Retailers: Protect your workers

Just got off the phone with my daughter. As an event planner who works with film and music festivals all her gigs have been cancelled for the next 6 months. She has taken a job as a cashier in an Austin, Texas liquor store. Texas is a work to rule state meaning workers have no rights, however, she is grateful for her $11. hour, non-benefit job.

The store is supplying hand sanitizer and gloves but there is no plastic protection between the client and herself. At all 7-11’s, bodegas, and gas stations in most parts of the country this protection has been implemented to protect their workers.

As our conversation continued she mentioned the wealthy, older male customers who leer at her, ask her for a date, and offer lewd comments while getting much too close. One can tell they are wealthy by the clothing, cars, and color of their charge card as they buy hundreds of dollars of booze. This store is located in an extremely affluent Austin neighborhood.

Asking her female manager who has worked for the company for 10 years for this protection has fallen on deaf ears. The manager has asked her bosses, however, the ask has fallen on deaf ears. What if she gets corona from these vile customers? Who will pay for the medical bills?

And to this liquor store chain, man up and stand up for your workers.

Vermont life

I lived in Vermont and saw the state. Nice folk but seems like they are dirt poor or wealthy. It is heavily taxed. Check out the stats. They also have horrific drug problems and I cry for the farm families. Every time I turned on the radio there were fund raisers for them as 1 in 4 can’t feed their families.

Do we want to spread that nationally? Bernie fix Vermont, make it better for your folks at home.

We have a choice on Super Tuesday, Mike Bloomberg, he will get it done.

Call to Action: Women for Mike

Today is a conference call with Women for Mike. It will outline our agenda for climate change, gun violence concerns, and other pressing issues. Though visiting New York City this weekend I will attempt to hook on however if unable will catch up post call. We can get it done, lead the world on these issues, and we must. Ladies, google Mike B and get involved in these platforms. Our children’s and grandchildren’s future is at stake.


As I watch and listen to US political turmoil I become saddened. Why are these now old men coming forth to endorse lies? Is the celebrity so important that they have lost their moral compass? And do they not understand how this affects our country and the potential prison time for them?

All for one last glow in the spot light.

They should have taken up golf.

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The carts are waiting but they won’t be in prison.

This is Kathleen, and if you don’t like what I say it’s still Kathleen.

Broken Chair

I enjoy going to the condo club house and using their Wi-Fi. At first it was because I saved $79.95 a month but then I realized it had become another daily senior event.

When I walk to the club house I always see Jimmy on my way and get a hello. Then upon arrival at my “office” as Sam has nicknamed it, I open my computer on the community condo desk and get to work. While it is a community office I like to think of it as my own.

I particularly like my office as I have a nearby bathroom, good lighting and of course the desk. But the thing I liked best was my office chair. It was a black leather, high back executive office chair and today I broke it. As I turned to pick up a paper I found myself on the floor. The metal shaft of the chairs seat had split in half. Sam replaced it with a metal folding chair but my office is no longer the same.

I feel great remorse in this loss and now have moved to the condo couch, a much more comfortable spot but as I look at my desk I long to sit there. I am concerned that my event will be an agenda item for the next condo meeting. I hope by then I’ve lost those last 15 pounds.

I love Other People’s Dogs

Leaving this morning on a short trip I caught a glimpse of my neighbor’s dog.  I waved, looked at the dog, smiled and he smiled back.  His name is Venice and a golden retriever, I never understood why an orange dog is called golden but he is.

I love other people’s dogs.  I can pet them, rub them behind their ears, sometimes give them treats but always give them love.  Dog is God spelled backward and their unconditional love is beyond compare.

I had a dog once and her name was Precious.  She was a twelve-pound Bichon Frise and the love of my life.  She lived fourteen years and my daughter often said I loved the dog more than her and during the teen years that surely was possible.

Precious was the cutest thing you ever wanted to see.  This little white ball of fur and I were inseparable. I always felt bad when I had to leave her. She would hide under the bed whenever the suitcases came out.  I knew life without me was difficult for her.

Which brings me to why I haven’t gotten another dog.  I simply love to travel and know I would never travel if I had a dog.  I am destined to continue loving other people’s dogs and traveling.

Caveat:  Found out Venice is an Irish Setter.  Need a fact checker here.  🙂

Beer Etiquette

Jimmy is the maintenance man at my condo.  He has a southern drawl, is easy on the eyes and though he doesn’t know it has given me many tips on how to live southern.  As an aside, Donna please do not be concerned I am not after him.

This morning as I left the condo Jimmy walked by and we chatted.  Jimmy loves to chat and I enjoy our conversations.  He told me once again our sprinkler system had broken and he would have to dig up the tubing.  This is a big job and since our condos are over 50 years old they, like humans have things that break.  Since he leaves at noon I told him to go home and have a beer to forget it.

Unsure what I did wrong I noted Jimmy’s chagrin.   He laughed and said let me tell you how it goes with beer.  You don’t drink if you are going to work and only after 5 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with Sunday being the exclusion.  I had been educated as I wondered about my fellow neighbors since I am not a drinker except for the occasional 3 ounces of Merlot deemed for health reasons.

Concluding our conversation Jimmy drove off in his golf cart laughing saying, “Now you know Beer Etiquette.”  Another southern lesson learned.