Hickory Furniture Mart

Open Monday-Saturday 9 to 6

Busy Hickory Day, and we aren’t done! Since Hickory was once, or possibly still is, the Furniture Capitol of the World sought out this spot to see the latest furniture designs. This Mart attracts folks from all over the world and I can understand why. The variety and selections are extensive in this 4 level building of the best names in furniture.

And, if you don’t have the time or desire there are the Designing Women.

Let’s take a look around, starting with the living room. Chatted with one salesgal and she said beige was this year’s color. Like the color accents, don’t you??


My favorite, the chaise, it’s on my bucket list in a floral print. I’m sure the perfect print is in this wall of fabrics below.

Interesting to see the construction of the chairs..

Next on to Amish furniture – great display of baby and young children furniture

Dining Rooms

Could just see this in a NYC high rise. Lovely..

Liked this table and it’s wood was something I’d never seen.

Furniture for enclosed patios

Business Furniture

Bedroom Furniture

Looks like a bedroom for Madonna with its fur covers and glossy pillows..
What a lucky little girl to have this bedroom furniture.

And let’s close with some levity.

If only I had a house or office to decorate.

What a fascinating place!

The Shakers of Pleasant Hill

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Mother Ann Lee, Foundress,

Courtesy Pinterest

The Shakers came to America from England to escape religious persecution in the late 1700’s. Their community grew into 8 states with nearly 5,000 members. They were pacifists and in worship sang and danced. Their dance often caused shaking, thus the name. Men and women lived apart and were celibate.

Shaker Dancing

Their communal life style promoted a longer life with Shakers living till 75 years of age while others during this time period died at 45.

Each community house had a separate entrance for men and women, note the 2 doors.

In 1806, the Shaker community branched out to Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, from their first community in New Lebanon, New York. The community grew to almost 500 members within 15 years on 4,000 acres. Pleasant Hill had 5 settlements of approximately 100 members each. Each settlement housed 100 members, however, when crises rose all settlements worked in unison to maintain other settlements needs.

Shakers were entrepreneurial and innovative. They developed medicines, seeds, furniture, brooms, architectural masterpieces, and a wide variety of farming innovations. Here at the Village all is on display for viewing.

The famous Shaker broom. Note the pegs the brooms hang from a design created to maintain order.
Shaker ice chest
Shaker harvesting equipment
Washing and Drying Area
Tobacco Drying in one of the Shaker barns. Shakers were noted for barn construction.
Post Office and Trustee’s Office Shaker women were leaders involved in the Community business.

This living museum was beyond amazing with so much to see and learn about Shaker life. Rooms are available on the property in the Shaker buildings. Amenities and Shaker furniture reproductions are 21st century in these rooms.

At the Trustee’s Office there is a restaurant with reasonably price food which is delicious. Walking and hiking paths are available within the Village. During the summer season there is a boat ride on the river nearby. Children especially loved this venue, however, it is for children of all ages.

This visit was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable visits I have ever taken. The Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill is an undiscovered jewel to partake. A must see and do.

A Shaker Sunrise

Madeline Albright

Madeline Albright is an American success story.  The daughter of a diplomat the family immigrated to America from Prague, when her father lost favor with his government’s policies on communism. In Denver, where the family relocated, Madeline founded the school’s international relations club.  Next was a full scholarship to Wellesley College, with advanced degrees from John Hopkins and Columbia University to follow.

Her government work began as an aide to Senator Ed Muskie. This led her to a position on the National Security Council under President Jimmy Carter.  Upon Carter’s departure from office she taught at Georgetown University and was a foreign policy advisor to Democratic candidates.  In 1992, she again worked on the National Security Council and in 1997 was tapped by President Bill Clinton for Secretary of State.  She was the first woman to hold that position.  President Barack Obama awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2012.

At 83, she continues to write and advise on foreign policy.  She is a six -time New York Times bestselling author and her latest book is Hell and Other Destinations.

Off to North Carolina

Have accepted a travel nurse gig in North Carolina. Left at 4:45 a.m. to travel to this next adventure. Spent my last Florida day walking the beach, soaking up the sun, and treating myself to a brownie hot fudge sundae. The condo remains in renovation state, however, between Steve and my daughter it will come together. Much progress has been made and those who follow have seen the blogs.

The 600 mile trek was an easy one with clear skies and little traffic. The 2 1/2 hours to the Florida border was easy and have my fingers crossed this will continue for the entire journey. Entering Georgia I noted this overhead sign,

“You’all don’t litter.”

This was a welcomed sign as in traveling through our beautiful country I have noted a horrific build up in trash along our roads. Since I am old and was indoctrinated under Lady Bird Johnson’s, “Keep America Beautiful,” campaign, this litter distresses me. It also causes brings to mind hygiene as we are in the midst of a pandemic and would this trigger another??

In Florida, they often have inmate work crews handling this task. While this doesn’t resolve the problem it does help.

On to North Carolina…


This blog is about what I think..

