nothing further would be done.

Where is this going and worse yet does anyone care?

It’s always the loudest voice that gets the attention. I want to be louder.

Campaign Commercial Season

It’s begun.. It’s official.. And in many ways it’s predictable, and humorous.

The Campaign Commercial Season is hereI

Photo by Rene Asmussen on Pexels.com

The Florida ads have been nasty with the republicans always calling out the candidates but never saying what they will do besides the usual:

  • Pro life
  • Conservative Values
  • Right to carry arms

Then the ad ends with their family, and never understood how all the candidates have blonde wives. Of course all the commercials in the South have women with long blonde hair whether they are selling a candidate or dental replacements. And, if they have a member of family in uniform they are omnipresent.

They need to put this gal in as their wife. They’d really get elected. Remember the movie Bombshell?

Photo by Adrienn on Pexels.com

When discussing the individual they are running against it’s always loud, angry voices, and ear piercing music stating these claims:

  • Didn’t vote for tr or ron de santis – well, dah.. they are a democrat.
  • Always votes 100% of the time with Nancy Pelosi. Well, don’t all the repub always vote with Mitch?. Fact: they sign a waiver with Mitch once voted in that they will always vote the party line.

The Florida Governor Race Commercials

Have enjoyed the Charlie Crist commercials. He’s honest. says what he’s going to do. and for an older man he is incredibly sexy. Nice smile. HA! HA! in reviewing his credentials he’s held about every political job in the State, and currently is in congress. He wants to be the governor, and has been before. With his qualifications, and job experience he probably should run for President.

His competitor, the current governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis. Was surprised by his commercials as he is testy to the point of nasty with his stance on gays, Disney, school books being sequestered, and of course the artificial COVID numbers. His commercial today was a reading of letters from constituents thanking him for all he does.

He must be taking lessons from those Florida Big Box christian churches where the pastors make 6 figures as they brainwash the congregation in their bible interpretation. Recall Jim Baker? He’s still around doing a Pod cast in Missouri, while Tammy is deceased. I digress.. Sorry, needed to be said. I liked Tammy eyelashes and all.

She wasn’t homophobic, she had a heart.

The Florida Senate Race Commercials

Next, Val Demings – a pithy, former Orlando police chief, with a stellar record on decreasing crime now in the House running for the Senate.

She’s running against Marco Rubio, and her ads say he doesn’t come to work or vote, which Florida voters know but don’t seem to care. They laugh, but this ain’t a laughing matter. He never smiles, always looks angry, and disheveled. He tried to pass a bill so women couldn’t leave the state for abortion care, and this weekend dissed the cap on insulin coverage.

Marco, Do you even care? His ads are filled with old, obese, white policemen attacking Demings. It is a lie, and disgrace of what he is saying. Guess he can’t tell the real truth about Val, she gets the job done!

I’m just glad I have a functional mute button. Will be using it a lot this season.

On to Southampton, England

Good bye Big Ben and Londontown. Am on to Southampton for a 12 day cruise with ports in Scotland, Norway, and Iceland.

Took the train from the hostel to Southampton. Trains in the EU are amazing. Joe Biden is on spot with trains, we need more in the US.

Southampton is an industrial port.

However, there are also beaches nearby.

Cabs were waiting outside the train station for cruise passengers, but arrive early as limited volume. Some folks schedule cabs, however was unable to locate that info..

Shared a cab with a man from Key West boarding a ship to Antarctica in 3 days. He arrived early to ensure his plans as with climate change, and flight concerns need this buffer. Many I spoke with are doing this now. Have heard horror stories of folks missing entire trips as they were unable to “catch up” with the ship or the tour.

Those who arrived in Southampton early enjoyed their visit. Apparently, Southampton has much to see and do. Check out the web site below.


Something to consider and believe this is a wise idea.

Cab fare was 15 pounds, and my gracious companion paid 10. First time in decades any man ever paid anything for me. What a treat.

Met long lines at ship registration. While pre-boarding is required there are always other hoops to jump with this process. Met several fascinating people who enjoyed chatting which made time fly. Boarding also goes faster when you carry on luggage. If not luggage arrival will not occur till late in the afternoon and we all need that toothbrush. So if you let the cruise folk care for your luggage pack a carry-on of needed items.

My room – been cruising since my early 20’s and first time I ever had a window. WOW!

Tomorrow: Cruise Entertainment


On Day 3 in London took a bus trip to Bath and Stonehenge. Recommend bus trips to sites as it is a relaxing way to visit. In London there is an entire station devoted to those taking tour bus excursions. It is known as Victorian Station Coach. This is a separate station from other regular bus lines. Remember this when attempting to locate the Station as those you may ask have no idea…………… ?

The ride to Stonehenge from London is approximately 2 hours through farmlands. Stonehenge rises out of a field which has caused many to wonder, ‘Why?” On this trip the answer was not obtained, however, it was a fun day with these interesting sites.

Purchase tickets at the booth near the gift shop. Then mount the bus or trek up to the site.

On return from the site tour the Stonehenge Museum, and see the outside huts displaying how those building Stonehenge would have lived. Children love this.

One more shot of this amazing creation before departing.

Churchill War Rooms

While at Windsor Castle asked the security staff about the Churchill War Rooms. This site ranks highly as things to see in London. They assured me I had adequate time to get there, gave directions, and I was on my way. Grateful I made this visit as it was astounding. These are the actual rooms where Churchill worked during World War II. Besides seeing the rooms there were also fascinating displays depicting the various eras of Churchill’s life. For those war buffs plan a whole day visit, for others at least 3 hours.

A must see.

The War Room
His Cabinet
Another extremely important Room in the underground.

Sad World War II Facts…

  • 30,000 killed in London
  • 60,000 killed in Britain
  • Half million homes destroyed in London
  • Four million homes destroyed in Britain
  • Approximately 20,000 tons of bombs fell on London
  • Approximately 70,000 tons of bombs fell on Britain

The War Room in the underground is totally intact. Both Churchill and his wife, Clemmie, maintained a room at the underground, however, it was stated Churchill only napped there and slept only 3 nights during the War.

Clemmie’s Room left and Winston’s Room above

Churchill hated noise and staff in the underground worked 18 hour days and entire weekends. Both men and women worked tirelessly devoted to the cause.

Eleven typists worked in this small area.


Caveat: After the visit, stop by the Park across from the War Rooms. It is devoted to Diana, another warrior.