On my way to Yellowstone…

and what a way it was with Waze making the 4 hour trek into an 8 hour journey. Lost all faith in my constant companion as she, or is it he, placed me on Idaho back roads to reach my destination. Gratefully a paper map was available so constant companion, (WAZE), was turned off as I began my own piloting.

I still love you WAZE..

While the beauty of the mountains remain beyond words, the smoke from the California wildfires definitely obscured the views and burned the eyes. One wonders how those fire fighters are handling this and know there will be a special place in Heaven for them.

Note smoke

Driving I 80 West to I 84 came across Devil’s Slide. What a beautiful site of nature.

Throughout the drive NPR kept me awake and shocked with news of the Afghanistan fall. Who knew after 20 years at war a country could fall in 11 days? Saddened and sickened by what was to come I continued to drive. Then a text with an interesting picture from my daughter came to view during a brief stop. Look who she met while doing her weekend gig managing a Brooklyn Flea Market, Chuck Schumer.

Certainly lifted my spirits to continue the next 4 hours.

Have much to write about my Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park adventure. So much to see and do in nature’s bounty. Will try to make it as interesting as possible.

And as always, stay tuned.

Charles de Gaulle to Lisbon Airport to Porto, Portugal

The flight to Paris was magical sitting next to a delightful young couple from NYC happily married for several years and newly pregnant. It made the trip go and I got her extra bottle of wine. What more can you ask for!

But then I got off the plane. Charles de Gaulle is one busy place. They have one level for gates and a lower level in the middle of the floor for food courts, restrooms, and other services.

Grateful the layover was brief I quickly boarded for my next flight. Since my Delta flight was late I was placed on another airline which shall remain nameless. What wonderful flight attendants they have but check out the leg room.

Sitting in the back row proved claustrophobic and when a large man sat next to me I closed my eyes pretending I wasn’t there appreciative it was a short flight.

Lisbon Airport, (or Lisboa), was friendly and easy to maneuver. This was an indication of what was to come. Items of necessity were well defined with congestion limited.

In the Airport I switched out my Sim Card at an airport store for 20 Euros and was connected to WIFI for navigation, (or so I thought). Talked into taking a hybrid car by the charming rental car salesperson, (another mistake), I was on my way.

First Stop.. Fatima

The travel company who developed this Fly/Drive Package gave succinct directions on what to see in the 6 days at Porto and Lisbon, Portugal. While Fatima was not on the itinerary, and I had been before, I revisited.

For those unaware this is a place where the Blessed Mother appeared. Peaceful and reverent here are some pictures which depict that.

Berlin Wall

Leaving Fatima Waze told me she had no wifi so following signs to Porto I stopped at an Aldi’s once in Porto. Finding my way to the hotel the manager explained WAZE works on phone numbers and Google Maps uses the internet. Henceforth I was to become a Google Maps Girl. Lessons learned.

Hope she makes you laugh!