Wet Virginia

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Did you watch Stephen Colbert last night? It’s an eye opener veiled in humor.

Wonder why the Senator from West Virginia is against the Biden legislation? He made half a million in coal profits last year, his son manages a coal company, and coal money is streaming into his campaign coffers. Guess we all know where his interests lie…in his self interest, not for his people.

In the meantime, West Virginia as well as all of us are drowning in the affects of this dirty energy.

Next wonder…whose contributing to the Arizona Senator’s campaign?

President Biden Rally Dates!

I recently emailed the White House with this idea. The American public needs to know and understand the following bills:

  • The Infrastructure Bill
  • The Human Infrastructure Bill

They are key to our survival and once they learn their components they’ll be contacting those senators and representatives against them letting them know how they feel.

And start these rallies in West Virginia and Arizona.

Come on President Joe, get your message out to the American people – tell them what’s in these bills and do it NOW as we don’t have time to loose.

The Reno Riverwalk

Not far from “The Row,” of casinos, Silver Legacy, Circus-Circus, and the El Dorado Hotels, is the Reno River walk located on the Truckee River.

It is a restful walk filled with much beauty and activity.

Even Fishing

And while there are homeless present, they stay to themselves. Police patrol the area.

Returning from the Riverwalk noted much building art. The Circus-Circus Casino has devoted a side of their building for this. Interesting building art is located throughout Reno.

Quite a variety.

Buffalo Bill Museum: 5 Museums in One Part II: Natural History, Gun Collection and Indian Museum

Natural History Museum – Sadly, pictures did not cooperate, however, this portion of the Museum displays wildlife explaining ecologic concerns.

Gun Museum – prior to visiting the Gun Museum visit the leather shop where craftsmen make saddles.

The Gun Museum – While not a fan of guns did a quick walk through. Had never seen such variety on display.

For the gun enthusiast this is the Museum to visit.

Indian Museum This Museum had many interactive displays with a theater production regarding Indian life. Very impressive. Some pictures.

The Theater Production

There is so much to see at the Museum that a 2 day ticket is offered. Recommend taking that option to see all the Museum has to offer.

Job well done, Wild Bill.

Buffalo Bill Museum: 5 Museums in One Part I: The Buffalo Bill Museum and Art Museum

This Museum has five Museums in one:

  • Buffalo Bill Museum
  • Art Museum
  • Natural History Museum
  • Gun Museum
  • Indian Museum

Let’s take a peek at all five starting with Buffalo Bill. Was unaware of Buffalo Bill Cody till visiting this town. He was a famous showman and footage of his shows run non-stop in this area of the Museum. He traveled the world doing his shows spending 5 years in Europe, and 30 years on the road. The art and pageantry was robust with his shows requiring 3 railroad cars for transport of props. Some memorabilia on display at the Museum.

His private tent used while on the road.

The Art Museum – much Western art was displayed here.

Frederick Remington was a personal friend of Cody’s and his studio is in the Museum,

along with a special picture of Cody. Had never seen a Remington painting, only his sculptures. Beautiful.

The sculpture collection was profound.

And if an art lover don’t miss the outside sculptures,

and here you will find Cody’s childhood home as well as a children’s playground. Never saw that in a museum before.

Next: The remaining 3 Museums.

The Road to Cody Continues

Next on the route was the Shoshone National Forest. Many beautiful rock formations, and trees were seen along this route. Camping and hiking trails are available.

Stopped at a rest area along the way and made friends with this delightful little creature. She’s Iowa born and bred and her sisters are available. I have the number, but how would I travel??

A meditation stop grateful to have made it through those last crazy turns of Yellowstone.

The Firefighter’s Memorial

Buffalo Bill State Park

The Cody Dam – everything in this town is associated with Bill Cody. Take time to visit the Dam and see the movie about its construction. It is free and a fascinating visit.

Free golf cart ride to Dam

This is the world’s tallest dam and took 3 different contractors to see it’s completion.

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There is no steel reinforcement, only concrete. 350 men worked 5 years in blizzard conditions to ensure it’s completion. It was built from 1904 to 1910 and had a $929,000. cost over run.

Quite a Plunge!

Campground Arrival and Departure

Arrived at the Campground at 9:30 pm and was greeted by a delightful senior couple from Michigan who were manning the campground reservation area.

The Park hires contract service and many seniors journey with RVs to the National Parks staffing the various positions. For those without RVs, dormitory housing is available.

Received information and directions for the trip to Cody, Wyoming. Bunked down in the car and called it a day.

Upon rising at 5 a.m. deposited the yellow ticket in the check out box and was on my way to Cody. What a simple process for the federal government to have established.

Jackson Hole to Grand Tetons

Somehow in the journey returned through Utah, then on to more mountains.

During a flat stretch of road two hours away from destination located a former haunt my daughter and I visited. Here we rented a cabin and watched movies on the drive in screen from our cabin porch. Unsure if things have changed but if you want a unique adventure check out the Spuds Drive-In. Believe they have started doing music festivals.

Then on to another mountain pass. What views and hair pin turns..

And one last picture as this is where I stopped to pick up a few rocks for my garden. Always the avid gardener..

After this portion of the journey found myself in Jackson Hole. What a beautiful spot with many bike trails, shops, restaurants, music venues, and homes starting at 2.5 million according to the local newspaper. It is the haunt of many Hollywood types and for us normal folk it is a pleasant pass through on the way to the National Parks.

There are several entrances to Yellowstone. Taking the southern entrance allows you to visit The Grand Teton National Park first then journey north to Yellowstone. See both. Each have separate fees, however, a combination pass can be purchased. This portion of the Park is free.

Tetons on the way to the actual park. While the smoke from the California wildfires hid the majesty of these Tetons, one can make out in the shadows their majesty.

What an amazing site, and the sites have only begun. Each time I thought I had seen the most amazing view another surpassed the former. Stay tuned.

Hickory Furniture Mart

Open Monday-Saturday 9 to 6

Busy Hickory Day, and we aren’t done! Since Hickory was once, or possibly still is, the Furniture Capitol of the World sought out this spot to see the latest furniture designs. This Mart attracts folks from all over the world and I can understand why. The variety and selections are extensive in this 4 level building of the best names in furniture.

And, if you don’t have the time or desire there are the Designing Women.

Let’s take a look around, starting with the living room. Chatted with one salesgal and she said beige was this year’s color. Like the color accents, don’t you??


My favorite, the chaise, it’s on my bucket list in a floral print. I’m sure the perfect print is in this wall of fabrics below.

Interesting to see the construction of the chairs..

Next on to Amish furniture – great display of baby and young children furniture

Dining Rooms

Could just see this in a NYC high rise. Lovely..

Liked this table and it’s wood was something I’d never seen.

Furniture for enclosed patios

Business Furniture

Bedroom Furniture

Looks like a bedroom for Madonna with its fur covers and glossy pillows..
What a lucky little girl to have this bedroom furniture.

And let’s close with some levity.

If only I had a house or office to decorate.

What a fascinating place!