Radio Free New Hampshire: And The Bucket Of Warm Spit Award Goes To ... |  Nashua, NH Patch

Watching the inaugural of President Joseph Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris I was filled with pride. History has been made with the first female Vice President. And to add to the mix she is black, Asian, and the daughter of immigrants. So much of what she engenders is what makes our country great. Then President Biden with his 47 years of experience in federal government, known to all our international friends, and a strong advocate for women.

I am grateful.

Niche, Niche, Niche

Today I received an email out of the blue from Dusty with a wordpress id stating I need to develop a niche. Since I haven’t written in 6 weeks I was surprised and violated by this email as who has given him my email address? In the 4 years I have been writing I’ve received 6 comments, and only through the site. While most were nasty and derogatory my daughter did write a fond critique and for that she was rewarded royally..

So while I know the definition of niche – specialized segment of the market for a particular product or service, (in case you don’t know), I have contemplated Dusty’s thoughts. However, the purpose of my writings is to reflect on what a senior gal thinks and does and quite frankly this is all over the board. If a fellow senior does come across my blog perhaps as they read might think – maybe I could take that trip, try that exercise, feng shui my house, or nice to know someone else has computer challenges, and finally gee never knew of that historic woman. Perhaps the blog will inspire a senior to think they could take that trip, pick up a book to learn more of that historic woman, or even exercise.

Thanks, Dusty for your email. Please block my web site. Bye.

Berkley Springs, West Virginia

Berkley Springs is a neat town nestled in the mountains of West Virginia. It is a historic mineral spa dating back to 1750. Its healing waters were first used by the Indians, and George Washington was said to have stopped here several times. It is considered America’s first spa.

The park leading to the spa.

The warm water spring has a constant temperature of 74 degrees. Here is the bath house and tub areas.

Entrance to the baths.
The bath area
Spickets for mineral water
Another historic bath house on site

Massages are also available at the site. The town is an artist community and there are many unique shops and buildings near the spa. While investigating the area found this interesting castle.

Worth a stop for a massage and/or soak. There also is a museum on site with limited hours.

For further information regarding spa, massage, and park concerns contact:

Gallipolis, Ohio

Driving back from Peachy’s in Wheeling, West Virginia, with my new Amish rocker came across this town.

What a charming spot developed by new settlers coming to the frontier of Ohio. Gallipolis, which means City of Gauls, is one pretty place on the Ohio River. Take a look.

Charming homes,

right on the Ohio,

adjacent to a beautiful park.

The City also has an opera house, bird sanctuary, and artist community. Great place for an afternoon of relaxation.

Waldomore: Historic Clarksburg, WV

This historic home in Clarksburg, West Virginia, was once the residence of the Goff family, a prominent local family. Waldo who lived from 1796 to 1881, was born in Otsego County, New York. He built his grand two story Neo-Classical brick home in 1839. Waldo was a member of the Virginia State Senate from 1833 to 1837, and held other offices before becoming sheriff of Harrison County, West Virginia, in 1851.

Four of Waldo’s eight male children served in the Virginia, and West Virginia state legislature with Nathan being the most prominent serving as Secretary of the Navy to President Rutherford Hayes. Nathan also served as a United States congressman from 1883 to 1889.

The home has original outbuildings on the property which were used for slave staff who worked for the Waldo family.

The home was donated to the City of Clarksburg for use as a library by Mrs. May Goff Lowndes. With the advent of the new library in 1976 Waldomore became a depository of important papers and genealogical research center. The papers of UFO writer Gray Barker are housed here.

The home is also used for cultural events such as concerts. It houses antiques of the time period and pieces unique to West Virginia.

For tours contact the library staff.

Commercial Time #5: The Pool

Today I went to the community pool to swim.  The pool was closed however the after hours staff handed me a schedule.  I also received a 2 inch instruction sheet explaining how to schedule pool lane times for lap swim.  They brightly smiled at me stating how wonderful this new service was.

After leaving the after hours staff I got into my car to return home.  I read the instructions prior to departure and realized I needed to download an AP to make a swim lane appointment.  Having had success with AP installation in the past I felt success was in my future. 

I am home now and have spent 30 minutes with the  AP Store.  I am unable to download the AP as my password is incorrect.  I check my trusty address book again and carefully try the password one more time. The cloud has not yet locked me out but continues to tell me my password is incorrect.  Who am I to question them so I attempt to secure another password but am unable.

I leave the phone and turn on my computer thinking I could register for a swim lane with the computer.  I thought the community pool was community property but now realize it is associated with the Y.  I must register with the Y but am unable.

Somehow without prompting or registering I arrive at a screen where I can register for swim classes, however, I need to be an infant or child to take these classes.  Then without prompting a screen appears to rate the web site.  I am honest.  I tell them I am old, and only want to get a lane to swim.  I inform them of my inability to install their AP or access the appropriate screens from their web site. I send the comments,  sigh, and shut off the computer.

I enter the bathroom and fill the tub with a cup of Epsom salts and warm water.  I put on my swim suit for effect, and float.  This will have to do as trying to swim at the community pool is simply too challenging.