MJ: The Play

Currently at the Neil Simon Theater on 52nd Street is MJ, The Play, based on the book by Lynn Nottage. The play captures the tortured life of Michael Jackson as he prepared for his 1992 world concert tour. While the focus is on tour preparation, there are flashbacks to Michael’s life and his rise to fame.

Pre-production actors warming up

Themes of his life were explored in the Play through the eyes of MTV staff developing a documentary on his musical art and methods of creativity. His father’s abuse, drug problems, which originated after burns from an ill-fated Pepsi commercial, and other “demons” were mentioned. His drive to perfect the tour even caused him to mortgage his beloved Neverland.

The music and choreography befit a five star production. Story line was strong and recommend a visit to this walk through time with the King of Pop.

Sarasota Visit: Ringling Museum

Entrance to the Ringling Complex

Since Sarasota is the best place to live in Florida, according to the internet, decided to visit. Had not been here in 46 years and little has changed, it remains lovely, but pricey. First stop, the Ringling Museum.

What a great collection of memorabilia well displayed.

In this building was a fascinating circus display, view the movie where the man who developed the display explains his work. Sadly, Ringling would not allow him to use his name on the circus items, therefore, it is known as the Howard Brothers Circus.

My favorite part of the exhibit – reminded me of swimming with the elephants in Thailand.

Some circus antiquities..

Ringling has a Clown College with over 1300 graduates.

The grounds of the complex are lovely for picnic or exploration. Mrs. Ringling’s gardens are on site for visit.

There were five Ringling brothers and each handled a portion of the circus. They began their operation in Wisconsin with a small show in their community, and the rest became history. John, who owned this property was the most astute in business, and later art, all self taught. Their train, the Wisconsin, was used for transport to the circus towns.

It took 1000 men to upload the 100 rail cars of circus items for a show. Care of the animals was impeccable, and the circus draw was due to the lack of zoos at the time. Side shows appeared when walking in to the circus grounds, and were the show money makers. The cookhouse tent was the first tent raised as with 1300 workers, 3900 meals were served daily.

It has been 50 years since the last Ringling Circus, however read on for a Sarasota surprise.

Next: The Ringling Home and Art Museum

New Texas Voting Law

Under the new Texas Voting Law only those 65 or over are qualified to vote absentee and they also must meet the following criteria:

  • Absent from the county during the election
  • Have a disability or illness which would make it risky to their health, or they need assistance to get to the voting place.

Tried to locate how the above 2 criteria are proven, and what paperwork is required, but was unable.

With submission of the ballot a copy of identification is required. In Harris County, which includes Dallas, 38% of the ballots received thus far have been rejected. With a March 1st deadline election staff are scrambling to correct these errors.

Writing this I laugh as those who put this law in place in an effort to maintain their power are actually loosing their base.

The Base

Three Highlights for Today..

  • Storms ravaging most of the US today, 100 million affected.
  • tr family to be deposed for business practices by New York State Attorney General staff.
  • US government funded through March 11th by a senate bill. Gosh, they actually did something!

Gun Violence

Photo by Specna Arms on Pexels.com

Watching the pain of family members who have lost children to gun violence is horrific. What I don’t understand is why a Presidential Executive Order cannot be put in place to rid some of these guns from our streets? It seems like a no-brainer, however, recall the gun safety legislation that Al Gore endorsed, breaking the senate tie decades ago, it cost him the presidential election.

Guess it all boils down to political safety rather than gun safety.

Photo by Aaron Kittredge on Pexels.com

3 Highlights for Today..

  • russian war predicted within the next few days. Pray for the people of Ukraine.
  • Whoopi Goldberg returns to The View after a 2 week hiatus. Ridiculous to penalize her.
  • Russian doped skater Valieva falls several times in her program, ranks 4th. Justice.



Any of the 10 folks who follow my blog know I am a computer dunderhead.* Last night this prevailed while attempting to access the new season of Billionaire. While asking Sori, or is it Suri, ended up at Belfast, then found myself purchasing the movie in error for $19.99, an exorbitant cost. However, if you have a family of 10, it’s a deal, and it can be accessed for 48 hours. Will have to reimburse my daughter when I pay the Brooklyn rent.

The movie is profound, and recounts the time of Irish history known as “the troubles.” Portrayed through the eyes of a young boy, it conveys the reality of a Protestant family living among Catholics. Attempts are made, and succeed, to bring the child into a gang. Scenes of violence are accurate, and moving. Cast performance is impeccable. Recommend using subtitles when viewing as dialect is strong. Filmed in black and white adds to the story line. If you see any film this year, see this.

And as to Billionaire, never was able to access. Need update, can anyone help?


Three Highlights for Today

  • Olympic News === Nathan Chen, an American and Yale graduate, broke the Olympic skating score for short program at 113.97, formerly held by Hanyu at 111.82.
  • Macron of France met with Putin as EU partners court the Russian to end Ukraine aggression.
  • peter thiel resigns meta (F), resigning to promote orange prez agenda. Target: rep sen for Ohio and AZ.

*Thanks for following…………..

NYC Subway and Train Etiquette

Been awhile since my NYC subway and train travel. Had to update my skills with the Pandemic still looming. Here’s some things to consider should you visit during this time.

  • Download the AP MY MTA. It’s amazing.
  • Wear black.
  • Buy Canada Goose outerwear, it’s the one with the red patch.
  • On the subway close your eyes, don’t talk.
  • Stay 6 feet apart.
  • Wear a mask at all times or a $100 ticket is waiting.
  • If you take the elevator to reach another level, face outward toward the wall.
  • Do not talk to children, or touch them.
  • Do not talk to dogs, or touch them.
  • Keep your Metro card loaded.
  • Should a pan handler come through the train keep eyes closed. Pretend you are asleep.
  • Do not converse or attempt to make conversation with other passengers.
  • If you are unsure if you are on the right train make that known as soon as you enter the car, passengers will yell out instructions or answers.
  • Do not eat on the train or bus.
  • Do not make conversation with others on the train or bus.
  • Paper maps are available at the train or bus information booth.
  • Enjoy the ride.
Photo by Uriel Mont on Pexels.com

Covid Progress: The Stats

Photo by Bruno Scramgnon on Pexels.com

CBS Sunday Morning is a favorite of mine. This week was especially amazing with the Christine Baranski interview. Would say she’s my favorite Polish American but hopefully I have a potential son in law who will claim this title.

Acadia National Park at Sunrise

All that aside the John Hopkins University stats showed promising vaccination rates:

  • 63% of Americans vaccinated
  • 40% Boosted

Photo by CDC on Pexels.com

And the other stats:

  • Deaths: 865,300
  • 70,466,436 confirmed cases


  • 348,593,143 cases
  • Deaths 5,590,268

Keep up the fight America, mask up, we’re in the final stretch.

Photo by Absolute Charm on Pexels.com

And we’re going to win this one.